Wolf Traits chapter Six

(five months later)

Sakura hadn't heard from the Hokage for nearly five months, since the day they took Akahana from her. Not even a whisper of Akahana's whereabouts were surfacing, Sakura feared at the silence of her daughters whereabouts either the elders killed her that day… or there was some kind of hushed up procedure going on like her daughter was locked away in a cell and they had thrown away the key.

But its not like Sakura could do anything, she was constantly under watch by others. The Hokage thought she was a risk to herself and the unborn twins and she did have the right to think that. Taking Akahana away tore a hole in Sakura's heart, anger and hatred towards everyone filled the hole. Sakura didn't get out of bed most days, she had no reason to. Akahana's wolves weren't even around… Sakura hadn't seen them since the morning they took her away.

Sakura might have been nearly six months pregnant but she was dreadfully underweight, not to the point that it endangered the babies' health but it was pretty damn close. When she went out she would always have to buy new clothes to fit her… she had never been this skinny before in her entire life.

Kakashi tried desperately to help Sakura and comfort her, but every time he showed up all she would do was threaten him and work herself up so badly she would almost pass out. They had lost their daughter to Konoha law… All Kakashi could do was when Sakura was asleep was sneak into her kitchen and fill it up just so Sakura had something to eat… as she hasn't left her apartment in just over a week. Every now and then when he felt truly sad he would sit on the end of her bed and watch her sleep, he wanted Sakura to smile and to be happy again not lie around waiting for her daughter to return home.

In the Darkness of the cavern Akahana was eating with the rest of the wolves, all up there were another six wolves just like her. The first wolf she had met was Bishamon, he was a very old wolf… he had even managed to escape a few times, he looked after the two youngest wolves which were Akahana and a friend that she thought she would never see again… Takeo. The other four wolves Akahana didn't really pay attention to, as Koru described them as 'tamed' they were the ones that came at every beck and call of his. Akahana and Takeo were deemed as the trouble makers… Akahana still had to keep her muzzle on, Koru only ever loosened it when food was about to come as last time three anbu guards thought Akahana might behave herself… how wrong they were, all three of them became food with minutes of taking her muzzle on so from then on it stayed on. None of the other wolves had to keep the muzzles on as the elders knew they weren't dumb enough to bite or rip to shreds an anbu officer.

But Akahana's temper had its firm grasp over her thoughts, every time Koru had tried to train her she would fight back… always winning against the ugly fat man. So eventually with the first three months Koru gave up and Akahana was just left alone.

"Oi, Akahana get your butt over here" the brown wolf named Kenji called out, Akahana did as she was told as Kenji was a lot bigger than she was and out of respect she learnt to obey him.

"What do you want Kenji?" she said as she sat near the wolf.

"I have a plan-" "you always have a plan… and it never works" Akahana did love to point out at every turn that all of Kenji's previous plans had always lead to disaster for the rest of the group.

"What if I can guarantee your freedom?" Koji said slyly

"Well spit it out already" Akahana was a very impatient little girl, she wanted to know the plan the moment you mention the word 'plan'

"It's simple really I feel a little bit dim for not thinking of it before… anyways to put it simple, you have to… die?" Akahana let a small snarl out as Koji seemed to show a small smirk when he mentioned the word 'die'

"Die? I want out of this prison, not out of my life" Akahana said as she began to walk away from the crazed wolf.

"I don't literally mean die… more like lie still for a period of time so the guards open the gate… that's when the rest of us will pounce from the darkness" koji snuggled against Akahana's shoulder as he walked in step with her.

"Sounds good to me" she smirked as the two went to find the others to fill them in on the plan.

Sakura was still asleep when Naruto came to visit but Kakashi didn't want to disturb her so he answered the door himself.

"Sensei? What are you doing here?" Naruto asked, Kakashi was sure that Naruto was thinking it was quite suss opening Sakura's door especially in the morning. It probably wasn't helping as Kakashi wasn't wearing a shirt and looked like he had just woken up.

"I'm looking after Sakura… she isn't well"

"What do you mean?" Naruto glared at Kakashi in accusation that Kakashi had done something to hurt Sakura.

"The Hokage took Akahana away…" Kakashi said quietly as they were still in the frame of the front door and thought it might Sakura if someone hears that Akahana was taken away.

