Sands of Tatooine

Author's Notes:

Someone said I don't match Harry's personality. You're right! How could I possibly match his personality? He isn't the same person! He's a Jedi who's been pretty much trained since birth, not a scrawny boy locked in a fucking cupboard since birth! You're telling me that had he been raised by Voldemort he'd still be the same person he was in canon? No, I didn't think so. Now be quiet and flame me about something that at least makes sense.

Wow. I shouldn't have even mentioned comparing Harry's powers to the Sharingan. The only thing that Harry's 'power' even comes close to acting like the Sharingan is his ability to see the Force, the green shield he created (which is much more like Protego than it is Susanoo, mind you he was born a wizard) and his eye bleeding. The latter only happened because he put too much strain on his body.

He's 'sappy' with Padme because while he has had friends, or as close as a Jedi can get with somebody while having to constantly training and other Jedi duties, he finds her attractive and admires her in a way. You could easily say that Harry was forced into a life of servitude while Padme chose it to make the world a better place by serving it as well.

Sorry for the whole 'R2-D2, Artoo-Detoo,' thing. I was going to us R2-D2, but when I looked over the novelized version of Star Wars, it came back with Artoo-Detoo. I figured if the novel did it… well, ya know the rest =/


Harry never liked sand, not at all. It was rough and course and it got everywhere, and in certain places there was a seemingly unlimited supply.

Like Tatooine.

Harry gritted his teeth as the sand buffeted around him, getting anywhere and everywhere – eyes, ears, nose, mouth… everywhere.

Sighing, and acting quickly as to not get any sand in his mouth, Harry brought up his tunic, covering his mouth and nose, leaving his emerald eyes for anyone to see before bringing down the hood of his cloak tightly, creating a makeshift balaclava.

Nodding his approval, Harry turned, gazing at the rest of the expedition party he was currently with, his eyes lingering a little longer on the only female member. Qui-Gon was the leader of this mission, of that there was no doubt, but Harry had a feeling that Padme would get her way, dressed as a handmaiden or not. Turning his gaze towards the final member, Harry frowned. It wasn't that he didn't like Jar-Jar – it was quite the contrary, he liked the Gungan very much, sometimes – he just had a feeling that Jar-Jar would hurt their chances at keeping a low profile more than help it. R2-D2 – the astronomical droid – also happened to part of their 'search' party, but Harry didn't really count the droid (not that he'd ever say that to R2).

Padme turned, feeling a gaze resting on her back and gave her viewer a small smile. Padme couldn't see it, seeing as she turned away, and his face was covered, but Harry smiled back.

The night before Harry had done his best to comfort the distraught Queen and friend, spending the night with her in a totally non-sexual way.

When Padme had finally stopped crying, and eventually fallen asleep, Harry was still there, holding her, and when Harry had finally felt it safe, he kissed her softly on the forehead. The gentle, almost non-existent turn of the lips warmed Harry's heart and he had to fight the urge to do it again and break something at the same moment. Being a Jedi really did suck sometimes, Harry had concluded.

Fighting off a sigh, Harry kept walking, doing his best to keep quiet at the horrible conditions and visibility the sand offered as the group made their way towards anyone who could help them with their problem.

Qui-Gon would say the Force was guiding him towards the right destination – their current location being Mos Espa; Harry would calm him a liar to his face and a moron to his back. Harry was positive Obi-Wan would do the same. They would then both laugh, having been the person they had retold their tale of the enigmatic Qui-Gon to.

Obi-Wan would have no laugh this time as he was currently guarding the ship, having been 'benched' as Harry often liked to call it, by Qui-Gon.

As it was, Harry was already beginning to regret joining the search party, sort of…Time spent with Padme was something Harry wouldn't give up for anything – not training, sparring or even reading forbidden files from the Jedi Archives. But fighting against his worst enemy (sand) he was beginning to wonder just how far he would go for the doe-eyed brunette.

The ship had landed in a makeshift landing pit in the middle of a market area, but that didn't mean what they were looking for was there nor was it going to be a short journey.

