Hey guys. This isn't a 'sequel' of my ExL story 'The Game', it's just a post-fic one shot thingy. It jumps off from the moment Edward threw her…

Packing Up The Game

She fell so incredibly slowly.

Closer and closer she dropped to the black water that lay almost completely still below the cliff.

Her body rolled and turned in the air, completely limp after my venom had been injected straight into her throat.

Finally, she hit the water and within seconds had disappeared into the darkness.

I watched for a while, curious to see if her body would resurface. If it did I'd have no choice but to jump down there and deal with her personally.

It didn't.

She was gone.

Washed away to the depths of the ocean as the dirty little secret she was.

After a few more minutes standing in total silence on the edge of the cliff, I slowly turned back to the forest.

Bella was waiting for me to return from my walk.

I smiled a little as I thought upon her innocence. She truly believed anything that came out of my mouth.

When I'd told her several months ago that I needed to spend some time alone to escape the internal chatter of our family she'd thought nothing of it and had told me to take as much time as I needed.

I wandered home at a leisurely pace.

Thoughts of Leah's heat burning against my palms as I sank my teeth into her kept coming to the forefront of my thoughts.

Over and over again I saw her falling. An odd sense of satisfaction accompanied that memory.

She'd never cause any problems for me now.

When the first hints of Carlisle's mental voice was detected consciously toned down my emotions so as to convince Jasper that I was more relaxed.

After all, I'd just gone for a walk to calm myself.

A quick jump across the river landed me in the backyard.

Renesmee raced from the back door as soon as I touched my feet to the grass and just a second later she'd leapt into my arms excitedly.

"Hello, Daddy," she beamed sweetly.

I continued towards the house with her in my arms. "Hello, Renesmee," I replied to her, mirroring a smile.

"You go on a lot of walks, Daddy," she commented matter-of-factly.

"Don't you like it when I go for walks?"

She shook her head. "No, I miss you."

"Okay. I'll stay here with you then," I decided then kissed the soft hair that covered her forehead.

There was no further need for me to take my walks anyway.

Now my only issue was hoping that Leah wouldn't turn up on a beach somewhere before the sharks had a chance to get to her.

… and finding someone else to satiate my needs with…

What do we think of his lack of remorse or regret? Thanks for reading, y'all :D