"What!" Naruto yelled, he was going to continue to scream blue murder but Kakashi quickly covered Naruto's mouth with his hand to signal him to shut up.

"Have you not heard what has been happening?" Kakashi asked.

"umm…no.. Anbu? Remember I don't have time to pay attention, I'm too busy killing people" Naruto laughed "But I did notice a giant hole in the Hokage's building a couple of months ago"

"That was Akahana…" Kakashi nervously scratched the back of his head.

"Oh, that's nice. Why?" Kakashi was surprised at Naruto, as in any other situation he would've gone nuts if he found anything had gone wrong in Konoha.

"I…um… Akahana has this… demon/curse" Kakashi had no idea what exactly to say to Naruto, this has never happened in Konoha as far as he knew so it didn't have a name, so demon did do Akahana's curse justice as it did turn her from a bubbly eight year old to a man eating carnivore.

"So why did the Hokage take her away, I'm sure an eight year old cannot do a lot of damage… I mean the Kyubi within me was little trouble to me when I was that young" Naruto entered Sakura's apartment noticing that Sakura hadn't obviously been around as usually she would've had medic scrolls scattered all over the floor.

Kakashi offered Naruto the couch so they may continue talking.

"But you have to understand that demon that processes my...- I mean Sakura's daughter is completely out of control, this beast is controlled by Akahana's anger and frustration" Kakashi being shirtless pointed out the scars on his neck and collarbone.

Naruto's jaw dropped in amazement "How big is this demon? Those don't look like any bite marks I know"

"The demon takes shape of a wolf, but not any old wolf. A wolf that has fur of silver and that is monstrous in size"

"Err… How big?

"Close to eight feet" Kakashi remembered seeing the shadow behind him before the searing pain as the beast attacked him.

"That's pretty impressive… I'm sure Akahana still has a lot of growing to do" Naruto smiled to try to lighten the mood. "Do have any photos or pictures of this wolf?"

"No… I was busy being eaten" Kakashi made a joke of it as he chuckled at the disbelieving memory that he didn't realise that he was dragging a wolf along the streets not his daughter.

"What about her father?" Naruto asked and that was Kakashi's queue to check on Sakura, leaving Naruto without answer sitting on the lounge by himself.

Kakashi quietly entered Sakura's room she was still in bed, the food on her tableside left uneaten. She looked awful it made Kakashi sneer in disgust every time he had the feeling to check up on her.

"Sakura…?" no answer

"Naruto is here to see you…" Kakashi wanted to get her out of that stupid bed of hers.

"Go away…" She said softly.

"Nope" Kakashi ripped off Sakura's duna and picked her up. She might've been just about six months pregnant but she weighed as much as a feather.

Kakashi took her to the bathroom and began to run her a nice hot bath.

"Kakashi I can look after myself-" Sakura said as she was placed into the tub, she shivered as Kakashi removed her clothes.

"Well you need a bath, food and you need to say hello to someone other than the stray cats that go on your balcony" Kakashi said as he poured water over her head and rubbed soap all over her.

"I'm tired Kakashi, let me go back to sleep" Sakura mumbled as she began to fall underneath the water.

'oh no you don't' Kakashi thought as he forced her back up "Your clean" he smiled as he again picked her up out of the water and made her stand in middle of the room. He observed her naked body.

"Kakashi what are you doing" Sakura attempted to cover herself but was stopped by Kakashi.

"I want you to look at yourself in the mirror" Kakashi turned Sakura by her shoulder so she was directly looking at herself in the bathroom mirror with Kakashi behind her.

Kakashi's fingers were placed on her jaw

"You're face has thinned out, it makes you look old and bitter"

His fingers moved down to her collarbone

"I can literally grab hold of you by a bone that should be covered with an even layer of flesh"

He spooked Sakura by grabbing her breasts; they were so tender it hurt at Kakashi's slightest touch.

"Even with you being pregnant, you are no better than the anorexic girls on TV" finally he saw tears in the corner of her eyes.

His hands moved to her waist, Sakura took a big breathe in attempting to relax.

"I can wrap one arm around you and still have space"

Sakura pulled away from him moving closer to the bathroom mirror, Kakashi was right she was disgustingly thin but not only that. Her skin wasn't the porcelain white it used to be, her hair was no longer stunning… she desperately needed to style her hair as it was just too long and probably full of nots and split ends.