Something told Harry that this wasn't just your run of the middle scrounging for spare parts, and the smarter part of him agreed.

He was vaguely aware of Qui-Gon telling Padme anything and everything he could about Tatooine, and Padme was soaking it up like a sponge; it was one of her more endearing traits, Harry had learned.

"Whatta ya doin', Hawwy?"

Harry turned his narrowed eyes towards the questioner: Jar-Jar. Harry was currently scrubbing his fingers against the inside of his tunic, attempting to remove the seeming less limitless amount of sand under his nails.

"Preening," he offered, striding purposely through the desert as a means to both get away from Jar-Jar and reach their unknown destination quicker.

"– you see, Tatooine is notoriously known for their dealings in slaving on many different levels, from woman and children, to elderly folk," said Qui-Gon gently.

"That's horrible!" Padme exclaimed in a somewhat horrified whisper.

"It is," said Harry, hands deep in the pockets of his dark tunic, nodding solemnly. "Master Windu and I spent several months on this planet – amongst others – disrupting some of the smaller slave rings. We couldn't draw too much attention to ourselves by going after the major players like the Hutts, but we managed to shut down several rings through legal means, and others by force."

"There isn't much we can do on a planet like Tatooine, but we help where we can," said Qui-Gon firmly.

Harry gave a curt nod, looking seriously at Padme. "Scum like Jabba the Hutt have turned this place into a proper wasteland."

"–And here we are!" Everyone turned to Qui-Gon, and in turn, the shop he was standing in front of.

"Watto You Need," said Harry out loud, eyeing the sign with distrust.

"Oh come on," said Padme, grabbing Harry by the arm and pulling him inside of the side; if anything Harry was glad to be momentarily out of the sand.

Freeing himself from Padme's grasp, Harry took a quick moment to release the hold his tunic had over nearly his entire face, allowing himself to truly breathe.

They'd barely made it into the store before a Toydarian swarmed them, wings beating furiously to keep his blue, chubby body afloat; Harry held back a snicker, gazing at the unpleasant looking creature, knowing from past experiences that laughing at the merchant you need wasn't the best idea.

"Good day to you – what do you need?" He said quickly, in a guttural, scratchy and downright unpleasant voice, eyeing them up and down as if seeing if the group was trustworthy or not, his gaze lingering on Jar-Jar as if trying to figure out what he was and Padme, eyeing her like a piece of meat; Harry felt the anger he'd held in check all day slipping.

Qui-Gon stepped forwards slightly, taking the lead as if sensing the Toydarian's impending doom. "I need parts for a J-type 327 Nubian."

The little bugger smiled as if his dream had come true, his wings beating even faster if that was possible. "A Nubian, eh? We gotta lots of them!" His gaze flickered to Jar-Jar before he pointed a stubby little finger at the Gungan. "What is that?" He asked rudely.

"He's a Gungan," Harry snapped as Jar-Jar shrunk behind him, mentally filleting the floating load of dung in front of him.

Qui-Gon sighed in what Harry knew to be annoyance. "Can you help us or not?"

The Toydarian removed his wary eyes from Harry to Qui-Gon. "Can you pay me or not?" he asked, crossing his arms across his chest, still afloat. "What kinda junk you after anyway, huh?"

Qui-Gon motioned for R2 who came strolling forwards, a screen appearing with the list of parts needed to repair their cruiser. "My droid here has everything I need."

The Toydarian spared the screen a quick glance before turning his head. "Boy, get in here, now!"

Things went from bad to worse; Harry knew the tone the thing he was starting to believe was Watto used, and his fears were only confirmed when a dirty and disheveled boy with blonde hair and blue eyes came running into the shop as if the fear of god was in him.

"What took you so long?" Watto snapped at the boy who flinched in return.

"I was cleaning out the bin like you told me to," he said timidly, but there was anger burning behind his words.

Somewhere, in the depths of Harry's mind, a beast chanted. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering… Harry squashed the voice with the clenching of his fist, stowing the voice for the time being, knowing and dreading it wasn't the last time he'd hear it. He often feared it would stay with him until he gave into its wishes.

