Little Tsu: Hey people. From the looks of things, I'm all over the place with some of my stories & even comin' up with ideas for new ones like this for instance. Ever since I started playing Pokemon Black & White, I've gotten the urge ta put up a fanfic, though this is featuring a different trainer from the canons as she makes her journies through the Unova Region. Anyways, on with the story.

Ch: 1

"Alright Chrono. Time ta wrap this match up. Use High Jump Kick!" The young, yet feminine voice rang out through the streets of Nimbasa City as a pokemon battle was going on. It was then that a blur suddenly leaped up into the air and what looked to be an orange lizard with yellow "pants" and "hood" along with a red mohawk was revealed before his naturally half lidded eyes narrowed and suddenly came down at a slant as he initiated his High Jump Kick attack on his opponent, causing the Bouffalant to be sent crashing into the ground, knocking the large buffalo looking pokemon out.

Standing there with his hands on his waist while a black wrist band with a silver stripe around the middle of it hung slightly loose around his left wrist was the pokemon known as Scrafty, the evolved form of Scraggy. Watching the trainer return his defeated pokemon back into its pokeball, he smirked cockily before closing his eyes in that same cocky fashion before lifting his hands up and grasping onto the ears of a pair of headphones that casually hung down around his neck. Lifting the headphones up, he slipped them into place on his head once again where they belonged half the time while the head piece rested between the second and third section of his four sectioned mohawk.

All in all, this Scrafty in particular had that 'yeah, I'm cool and ya all know it' feel about him.

Turning halfway around, he glanced over at his trainer as his eyes were back in their half lidded state; a look of faint curiosity in his black gaze. His trainer was a girl that was perhaps no more than fourteen-years-old. She had short spiky blue green hair, though slightly longer than it used to be, deep chocolate brown eyes, and lightly tanned, soft skin. Her attire consisted of light brown cargo shorts that reached just above her knees, a pale blue jacket with white fur lining the cuffs and hood over a black top that showed her middrift, black fingerless gloves, and brown snow/hiking boots with matching white fur lining the top of them.

Her pack was an orange side bag that rested on the left side of her with the strap resting over her head and on her right shoulder. Six dusk balls lined their way down the strap of her pack that slanted down over her chest. They were her favorite to use so of course she'd have nothing but those kind. However, two of the dusk balls were empty.

Of course one of them was his. That was obvious, but the other empty one belonged to her very first pokemon, which stood at her side currently; a male Weavile with unusual icy blue eyes and striking crimson claws. This...was Shadow; the only pokemon that she had brought with her when she had left her home town of Snowpoint City back in the Sinnoh Region to come here.

As he started to think about the journies that he had been on with this girl so far though, her voice rang out in his head like a sweet melody despite wearing the headphones. Wait, where did that description come from. Snapping himself out of his thoughts, he brought his gaze up at his trainer, who now stood in front of him with a curious look in her eyes. He didn't have to look up at her too far. After all, his height was 3'7 while his trainer wasn't getting any taller as her height halted at only 4'6 at the very most so she was a rather small girl, but that's one of the things he liked about her.

"Hey...Chrono. Come on now, kay? It's starting ta get late so we best head for the Pokemon Center for the night." The young girl, whose name was Kira then smiled sweetly and began to walk off. The weasel looking pokemon glanced over at him and chuckled lightly before lifting a crimson clawed hand, pointing at his face as he parted his lips and spoke in human tongue.

"You're blushing dude."

With that, Shadow laughed, his fangs showing off as he did so before walking off after their trainer while still laughing at his best poke friend's expense. He and Shadow were both the same height and were also both dark types so him and the older pokemon actually worked very well together. Especially, in double battles. However, he and Shadow had also gotten good with the triple battles that were a bit popular in the Unova Region, which with that, they normally got partnered up with Kira's Braviary, Falcon.

Shaking his head, Chrono forced the blush back before hurrying off after the two while keeping a firm hold of his "pants" as he did so. After all, last thing he wanted was to lose and trip over them...He actually did that once when he was a Scraggy still...Wasn't the best memory since it had happened right in front of Kira.

As the trio arrived at the Pokemon Center, the automatic doors slid open in front of them, allowing them to step inside. Smiling as she spotted Nurse Joy, he watched as his trainer made her way over to the young woman behind the counter. "Evening Nurse Joy. Can you take a look at my pokemon?...Well, the ones that are still in their dusk balls, I mean? Chrono and Shadow are perfectly fine even though Chrono and I just finished a battle earlier. Heheh."

The pink haired lady merely smiled sweetly at his young trainer and nodded her head as she allowed Kira to set the four dusk balls onto the trey. "Of course dear. They'll be well taken care of. Now why don't you get some rest? You seem pretty tired from the looks of things even if you're trying to hide it."

"Ah..." Kira blushed faintly at being found out and smiled sheepishly as his trainer rubbed the back of her head. "Uh...heheh...Guess there's no fooling any of you Nurse Joys no matter how much I try ta hide something like that, huh?...Alright...I'll get some sleep and then pick up my pokemon in the morning before I head out?"

Chrono watched as Kira thanked Nurse Joy once more before motioning for himself and Shadow to follow her as she headed off to where the rooms were within the Poke Center, to which he obediently did along with the older Weavile.

It didn't really take them long at all to find the room they were given for the night and the moment they got in, the dark/fighting type watched as his trainer collapsed onto the bed, landing on her back as she sighed to herself. Blinking slightly, he walked over to the bedside and curiously stared at the young girl with a faint tilt of his head. Unlike how Shadow was capable of learning human speech and that he was a bit of a talker, Chrono never really spoke much. Instead, he normally allowed his actions and body language to speak for him.

Which for him of all pokemon, spoke in volumes; loud and clear.

He watched as she shifted on the bed after taking off her boots and slipping off her jacket. His half lidded eyes watched her movements closely while she crawled under the light covers and layed back down, resting her head on the pillow. Once he saw that she was comfortable, he spied his best poke friend, Shadow climbing up too, curling at Kira's feet as he closed his eyes to sleep for the night.

The young Scrafty was silent and didn't move from his place standing by the side of the bed through this entire thing for a few moments longer before finally making a decision as he carefully managed to climb into the bed himself, his "pants" shifting a bit as he did so. However, instead of doing what Shadow had done, he actually took his place at Kira's side as he layed his head down on the pillow as well and turned onto his side so that he was facing his trainer; part of his tail hanging over the side of the bed as a result.

As he watched her sleep and her steady, yet gentle breathing, he couldn't help but wonder how he had gotten to this point...How did he suddenly find himself with a trainer, no longer a Scraggy or around the construction site in the desert, and most importantly, he began to feel more and more lucky with each passing day that it was this trainer in particular that had found and captured him.

Sighing softly to himself, he finally closed his eyes gently and allowed himself to sleep...To dream of how this all came to be.

To be continued.

Little Tsu: ...Ok, so this wasn't exactly my best work I guess, but it's a start on it. I tried to place the story as if you were seeing through Scrafty/Chrono's eyes without actually putting it in first person form. The chapters after this will be flashbacks of how it all started for him when he met Kira & was captured...I'm also debating on whether I should put romance into this or not. If so should Kira be with another trainer or should she be with Chrono, who's confused with what he's starting to feel for his trainer? You make the decision.