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Chapter: 8

Why do they have to pass through here again?...Oh riiight...It's cause this was the only way to Mistralton City from Driftveil City without flying...And flying was out of the question cause his trainer's Falcon was still a runt of a Rufflet...When was that little fluffball going to evolve again?

Sighing to himself, he lifted his head and gazed at the entrance to the cave before them once more. Chargestone Cave...He wondered why they named the place that. It didn't look all that special from the outside and it was also just a cave, right? There was nothing special about caves. As he snapped out of it, he saw his trainer and Shadow walking on inside already. Panicking faintly and not wanting to be left behind, he quickly scrambled off after them while holding up his pants so they wouldn't fall.

It was when he came rushing in, that he was suddenly taken by surprise at the sight before him and ended up crashing right into the back of Shadow, sending him falling backwards onto his rear. Groaning softly, he rubbed his head before glancing up, seeing his mentor glancing down at him with a strange look before muttering to him to watch where he was going next time. Sighing softly, he pushed himself back up onto his feet and brushed himself off before glancing around in awe. So many of the stones were lit up in an electric blue glow and even some of the smaller stones were actually levitating.

...So this was why it was called Chargestone Cave...

Having his curiosity get the better of him while his trainer was having a glance around, he walked over to a nearby large stone that was lit up, but as he got close enough, he suddenly jumped a bit in startlement as the ground below him and the stone itself sent little sparks flying. The strangest part though, was that the sparks didn't hurt. It all just startled him cause he hadn't expected something like that to have happened. When he stepped around again while still near the stone, more sparks flew a little around him, causing him to blink in innocent wonder. It was only when he heard a soft giggle that he snapped out of it and lifted his head up, seeing that it was his trainer that was laughing. Blushing faintly at this, he lifted his pants up and brought it halfway over his face in an attempt at hiding his blush, though the sudden shy, yet embarrassed look in his eyes was easily seen.

As she finally stopped giggling, he watched as a sweet little smiled crossed over onto her features. "Silly Chrono. These stones are the reason this cave got its name. Pretty neat, huh?" Nodding his head lightly in agreement, he slowly lowered his pants from his face to rest at the level they were normally at on him before walking slowly back over to his trainer's side once again as she spoke up once more. "Anyways, we best get movin'...I wanna be in Mistralton City by night fall at least." With that, they continued on their way.

Heading further and further into the cave, he was starting to see that it was a lot deeper than it had looked from the entrance. Not to mention there were a lot more of those charged, glowing rocks along with the little floating ones. As he looked around him though while following Shadow and their trainer, he didn't see the surprise attack until it was almost too late. Narrowly avoiding the strike, he skidded sideways a bit and glared at the pokemon before him while Shadow also got into position to fight and protect Kira at all costs. Attaching to one of the nonglowing boulders was the pokemon, Ferrothorn. What the heck kind of pokemon was this? It looked like a cross between a cactus and a pinecone.

However, his train of thought was quickly knocked away as the wild pokemon lashed out with one of its spiky feelers. Panicking at this, he quickly yelped as he dove forward, hitting the ground as he barely avoided the spikes, which instead, smashed into the ground, leaving an intention. Sweatdropping slightly at the sight of this, he gulped a bit out of nervousness. If he gets hit by that, he'd definately be feeling that attack for a while. Pushing himself back up onto his feet, he saw his mentor charge in, only to leap up into the air as he came down towards the enemy with a Night Slash attack.

Quickly following his lead, he rushed in with his hands beginning to glow as right after Shadow had collided his Night Slash with the Ferrothorn, he lashed out with his own Break Break attack. Smirking with his eyes narrowed when he landed his attack on the enemy, he quickly dodged out of the way, just as Shadow did when the pokemon lashed out in arger with his three spiky feelers. However, as they dodged two of them, the third had crashed into the ground further behind them, causing a startled cry to be heard. Eyes widening, both he and Shadow quickly glanced behind themselves, only to see Kira had stepped back in order to try and avoid the blast of broken rock that had been sent flying from the attack. However, when she did, she stepped back too close to the edge of one of the chasms in the cave and slipped as she fell, crying out as she did.

Seeing this happen, fear quickly struck through them both, but before Shadow could try to save her, his mentor was attacked by Ferrothorn, causing him to need to deal with it first. Knowing they wouldn't make it in time if they waited to deal with the enemy first, Chrono quickly took off and leaped over the ledge, diving into the chasm after his trainer. Seeing her falling further down as he closed the distance between them, he reached out his little hand desperately for her own outstretched one. However, it was just short of touching and they were getting closer and closer to the bottom.

Tears streaking his cheeks in fear and frustration, he finally clenched them tightly shut and cried out in desperation to Kira, causing him to suddenly become enveloped in a bright light that filled the chasm. The light then began to grow in size and slightly in shape before finally the light quickly grasped onto the girl's hand, pulling her to them closely as the light dispursed, revealing Chrono as no longer a scraggy, but a scrafty now. Shooting his eyes open into a narrowed fashion, he held her closely as he righted himself up in their still desent and had his free hand glow before lashing out at the chasm wall; digging into it as he slowed their fall and finally halted it all together.

Sighing lightly to himself in relief, he glanced at his trainer as he was now almost two feet larger than before. Locking his now naturally half lidded gaze onto her own chocolate brown, he saw the glassy, tear filled look in them before his trainer finally threw her arms around his neck and hugged him closely as she actually cried. "Chrono...Thank you...Thank you so much. You saved me and you even evolved just ta do so."

Blushing slightly at this, he allowed Kira to continued crying a bit more in the yellow hoody that was now around his neck while his arm still held her closely in a protective manner. After a moment, when she calmed back down and he saw that she was just holding him now, he made sure that the young girl was holding him firmly before releasing her and began to carefully climb up the side of the chasm, heading back up to the top where his mentor was most certainly waiting after having dealt with that pesky Ferrothorn. Grunting lightly as he continued upward, he finally made it to the top after about ten mintues of climbing and smiled a bit when Shadow rushed over to help them. Apparently he wasn't even the slightest bit surprised that he had evolved down there in that chasm since his mentor didn't show it in the least bit.

Sighing softly as he sat there next to Kira while she layed there on her back, resting now from the ordeal she went through, he blushed faintly as he reached out and brushed her bangs out of her face gently. He was still trying to wrap his mind around it. He had actually evolved. So much training and battles he went through and yet...the thought of losing Kira and the fear and desperation that filled him because of it had cause him to finally evolve...All just to save the girl that rested beside him. Smiling lightly at this realization though, he finally layed himself down next to his trainer while Shadow kept watch and gently closed his eyes as he drifted off while now holding Kira's hand; the realization of why he evolved still lingering within' his mind...

...He had fallen for his trainer.

To be continued.

Little Tsu: Well, that's it for that chapter. One of the moments everyone had been waitin' for! Chrono finally evolved & realized that he's in love with his trainer.

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