Watto waved his hands through the air dismissively, catching Harry's eye. "Watch the store," he snapped. "I've got selling to do." Watto the slaver turned into Watto the seller in no time as he flew back over to Harry and the rest of his group, turning on the 'charm' without a second glance.

Harry was too busy looking at the little boy tinkering with something to even notice Qui-Gon leaving with R2 and Watto.

"Are you an angel?"

The question broke him from his gaze, and he turned to see who the question was garnered for: Padme. Harry bit back a laugh, noticing Padme's slightly pink cheeks. Was it just him, or was the boy flirting with her?

"What?" Padme questioned.

"An angel," he said again, gaining confidence it seemed. "They live on the moons of Iego, I think. They are the most beautiful creatures in the universe. They are good and kind, and so pretty they make even the most hardened space pirates cry like small children."

Padme feigned confused, glaring at Harry out of the corner of her eye; Harry was not laughing! "I've never heard of them."

"You must be one of them." Harry squashed the urge to roll his eyes. "Maybe you just don't know it yet."

'Was I like this as a child?' He asked himself. 'No,' he decided, 'I'd already taken a life by the time I was ten.'

"You're a funny little boy," said Padme and Harry had to snort at the pleased look on the boy's face; apparently he didn't get the joke. "How do you know so much?"

The boy was practically bouncing with joy at the slight praise, and a part of Harry was saddened by the effect Padme's words had on him, knowing what he was already without a shadow of a doubt.

"I listen to all of the traders and pilots who come through here. I'm a pilot too, you know, and some day, I'm going to fly away from this place."

Padme nodded, absently running a hand across the countertop whilst listening. "Have you been here long?" Harry asked.

The boy's gaze flickered back to Padme for a moment before settling on Harry. "I've been here since I was three, I think. My mom and I were sold to Gardulla the Hutt, but she lost us to Watto, betting on the pod-races. Watto's a lot better master, from what I can remember anyway."

Padme was so shocked she nearly fell over.

Harry nodded sadly. "Ahh, so you're a slave," he said, trying to sound compassionate.

The little boys face contorted in embarrassment and adolescent rage. "I'm a person," he practically spat, "and my name is Anakin, Anakin Skywalker!"

Harry contained himself to merely raising an eyebrow at the outburst. "And my name is Harry, Harry Potter."

Padme shuffled over, worrying her lower lip in between her teeth and wringing her hands. "I'm Padme… I, I'm sorry…"

Anakin's gaze softened as it came to rest upon Padme; he looked as though a moment away from saying something when Jar-Jar's timely arrival seemingly ruined the moment. The next few moments were spent cheerfully laughing at Jar-Jar as he attempted to 'turn off' several droids he accidently turned on.

The cheerful mood was ruined, however, when Qui-Gon came back with R2 quickly behind him and Watto angrily buzzing through the air.

"Come back when you have something to trade worthwhile!" He shouted, furious at having wasted precious time, it seemed.

Harry schooled his features, his right hand twitching towards his lightsaber, itching to remove Watto's wings and leaving him a cripple for the rest of his miserable life for the blatant disrespect he was showing Master Jinn. He didn't show outright respect to anyone – it simply wasn't his style – and he didn't show outright disrespect either, especially not to his betters, and Qui-Gon was his, and by extension, Watto's better.

"– Foolish man, trying to play mind tricks on Watto like that. Who do you think you are, a Jedi?" he sneered.

"Hold your tongue," Harry snarled, drawing his lightsaber but not igniting it, furious beyond belief.

Watto was so terrified his wings skipped a beat and he was sent stumbling through the air into some spare parts. He immediately right himself before propping himself atop of counter, glaring with as much venom as possible at Harry.

"Get out of my shop," he all but growled. "Out, out, out!"


Harry viscously stabbed at the dried pear in front him, skewering it with his fork before tearing into it with his teeth, taking pleasure in the way Jar-Jar edged his seat away from his slightly.

