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Finding Our Decimo

Chapter 1: Lost and Not Found

The Vongola mansion is currently in a huge uproar. Upon Iemitsu-sama's death, the ninth's only nephew, Sawada Iemitsu, was assassinated. They were having a problem on how to find the external adviser's family since any information about them has remained confidential, even to the whole Vongola.

One of the biggest problems is that the external adviser's son is also a candidate for the next boss. Although ignorant about anything regarding the Mafia, the adviser's son is also Vongola Primo's only remaining great-grandson, a precious bloodline that they have been preserving for years. Unfortunately for them, any traces about the whereabouts of the boy were eradicated along with Iemitsu's sudden death.

Bad news regarding the inability to find a suitable heir started to circulate as well. Vongola Nono's age is now becoming a problem. Although discreet about everything, battle for power and on how to usurp the family's boss title had been littering inside the family alliance.

Xanxus is out of the question, his desperation that leads with the cradle affair ended up with him being ineligible to take the position. This problem, adding to the death of 2 other heirs for the title, heightened the concern of the internal family members especially the guardians. They need an heir, and Sawada Iemitsu's son is the only one they see fit. For them, as long as he had the famous dying will flame, he's good enough to become boss. They need the child.

"I need to find my grandson, his only eleven years old. What would have been happening to him now…." The ninth faintly stated in his office. His storm and rain guardian look at him wordlessly; both intelligent enough to not utter a word.

"Uncle must have left something about their whereabouts. I'm sure of it." Dino stated as he look at Nono convincingly. Dino Cavallone is a distant relative of Iemitsu. He was the current head of the Cavallone family, a major member of the Vongola Family Alliance.

"But how are we going to find them. Except for a small picture of them that was taken ages ago we have no lead about their whereabouts or any hint of where they are supposed to be staying this instant. We only know his wife's name. Nana, right?" One of the guardians look at Dino.

Dino nod his head. "Yes, her name is Nana Sawada. Uncle called his son Tsu-kun but I don't even know his real name. He had their identities hidden to protect them but now…" He said slowly pulling a picture in his jacket.

It was a picture of Iemitsu and Nana in a theme park, a small brunette boy not older than 2 years old, clings to his mother's arm smiling at the picture. Dino wants to see them, especially his little cousin. According to Iemitsu, he's small and weak and often sickly. The Mafia's situation in Italy never gave him chance to meet them since being a Mafioso means danger. Both of them were trying to protect those two.

"We will find them Ninth." Dino told them, determined to do so. The guardians and Dino left the office as the old man dial a number in his cell phone.

"Reborn, I need you're help..."

A small boy with brunette hair and almost orange eyes was ushered inside a Japanese traditional mansion forcefully. He wears a patched up pants and old orange t-shirt. His hair is messy and unruly. His pants look dirty with mud splattered on it. One would say that he is definitely poor and his hair would give people impression that his foreigner's bastard child left in the streets to die.

A man dress in a butler uniform, looked at him sternly, told him to follow. He obeyed so, looking scared and clutching his also worn-out backpack, as he was lead to a dark hallway until they stop at a sliding door. The man opened it revealing a brightly lit room with toys scattered at the ground, some worn and destroyed while others look new and seem to have been given special care by whoever owns them. In a far end of the room, a boy with black hair is sitting facing a large flat screen television whose program is about species of birds.

"Kyouya-sama, the boy has arrived." The butler said bowing and forcing the small boy beside him to bow as well. The small brunette take a small peak at the boy he was being presented to and silently eeped to see the raven-haired boy who's features where fierce and irritation can be seen at being disturbed.

"Whatever is that thing?" He stated displeased at the sight in front of him.

"Boss said that this child will accompany you and will be your new playmate… for a while…" He said the last words nervously, pushing the small boy and leaving immediately. The small brunette was startled at the sudden burst of the strict-looking man.

"You…" a cold low voice said making the brunette turn to the other kid in the room. The raven-haired boy slowly walks towards the small brunette circling him and assessing his features. "You're name and age…." He commanded crossing his arms. He speaks words as if he's talking so some low kind of creature.

The brunette gulped and hugged his backpack towards himself tighter. "Ts-Tsunayoshi.. Sa-Sawada Tsunayoshi… errmm.. I'm 11."

The raven-haired boy smirked.

"Wao… so you're my new toy…"

"Wh-what!" Tsuna exclaimed, taken aback "I.. I-I'm not a toy!" He said suddenly, moving towards, running for the door but was surprised to be pulled backwards and was pushed to the ground the raven-haired boy topping him. He hated this, back when he was in school people always bully him and make fun of him because of his features. Just because he don't look too Japanese and had a girly face. He thrashed and twisted to force the boy to move away from him but the boy just smirked, this time dangerously.

