Chapter 19: Kick Me



It's so hot


I feel like the witch from Hansel and Gretel. When the shitheads shoved her in the oven.

Ok enough hugging Embry

Lemme go

To tight. Can't breathe.

Squishing my boobs




We still stood entwined together, he was holding on to me as if he was terrified I would get torn away. The snow fell softly overhead to settle in my unbound hair and slid down my nose, eh looks like I have a runny nose. How attractive, a sick sexy raccoon.

His face was still buried in my hair and deep shuddering breaths let me know he was still alive.

'Um' I began, unsure of how to continue since it was so obvious he was a little out of sorts. 'You're hurting my boobs.'

He jump away a little startled, I took this opportunity to study his face. Dark black shadows stood under his eyes, he looked hunted or as if he was in mourning.

'Dude it's s'ok no one died,' I told him gently.

He breathed in deeply, and placed his big hands on my shoulders.

'Kenna,' he choked, 'I don't think you understand what you do to me. I need you.' He trailed a path from my cheekbones to my lips and settled on my jaw.

I was suddenly overcome with tenderness. Barely a centimetre between us yet I felt as if he was too far away.

'Ok,' I breathed.

Ready to surrender, maybe just for a little while.

I leant in and kissed his chest. He inhaled.

For the last few weeks since I babysat Ali, everything has changed. I've felt different, despite trying to hate this boy I can't. It's tearing me apart. Every time I avoid him, or force myself not to think about him. A tiny piece of something detaches itself from me and floats away, like ash from a cigarette.

I need him.

Oh fucking hell.

Is this some harlequin romance or a start of an abusive relationship?

Either all I'm against both.

But still. I'm leaving soon. A little relationship won't hurt right?



Where the fuck is my conscience?

I need help!

Da Bitch is ignoring me, she's humming in my head.

What is that?

Is that Highway to Hell?


Watch out other me, payback is a bitch.


Oh wait Embry was talking.

' – I didn't go to that party and kiss Joy, I did kiss Joy but that was last year. I was drunk – ' this dude can rant.

'Shut up! I know I know, just kiss me for god's sake, its cold and I haven't finished me pizza so ju-' this time he cut me off, and did exactly like I asked him to do.

Oh man, Jelly Knees.


Still kissing...

...still at it... this is awkward...whistle...


When we broke away, I began to navigate through the trees to get to the restaurant. The boy followed; side by side we entered his hand gently touching the back of mine. The warmth of the building hit me throwing the coldness of outside in stark relief.

Bloody Hell

Am I incapable of remembering to bring my jacket outside?

He entangled his fingers with mine for a brief second, subtly manoeuvring my broken arm from being hit by a passing customer.

I tilted my head and smiled at him before moving away towards Jen.

I flopped onto the chair I previously occupied and continued to hurriedly consume the salty fish covered pizza that had laid abandon in my disappearance act.

'Am not even going to ask,' Jen sat head in hand an exasperated expression imprinted on her delicate features.

Damnnnnnn she's beautiful, bitch.

Yum. .

One more piece.

Bahahaha that dude with glasses was cutting his pizza up with a knife and fork, what a square!

Uhhhhhh now I feel bad, it was for his son with no arms.

Wait he has arms - in his shirt.

Why are they in his shirt?


Jen clicked her fingers in front of my face, 'Ken, Ken,Ken, Barbies Bitch!'

'No. Barbies the bitch! She left Ken for like 3 other guys. What a hussy. Poor Ken,' I shook my head sadly.

Jen pointed her head to the direction of Sam's table, 'Emmy boy is staring at you, want me to cut out his eyes?'

As they have super scary hearing, they of course heard my festie bestie's question. Embry visibly stiffened while Sam, Paul and the newly arrived Jared laughed, their shoulders shaking with mirth.

'Nah babe, it's ok. There's a 'kick me' post-it on his back,' I told her proudly.

'Smashing,' Jen replied.

I grinned as I saw his hand inched towards his back to claim the yellow sticky note, which indeed read what I claimed.


My ninja skills surpass ... um ...Jen's?

'Ready to go home? I've got heaps of homework, and its Monday.' Jen stood up, I followed her.

Gave Emma a hug, waved goodbye to the La Push Giants, fist pumped four year old Tansy.

Skipped out.

I linked arms with Jen, as we proceeded to the crossroads which leads us to our respective houses, and started to sing, 'we're off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz.'

Jen chimed in with her equally horrible singing voice and we skipped.

Went home.

Peter was watching TV, I wandered through the house dropping my back pack right in the middle of the room kicked off my orange Vans and settled on the couch next to my little brother.

He mumbled a greeting, immersed in whatever he was watching on Discovery Channel, what eleven year old watches that?

I leant over and stole the remote from him, immediately he threw himself over me, trying to wrestle the controller. Through grunts and screams of protest I became the victor as I sat on the squirming boy. I changed the channel, DISNEY CHANNEL!

'OH MY GOD! I LOVE Phineas and Ferb!' John squealed from the doorway. Hi-fived the badass. Handsome Homer came trotting through the door looking all regal with his new collar, a spike collar.

I have the coolest family.

Fed Voldemort, have to get him a Dolores Umbridge fish.

Went up to my room early.

The evening had been long and drawn out as me and John watched old reruns of Kim Possible while Pete stood sulking in the doorway before settling himself next to Homer on the bean bag. Mum was once again writing.

Nothing new.

At my desk, I was finishing my report of Romeo and Juliet. Many of the students in my English class blamed the love struck pairs parents for their deaths. Not me. What type of fuckhead kills themself over a girl? Romeo is also a paedophile, Juliet is like thirteen and Paedo Romeo is nineteen. That's just weird.

Am just saying.

After that I tuned off the lights and my glow in the dark stars illuminated against the darkness. From the light switch I leaped onto my bed quickly and borrowed under my Buzz Light-year covers.

Now. I can finally let myself think.

About Embry.

I can't dwell on him, I've too much to work for. I need that Scholarship, I need to get away. I need to live. I'm just afraid that if I let myself surrender totally he could persuade me to stay. I'm not going to let that happen.

At that moment, my window slid open. Holy Shit. Where's the baseball bat.

A brown leg was exposed as I silently had a heart attack.

It was Embry.

'Who the fuck do you think you are, sneaking into my room, that's against the law man. Not cool man. Not cool,' I yelled.