The group's current residence was none other than the home of Anakin and Shmi Skywalker, who were kind enough to allow the small party shelter till the raging sandstorm Harry could hear subsided.

"Any attempt at an escape, and boom!"

Harry lowered his fork, no longer very hungry after hearing what would happen if Anakin decided to run off, or heaven forbid, show up too late for work a few times.

Padme look positively horrified. Harry fought back a sad smile; she was just too kind and in some ways innocent for her own good. He knew the blockade was the first of many tragedies she'd have to live through and could only hope she'd still be the same kind-hearted person she was in the end as she was in the beginning.

"That's awful! I can't believe slavery is still permitted in the galaxy. The Republic's anti-slavery laws should –"

"The Republic doesn't exist out here," Shmi cut in swiftly. "We have to make do on our own."

"Have you guys ever seen a pod-race before?" Anakin chimed in cheerfully, not bothered at the conversation they had just been holding.

Harry felt a grin tugging at his lips, and one glance at Qui-Gon told him he was thinking the same thing.

"Harry here is the resident pod-racing champion back at the temple," said Qui-Gon, grinning in a proud, fatherly sort of manner at Harry whose cheeks suddenly took on a rosy hue.

Anakin pouted, crossing his small arms across his chest. "I thought I was the only human who could do it…"

"Nah," said Harry, waving a hand. "Only us human Jedi can do it," he finished, winking at Anakin who grinned back broadly. The boy had been able to piece together what he and Qui-Gon were so he decided to indulge the boy, if only just a little.

"It's awfully dangerous," said Shmi, seeming simply horrified at the thought of two young boys pod-racing.

"It's a rush," said Harry, a moment before Anakin could chime in, already knowing what the little adrenaline junkie was going to say.

Anakin looked around expectantly, as if trying to hold in a big secret. "So you're both Jedi Knights, huh?"

Harry sent a smirk Qui-Gons way. Turning to Anakin, he nodded once.

"But how do you know?" Qui-Gon asked Anakin, a thoughtful look on his aged face.

Anakin grinned boyishly. "I saw Harry's laser sword, and only a Jedi carries that!"

Harry snorted. "Perhaps I just killed a Jedi and took it," he said, thinking of possibly claiming Obi-Wan's lightsaber as his own the next time the pair sparred…

"Yeah right," said Anakin, still smiling. "Nobody can kill a Jedi!"

Harry snorted again, this time not lacking any humor. "I wish…"

Harry's tone obviously went straight over Anakin's head. "I had a dream I was a Jedi," he said. " I came back here and freed all of the slaves." He sent his mother a sad look that didn't go missed by any; he turned back to Qui-Gon and Harry. "Have you come to free us?"

"I wish, kid… I wish," said Harry, rubbing his eyes.

Poor Anakin looked devastated – devastated but determined. "I think you are! Why else would you be here?"

Harry and Qui-Gon shared a look, before the elder nodded to the youngster. "Were on our way to Coruscant," said Harry.

"How'd you end up here then?"

This time, it was Padme who spoke, "Our ship was damaged and were stranded here till we can repair it," she admitted, pouting.

"I can help," said Anakin, gaining confidence. "I can fix anything!"

"I bet you can," said Qui-Gon kindly, "but first we need the parts –"

"– and we's got nuttin to trade," admitted Jar-Jar sorrowfully, snatching another pear up and swallowing it whole; Harry was tempted to put his lightsaber on training and give Jar-Jar a little warning tap.

Padme frowned, scrunching her face ever-so slightly. "These Junkers have to have some weakness," she implored.

"Gambling," offered Shmi. "Those awful races control everything around these parts."

Harry's interest was piqued as he and Qui-Gon shared another look.

"Greed can be used," said Qui-Gon thoughtfully. "Perhaps we can bet on races? Racing for the parts would be our best bet though."

Harry shrugged. "Give me a racer and I'd win," he said confidently.

