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This little story just wouldn't leave me alone, hopefully now that it's been written down, it will let me work on my main story.

This story will probably offend a few people. I'm sorry for that, but I will say if you don't like it, don't read it, and definitely don't flame me. This thing practically wrote itself, and it wouldn't leave me alone.

This has nothing to do with my main story. Just a drabble.

Rated M for adult content, no lemons but very frank discussions about the differences in wizarding biology.


End of the Potter Family?

"And do you, Harry Potter take Hermione Granger as your wedded wife? In sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, swearing to forsake all others until death do you part?" Asked the chaplain

Harry replied firmly "I do"

"I now pronounce you Man and Wife, you may kiss the bride" said the chaplain


After completely enjoying her wedding night, Hermione Potter awoke alone in a cold bed. Feeling confused and wondering where her new husband was, Hermione climbed out of bed. Pulling on a dressing robe, she went in search of Harry.

After looking through the kitchen and sitting room, Hermione found Harry curled up in one of the wing back chairs sitting in front of the fireplace in their den. Seeing the red rimmed eyes, and tear tracks down his face, Hermione was instantly concerned. What could possibly have happened to him in the few short hours since their wedding to cause Harry to go from overjoyed to emotionally ruined.

"Harry, honey what's wrong?" Hermione asked concern filling her voice, as she slowly approached her husband.

Harry looked up at his new wife, with eyes filled with heartbreak and loss. "Who was it Hermione?" he asked in a voice filled with grief. "Why didn't you tell me, did you hate me that much?"

Hermione instantly stopped, the feeling of pain at this sudden attack felt like a knife to the heart. "Harry? How could you? You know I love you. And what do you mean who was it?" Hermione asked in both confusion and pain.

In his pain filled voice, Harry replied "How could I? Hermione, you've killed my family. I just want to know who was so much more important that you would allow their line to continue, and why you couldn't have told me before our wedding. We could have figured something out."

Hermione looked at Harry in utter confusion. "What do you mean I've killed your family Harry? That was Voldemort that killed your parents."

Harry shook his head a bit, then replied "Hermione, I know Madam Pomfrey gave you that book on wizarding biology in second year. She gave it to everyone. Just tell me who it was. I forgive you, I love you too much not too, I just want to know who was so much more important to you."

Hermione looked at Harry in shock. "Harry, you know you're the most important person in my life, that's why I married you. I'm not understanding what you mean by who it was. Who was whom?

In a voice dead of all emotion, Harry replied "You want me to be blunt then. Who did you give your virginity to Hermione, and why didn't you tell me before our wedding?"

At that question and the accusation in it, Hermione gasped, then replied in an angry tone. "YOU Harry, I gave YOU my virginity!"

Looking at Hermione, the sadness and grief still haunting his eyes, Harry replied softly. "Hermione, I love you, and I told you I forgive you, please don't lie to me. You weren't a virgin when you came to my bed. I know this because of two things. The lack of a hymen, and the fact that I'm still sterile."

With this revelation, Hermione dropped to the couch she had been standing near like a puppet with the strings cut. In a hushed tone, Hermione asked "You're still sterile? What do you mean sterile?"

At her question, a light of understanding flashed through Harry's eyes, "You never read the book did you? The one book that is so vital to every witch and wizard that it is GIVEN to them by a healer, and you never read it." Harry asked incredulously.

Harry reached under his chair and threw a small book onto the couch next to Hermione. "Read that Hermione, specifically chapter 3 and Chapter 4"

Hermione opened the book, and read the indicated chapters. Reading chapter 3 she learned that a male wizard is incapable of producing sperm until his first encounter with maiden blood. Chapter 4 taught her that maiden blood was so important for wizarding reproduction that the magic within a witches body would prevent the accidental rupturing of her hymen. The only way a witch could lose her virginity would be through an intentional act.

As she finished the two chapters, Hermione felt the blood draining from her face, as she realized what had happened. In her disdain for the apparent backwardness of wizarding culture, Hermione had neglected to read the book when she received it, believing that her muggle education in biology was more advanced regarding humans.

Seeing the look of understanding and horror in Hermione's eyes, Harry replied. "Now you understand my question Hermione. Who was it? I just want to know."

Realizing that her arrogance, and fear of discomfort had ended any hope of that the man she loved could ever have the family that he had wanted his entire life. With tears rolling down her own face, Hermione replied. "Harry I swear to you that before our wedding night, I had never slept with, nor had sex with anyone. I have saved myself for you since our first year." Gathering her courage and taking a deep breath, she continued "I read up a lot about sex, and everything that I had read said that a woman's first time can be painful. Knowing that, two days before our wedding, I went to my Gynecologist and had her cut my hymen. It's a muggle procedure that some women go through so that they don't have to worry about their first times hurting and they can enjoy it."

"Hermione, there are charms that remove that pain. I just wish you could have talked with me about this. Because you were embarssed to talk with me about our first time, about something so truly precious, the Potter name will end with us." Harry said sadly before turning back to stare into the fire.

I've read a few stories lately about Hermione using verious toys or the like for one reason or another before hooking up with Harry. Those stories started me thinking, what if there was an unexpected side effect of this. That caused this little bugger to be written.