I do not own Twilight, Stephanie Meyer does, or any of her characters. Though Kenna Woods is mine. This is my first fanfiction ever, so please point out any faults of this storey, I'm trying to improve my spelling at the same time.

Chapter 1: Hello I Love You

I have read many stories all about heroic, brilliant, athletic, beautiful girls who do something amazing and in the end lead a long fulfilling life as equally brilliant women. But unsurprisingly one of those girls isn't me. I'm Kenna Woods, and this is my life:

Dear Diary, 13 march

Why is it that teenagers are aliens to the rest of the world, but more alienated by their own kind? Today is ...Monday? Oh yay! Monday! Joy to the freakin' world! No I literally mean "Joy". Monday is double History; I have to sit next to Joy McLeod, and endure her flirting with Embry. Joy is blonde; yes my arch nemesis is typically a blond and a total Oh – NO. She was my friend until... grade seven? When she called me a fat slut in front of a boy I liked, Embry Call. All because I didn't share my banana bread with her, my mum baked it especially for me as a "Thankyou Gift" for babysitting her at – the – time – boyfriend's seven year old that drove me up the wall. We haven't been friends since and this is five years later.

I tell you about it when I get home, the buses honking.

Today started off as normally as it does, mums at – the – time –boyfriend now husband for the last three years, I hate John, he was the boyfriend four years ago. Remember banana bread? He knocked on my door yelling at me I'm going to be late. Fish 'n' Chips he was right, it was 6:50 I have to catch the bus at 7:05. Quickly I chucked on a green shirt and faded out skinny jeans and holey white sneakers that I just can't seem to throw out. I scraped my blue – black hair into a pony tail, I didn't have enough time to brush. I looked in the mirror and sighed, my looks aren't going to get better, the only good thing about me was my grey eyes, and yes typically me, I perked up again remembering that, I am me, and nothing can change that. I like me, I'm a good person. I trudged down the stairs ignoring John puttering around with an egg flipper in one hand and wearing a pink flowery apron, I brought him for Christmas. I think he wears it to suck up to me, showing me he's no Henry the eight. I grabbed my blue hoodie and my brown bag fall of school books. I ran to catch the bus.

The bus. The two words that can make anyone wake up screaming from a nightmare. When I stepped onto the school bus I instantly heard yelling. I quickly dodged as the half eaten apple missed me by a hairs breadth, I could hear chortles of obnoxious laughter coming from the back seat, where the "cool kids" sat. Actually those who drink, smoke, take drugs, and had sex by the time they were 12 are considered the "cool kids". One of those cool kids is Joy McLeod though she drives her red sports car to school. An expensive present from her daddy, for when his little girl got her licence (by showing her boobs to the instructor). Why would anybody go around in a sports car in the wettest town in Washington? I sat in the middle of the bus (a neutral place where freshmins don't bother you) with my earphones plugged in my ears, ignoring the rest of the world, until Jenny sat next to me, I didn't realise she got on. I gave her a half whimsical smile as an empty juicebox flew through the air between us. Jen knew that smile, that smile was, 'maybe they'll trip and break their noses and be so shamed and never come to school again!' We just looked at each and laughed, "How are ya Ken?' she asked me, slapping me on the back. I glared at her

"I am not; I repeat not Barbies bitch Ken. My names Kenna you know K-E-N-N-A!" I raged; she knew how much I detest that name.

"OK, OK, I got it, sheese don't need to spell it out. What you listening to?" she said gesturing towards my Ipod with one earphone stuck in my ear.

"Sex Pistols Road Runner, here, you listen". I shoved my spare earphone in her ear and she started giggling when Jonny Rotten said "I fucken don't know the words". I always liked the Sex Pistols especially when they didn't even try to make a song, hence Road Runner.

I breathed a sigh of relief when the sight of La push's high school came into view. The bus is something to endure, and stepping out of the doors into the cold rain, is like magic.

The bunch of bricks is "La Push High School". Jenny fell into step behind me, dodging the rusty typical trucks that are parking in the Student Lot. I plugged my earphones in and turned up "Hello, I Love You", by the Doors loud. Through the haze of "hello I love you, won't you tell me your name. Hello I love you, let me jump in your game..." I saw Sam's Gang, standing in the middle of the hall. Next to my locker.

Sam's gang consist of Jared and Paul, La push teens call it "Sam's gang" for a number of reasons. Sam Uley was a high school student but he dropped out two years ago now running a Garage funded by the council.

1. Sam was the first who ran away for a few weeks, elders and his mother didn't worry, repeating 'he will be fine'. At the same time hiding smiles behind their hands and keeping serious faces. Jared and Paul went missing for two weeks, a week apart. Then turning up out of nowhere.

2. They hang out at Sam's place.

They are all buff and scary looking. There are rumours of a "La Push mafia". There are also rumours that they take steroids. But my theory is they were taken by aliens, and they performed a series of operations giving them muscle and making them tall.

"She holds her head up so highhh, like a statue in the skyy..."

I stopped, my heart lurched. There weren't two, there were three.

Amongst them was Embry Call. Call, I call him by his last name "Call". We've had a hate-hate relationship since year six. On my side it was a love-hate situation. Call has been sick for the past three weeks, no one had seen him. Until now.

"Ken, are you ok?" I heard a concerned Jenny ask. Embarrassingly I realised I had been standing in the middle of the corridor, gawking at the oblivious trio. Jen nudged me with her pink clad foot, clearly worried at my lack of response of her using 'Ken'.

"Jen, did you know Luke Sky Walker kissed Layla but in the third movie they realised they were siblings?" I asked, before dropping into a dead faint.

So What do you think?