Anakin looked a little disappointed but decided to speak up, "I have a racer Watto doesn't know about you guys cane use and it's going to be the fastest ever. There's a big race the day after tomorrow on Boonta Eve! My racer is all but finished so if we put some work into it it'll be good to go!"

"Thanks," said Harry sincerely, ruffling the younger boy's hair.

"What would Watto say, Ani?" said Shmi.

Harry paused, narrowing his eyes. "If Watto has a problem with me using his racer I won't do it," he said.

Anakin nearly growled. "It's my racer, not Wattos, and I could care less what that bug has to say!"

"What if he punishes you, Ani?" Shmi asked, nearly in tears.

"He'll never know," said Anakin excitedly. "I've been keeping it hidden so nobody knows it's my racer! Harry and Mr. Qui-Gon can say just they brought their racer with them once they heard there were races going on!"

"Sounds like a plan to me," said Harry, digging back into his food with renewed vigor.


"I'm very sorry but we only have two bedrooms and Anakin's room is filled with junk," said Shmi sadly, ignoring Anakin's protests at his work being called junk. "Padme can share my room but the rest of you will have to find somewhere else to sleep."

"It is fine," said Qui-Gon in a placating manner. "I know I haven't always slept in the best conditions and knowing Harry's master then neither has he; Jar-Jar has been living outside for some time now. We will be fine."

"Ok," said Shmi, handing them some blankets and pillows. "I'm sorry," she said again, "but this is the best I can do."

Harry bid them all a farewell and immediately made his way towards the balcony. The sandstorm had passed and they more likely than not could have returned to their ship but being outside during the night on a planet like Tatooine was not a good idea. As it was Harry decided to spend his night beneath the stars and meditating after a frustrating day never hurt.

He hadn't even been mediating for longer than ten minutes when he felt the presence. He knew who it was and what they were doing; he didn't mind. He finally spoke when he felt them about to leave.

"Don't go," he called out quietly.

"Okay," said Padme, smiling softly.

"Did you need anything?" Harry asked, sitting down with crossed legs and his chin on folded hands.

"No," she said, and Harry could see the faintest of blushes through the darkness.

"Okay," said Harry, closing his eyes and leaning against one of the walls enclosing the balcony.

"Harry?" Harry merely opened one eye and gazed at her questioningly. "Do you think we'll be alright?"

Harry closed his open eye once more and nodded. "I can feel it and you probably can too. We will be fine. Get some rest, Padme, we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow."

"We do?" Padme questioned.

"Mhm. Watto doesn't like me very much and I could practically smell the greed pouring off of him in waves; tomorrow Qui-Gon will make him an offer he won't be able to refuse."


Harry had seen racers he'd call trash before, and before his eyes was a pod-racer he'd gladly call trash if Anakin hadn't been standing next to him. Okay, maybe he still would have called it trash had Padme not been hovering next to them as well.

"It's going to need some work but I'll have it in top shape in no time at all," said Harry confidently.

"I can help!" said Anakin.

Harry nodded. "I'm going to need it if we're going to get this in top shape by tomorrow. R2 already ran a brief diagnostic test and C-3PO is getting parts from our ship but we don't have everything on the list; if you could look around for some of them that would be greatly appreciated."

"Can do!" Anakin chirped before dashing off without seeing what he even needed to collect; perhaps he had a gift or perhaps he'd just grab a little bit of everything.

"You're great with kids," said Padme shyly as she collected tools amongst the sand that had seemingly lost their way.

"Thanks," said Harry with a flush creeping up his neck as he placed a new power core Qui-Gon had given him in the racer.

Harry guessed Padme was referring to the fact that Harry hadn't strangled any of Anakin's friends but decided not to test his theory.

"So what did Qui-Gon have to say?" she asked.

Harry shrugged and tested the throttle. "Nothing really; Watto was arrogant and agreed once he wagered the ship for the entry fee and parts we need; he fears me but thinks Qui-Gon is a fool and the added presence of Jar-Jar only helped solidify that."

"The fate of Naboo literally rides on this pod-racer and the race tomorrow, doesn't it?" Padme said in a choked voice.