"Hibari Kyouya. I'm 13, that makes me 2 years older." Hibari pinned the boy's hand above his head and whispered to his ears. "I'm bored… play with me." He said licking the boy's ear. He grinned further when he felt a shudder from the small boy he had trapped below. "I'll show what I do with my other... playmates...."

Not long after that, loud cries and wails can be heard from the enclosed door, however nobody dared to enter or interrupt the young master from having fun with his new playmate.

It was nothing new. All of them will be expecting to see the new playmate next morning with a broken bone or two or perhaps a stitch will be needed. A trip to the hospital or a naked perhaps raped child won't be surprising either but all of them remain quiet. Nobody would dare defy Hibari Kyouya, the Hibari Clan's only heir and future owner of Namimori.

The only thing they keep on wondering is how long will the new playmate stay and if he can survive.

"Ha… Ha… please… please stop…" Tsuna beg as Hibari continued to thrust inside him, relentlessly and forcefully. "Please… Hibari-san…"

They were at Hibari's room. Tsuna was naked and sprawled on the floor, his ass in the air as Hibari thrust at him, hard and non-stop. Tsuna was crying hard and sobbing because Hibari is punishing him. They had sex the moment they entered the room with the excuse that Tsuna was flirting with a senior at Nami-chuu. He forcefully pushed Tsuna on the floor, and ruining the brunette's clothes as he undresses him. He even entered Tsuna without preparing him. Hibari growled and spanked the ass in front of him as he felt his coming. Few hard thrust later; he poured his semen inside the boy.

Moments later, Tsuna was sobbing hardly with his head resting at Hibari's lap. Both of them were on the floor. Tsuna was naked and Hibari's disciplinary jacket cover his body, now adorned with bruise and red marks with a thick line of semen sipping out of his ass. Hibari adore the sight but seeing his lover cry non-stop makes him uncomfortable. He slowly caresses Tsuna's hair apologizing to him.

"I'm sorry. It's you're fault anyway. You shouldn't have gone out with that pervert in the first place." He said stroking Tsuna's hair, moving him to rest in his arms and let him snuggle towards his chest. He gently kissed the boy's hair, moving slowly on his eyes, nose and placing tender kisses on his flushed cheeks repeatedly.

Tsuna's sobs quiet down pleasing Hibari. He tilted Tsuna's head towards his, meeting with a kiss. The brunette moaned, opening his mouth to receive Hibari's tongue inside his. Hibari is a gentle lover whenever he wants to. Bruises and broken bones were nothing because Hibari will always take care of those after everything. Besides, he only tends to become violent from time to time but his caring side towards Tsuna is something that he can be thankful sometimes. He slowly circled his arms on the raven-haired boy, now already 17 years old as he accepts Hibari's caresses. He was slowly pushed to the ground and felt the hardening of the boy on top of him. This time, the sex was something both of them enjoyed.

Tsuna doesn't mind, at lease not anymore. In the past four years, he had find out that Hibari is the only one in this world who find him precious and important. Four years ago, after his mother's death, he was deliberately sold to the Hibari-clan to become their heir's playmate, later did he found out that being Hibari Kyouya's palymate has a lot of meaning to it. His father left them with nothing and hasn't shown for almost a year, his mother desperate to feed her only son loaned money. It took them less than a year to become penniless and on top of that homeless. They where thrown out on the street, Nana, his mother died of hunger and cold. Tsuna doesn't even know where her body is buried.

On his first day with Hibari Kyouya, the boy forcefully raped him. He struggled with all his might but at that time, and until today, his small frame is no match to a boy whose knowledge in martial arts and self-defense is advance. He was taken advantage and was forced to submit to the boy. However, the struggle and fight he desperately put on that day earned him a special place according to Hibari. He was now Hibari Kyouya's personal bed-mate and toy. Nobody is allowed near him. He was possessive and would be forceful towards Tsuna occasionally. Hibari was however kind enough to provide him anything. He was allowed to study, to have gadgets and cell phones and clothes. He was never treated like a slave in the Hibari Mansion, a privilege rarely given to anyone.

Tsuna sighed at the aftermath of his little session with Hibari. He slowly close his eyes moving his head towards a warm chest that had always welcome him after every intercourse. He felt hard calloused hands stroke his hair lulling him towards sleep. He had long accepted the fact that Hibari Kyouya will always take care of him no matter what and he believe that he belong nowhere except beside Hibari.

After all, Hibari is the only one he has now. For Hibari, he is special and as long as Hibari wants him here he's content with everything.

In Italy, an old man longs for a child he wants to see. He stared at the night sky, hoping and praying to find his lost grandson and his mother soon….

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