"I'm really hungry…" Sakura said as she thankfully smiled at Kakashi, Who was over the moon at what he had finial been able to do… to get Sakura out of bed and eating something.

Kakashi let Sakura get dressed and headed out to Naruto who was probably dying of loneliness, but when he came in Naruto was giving him this really suspicious look.

"You know I have always wondered who is Akahana's father… sure I only found out about six months ago that she actually exists, but it is six months to be left wondering. I'm surprised that… I didn't see it was you in the first place, you and her always had this thing between you"

Kakashi and Naruto shared a few awkward glances before Kakashi could come up with something to say.

"Akahana is my daughter… but it's a complicated issue" Kakashi didn't dare look Naruto in the eye, if Naruto even sensed that he had hurt Sakura his head would end up on a plate.

But luckily to brake this awkward tension between them Sakura walked in. only to create a new tension as Naruto noticed a most prominent bump on Sakura's stomach.

"Hi Naruto-"

"-You're pregnant again!" Naruto's jaw dropped again, as Sakura caressed her belly and smiled at him.

"It's complicated" Sakura happily said as she moved to stand next to Kakashi, she was still surprised that he had been here all week just here to look after her and the house.

"That's all i have been hearing 'it's complicated'" Naruto crossed his arms and huffed.

"It's my duty to Konoha to keep certain bloodlines within our country, so me and Kakashi just happened to end up together on the list" Sakura didn't want to enter the finer details so she nudged Kakashi to say something

"Err… umm.. Naruto how do you feel like some Raman down at Iruka's? it's been a while" Kakashi gave him the thumbs ups, Naruto smiled as he hadn't been to Iruka's in nearly twelve whole hours and was in dire need to fill himself up with those wonderfully beautiful noodles which taste just sop amazing that you feel like you are in heaven when you first taste those exotic spices.

Naruto was drooling at the thought of it.

"I'd take that as a 'yes'? I presume"

"Are you coming Sakura-chan?"


"She is coming, no need to worry" Kakashi smiled at Naruto whose eyes began to beam with happiness that both of his two ex-teammates were coming with him. Sakura sighed; this would be her first trip out into the public's eye for past two months she had been sticking to the backstreets if the need of food forced her to the markets.

Kakashi chauffeured Sakura to her bedroom so she can get into something decent for a nice trip out, it took a while for Sakura to find something that she could actually wear which turned out to be a white maxi dress that Ino bought her last summer.

Kakashi waited patiently outside her door, he was excited that Sakura was leaving her sad excuse of her apartment. All he hoped was that Naruto wouldn't open his fat mouth and say something insulting which would result on his face becoming one with the ground.

Sakura opened her door to find that Kakashi was waiting outside; she squeaked a little bit as Kakashi was quite intimidating as he turned and smiled at her. She truly hated that mask, she couldn't tell if he was smiling for that sake of it or that he was genuinely happy to see her.

"you look gorgeous…" he said as he gave her a quick comforting hug, just for good measure that she wouldn't go back on her promise and go back to hiding in her bed. Kakashi noted she had managed to brush that wild pink hair of hers, she truly did look gorgeous still too skinny… but Kakashi knew getting her out of the apartment was on the right path to being back to her old self.

Sakura held Kakashi's hand firmly and led him out towards the lounge room where she could've sworn she heard Naruto's stomach growl. Within minutes they were out the door and in public eye, Kakashi wrapped his arm around Sakura's waist as she leaned into him.

"C'mon Sakura-chan! Can't you get Kakashi to move his 'old' butt any faster, I'm starving!" Sakura remembered why she found Naruto so annoying; it's that damn loud voice of his that seems to just ring in her ear.

"Naruto, please… let Sakura-chan adjust, I'll pay for your Raman if you just keep your voice down " Kakashi said to Naruto who was bringing even more unwanted attention to the trio.

Sakura knew as she walked through the streets the villagers were talking, she could literally feel them talking and whispering. It made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end, she didn't like it…she was being prosecuted for everything.

Kakashi was more than glad when they arrived at the noodle shop as Sakura looked highly distressed, all three of them sat in the corner booth hidden away from those who may look in from the streets.

Kakashi shouted everyone Raman, he was glad that Sakura had eaten just as much as Naruto. He was also glad that the chances of her returning to her normal self was higher with everything she ate.