"Yeah," said Harry as the racer roared to life.


"Why did you test Anakin's blood?" Harry asked frowning.

Qui-Gon turned towards Harry, placing the small reader into his tunic. "His ability to use the Force is both impressive and slightly scary," he admitted.

"Scary?" He frowned. "How so?"

"The boy has no training yet his abilities in the Force are extent for someone his age," said Qui-Gon.

"Not really," challenged Harry. "When I was only ten I could call forth anything from droids to starfighters."

"And you are the chosen one, Harry," said Qui-Gon, smiling.

Harry scratched the back of his head awkwardly. "I suppose. So why Anakin?"

"General curiosity, I suppose," said Qui-Gon vaguely.

"What'd you find out?" Harry asked, curiosity getting the better of him

"His midi-chlorian count is second only to yours."

"Wow," Harry breathed. Harry snapped back to reality. "If you got a reading on his blood then you must have spoken with Obi-Wan," Harry surmised. "What did he have to say?"

Qui-Gon sighed tiredly and ran a hand through his graying beard. "The queen is growing restless and the death toll on Naboo is supposedly nearing the millions."

"They're lying," said Harry quickly, more to convince himself.

"Maybe," admitted Qui-Gon, "but we can't really know for sure, can we? We must live in the here and now, and right now I have a proposition. Will you trust me, Harry?"

"I trust you with my life," said Harry immediately.

"Good," said Qui-Gon, "because it is your life that is going to be at risk come tomorrow."


The racer was polished and looking in top condition. It was the best they could do in a short amount of time.

The entire thing had been polished and cleaned as to give it a new and impressive look in the hopes of possibly intimidating the competition. Harry didn't want to draw too much attention to them but the lightsaber hanging off his waist was also helping to draw a little bit of fear and awe.

Racing against Anakin was one thing but racing against a Jedi was something entirely different.

They did draw a few odd looks and Harry tallied it up to the mock collar around his neck; he had to play a part after all.

"You are this boys master, eh?" said Watto with a greasy smile on his face; Harry was starting to really dislike him.

"Yes," said Qui-Gon. "I am his master and he is my apprentice. He will be racing for me today, but I find these wagers much too boring for someone of my tastes. What say we up the wages?"

"Up them you say?" Watto's smile was downright unpleasant.

Qui-Gon nodded. "I already offered you my ship if I am too lose, how about my slave?"

Harry did his best not to raise his eyebrows. Sure they had spoken of the plan and Harry was the only one to know – not only would it downright terrify Padme but Shmi was a sweetheart and would probably keel over; Anakin would probably secretly hope Harry would lose so he'd have another friend – but it still sounded foreign coming from Qui-Gon's mouth. It helped unclench Harry's stomach knowing the race was all on him and his fate was his own.

"What do you want?" Watto asked without missing a beat.

"The boy and his mother," Qui-Gon answered with no hesitation and a fair bit of steel in his voice. "To sweeten the deal I will let you keep my pod-racer and winnings and ask only that you hand over Anakin, Shmi and the parts for my ship upon Harry here winning the race today."

"You drive a hard bargain," said Watto, his eyes never leaving Harry and a predatory smile on his face. "I accept!"


"You will not lose, Harry," said Qui-Gon gently as Harry entered the racer.

"Oh I know," he said confidently as he placed the goggles Anakin had given him over his eyes, "but if I do I'll have you know I will not be following through with the agreement."

"Really?" said Qui-Gon, an amused smile on his face and raised eyes.

"Oh yes," he said somewhat darkly. "If I have to remove some wings I'll do just that."

"I wonder what those are two talking about?" Padme spoke out loud to the group consisting of herself, Jar-Jar, Anakin and his mother, Shmi.

"Hawwy was jus' talkin' about wuts gunna happen if he looses the race!" Jar-Jar supplied.

"And what will happen if he loses the race?" Padme asked, fearing sinking into her stomach.

Jar-Jar stroked his chin as Harry sent him warning looks from the race-track; they didn't reach the Gungan. "He's gonna be Watto's slave is all."

"What?" Padme shrieked as the racer's engines roared to life.

"Why would he do that?" Anakin demanded.

Jar-Jar shrugged as R2 made a few beeping noises.

Shmi's lip quivered. "He's doing it to free us?" she croaked.

"Yes, he is," said Qui-Gon as he joined them.

"How could you let him do that?" Padme screamed at the Jedi Master with tears in her eyes.

"I will not put the full blame on him; it was my idea, but he agreed to do so and I did not deny him his rights."

"Why?" Padme whimpered as her body seemed to fold in on herself and she collapsed in her seat; Shmi was quick to comfort the poor girl.

"I will not lie; it is because of you, Anakin," said Qui-Gon simply.

"Me?" he whispered.

"Yes. You show prowess in the Force and have not even been properly trained. It is dangerous for one to be so powerful and not have proper training both to yourself and those around you. It is my hopes that even though you are much too old you will be allowed to become a Jedi, if that is what you want." He turned to Shmi. "The original plan was to simply offer Watto our racer as a means to get Anakin but Harry wasn't having any of that," he said sadly. "He risked himself so that you two would both be free. All we can do now is pray that the Force will guide us to victory."

Harry would easily win the race with the help of years' worth of training in the Force but the galaxy would take a loss that day in more ways than one.

The darkening of several futures would be born that fateful day on Tatooine and in some ways it really was the beginning of the end.


Harry knew something bad was going to happen as he, Qui-Gon, Padme, Jar-Jar, R2, Anakin and Shmi made their way towards their cruiser.

Call it intuition–call it the Force. He often times considered himself a magnet for danger and were a good judge of what really was countable as danger and, for lack of a better term, tight situations.

After the race they had decided to make a quick getaway and leave Tatooine as fast as humanly possible. They wouldn't be able to leave for at least a day seeing as the ship needed work but the faster they got out of the place where they were last seen would help move the process along smoothly.

Anakin and Shmi had been more than happy to leave their slave quarters behind if it meant a life of freedom even if that life was on a ship for the time being. They grabbed their clothes and whatever they could carry, said they're goodbyes and were on the ship in no time at all.

For some reason Anakin had wanted to say goodbye to the other children he'd be leaving behind and that meant Shmi would accompany him to say goodbye as well; it all seemed like a nice idea at the time so obviously everybody had went to get one last look at Tatooine.

Harry had even taken the time to purchase Obi-Wan an hourglass made with sand from Tatooine itself and an intricate colored scarf for Padme with some winnings he had made in a side-bet he'd had Jar-Jar place.

Their fun day came crashing to a halt when they'd been making their way towards the ship and a speeder rapidly approaching could be heard.

The Zabrak leering at him as though he was a piece of tasty flesh definitely set his alarms off and had his blood pumping no matter how calm he tried to act.

Something deep inside of Harry hissed at the mere sight of the offending man; a primal urge to fight him, basic instinct calling for his blood, his head on a stick to display his superiority.

What really had Harry's blood surging through his body at seemingly light speed were the eyes. 'I've seen those eyes beforeI've had those eyes before! Is this what will come to me? Is this my future?' Harry banished his train of thoughts, gladly allowing everything – fear, anger, hatred, rage – to float away into the Force.

"Make sure Padme, Anakin and Shmi get to the ship quickly, Jar-Jar," said Harry tightly, drawing his lightsaber and counting on Qui-Gon to do the same. "You to R2," he added more as an afterthought. He silently wished Obi-Wan had gotten off his lazy ass to join them in Mos Espa instead of meditating like he always did.

"One time is enough for me, Harry," he had said when Harry offered him a final trip into the city.

A blade of plasma indigo erupted a moment before lime and crimson; the battle was on as Harry banished thoughts of everything but the fight he was in.

Wasting no time Harry leapt at the creature that dared wield the weapon of choice for a Jedi, his blade the color of the sky clashing against the blood red blade of energy. Qui-Gon twirled his blade in a threatening manner, waiting to pick his shot, waiting for an opening but still letting their enemy know that he was there to back up the young padawan in the blink of an eye.

In hindsight Harry probably should have let the Jedi Master take the lead and stood back, merely watching the battle unfold and helping when he could instead of trying to be a hero. Still, the thought of this…monster…harming Padme sent a chill through his heart that had bad intentions running rampant in his mind.

Harry glared over the top of his blade as the Zabrak forced him back, grinning manically at him, yellow teeth bared.

"I sense great fear in you, boy," he growled in a voice perhaps only a mother could love; it was like nails on a chalkboard, only worse.

Harry clamped an iron-tight fist around his emotions he knew to be running wild; they would do no good for him in a fight, he needed a clear head to take on this most deadly of enemies.

Harry lashed out with a kick, breaking the battle he'd been steadily losing, giving himself a moment to breathe. He nearly laughed at the surprised look on the Zabrak's face when Qui-Gon was in his guard not a moment later, ready to pick up where Harry had left off.

He could only watch as Qui-Gon and this creature dueled at a level so high, it put Harry's skills to shame. He knew there was no way he measured up to Master Jinn at his age, whether due to his height, weight, knowledge and experience, and so forth, but truly seeing how outclassed he was by both warriors giving it their all – one basking in the Force and serving it, allowing it to help him and guide him while the other bent and contorted it to his will, making the Force his servant – made him envious.

Harry was in awe. Watching masters spar was one thing, watching masters duel so fiercely it made the hairs on the back of his neck stand was something entirely different.

Too bad it wasn't a spar and their sabers were not on training.

The Zabrak snarled, slashing relentlessly at Qui-Gon, pushing the Jedi Master back several steps before performing an elegant twist, putting him past the master and in front of the padawan.

Harry barely had time to form a coherent thought before a crimson saber was upon him, forcing him to bring his own up to defend his life.

Despair and fear filled Harry as he continued to dodge the relentless strikes of his fearsome opponent; in a way, literally running for his life.

'Do not fear this amateur! Crush him – crush him now, fool!'

Harry growled in approval as he partially gave way to his emotions, letting it fill him up and propel him to newer heights. Sadly though, it wasn't enough. This creature simply hated more than he did – he was an instrument of hatred and suffering.

He swiped at the creature's legs with a speed many would be hard pressed to match – his attack was simply jumped over. He swung his blade in an overhand delivery, aiming to either remove the man's head from his body or arm – it was blocked and the blow was returned with such brutal force it nearly jarred Harry's lightsaber from his grasp. Harry swiped desperately at his opponents midsection only for him to spin blindingly fast and return fire. Harry held in his scream of agony, squashing the urge ruthlessly and suppressing it to a mere moan of pain as the creature's blade slashed across his bicep, painfully searing it, but thankfully not removing the whole arm.

Harry was not a coward, nor was he one to run from a fight, but he knew when he was bested. It was for this exact reason that when Qui-Gon leapt aboard their cruiser he did the same exact thing.

As the ship sealed itself Harry glared down at the one who bested him. He would not forget the taunting sneer he received when doing so – he didn't want too. He would use it – use that anger, hate, thirst for revenge – and when he did, he would crush him like a bug beneath his heal.

As a somewhat questioning grin lite up Harry's face, he failed to notice a few things.

First were the medics and several other people calling out to him, asking if he needed help with his injured arm. Second was the fact that his lightsaber was still active and in such a ferocious grasp his lightsaber was near breaking point.

Third was the imposing, ghostly figure of a man with his arms crossed, outfitted in crimson and black armor, robes and a cloak of the same color scheme and a mask – a Mandalorian mask that once brought fear to the hearts of many Jedi.


Authors Notes:

If you don't know who that was at the end then I curse you once more!

Saving both Anakin and Shmi was a twist I felt the need to use. It will make sense when the time comes; it did to me anyway, and if it hadn't I'd of just kept the story the same.

Revan will play a minor role in the future and I only have a few more scenes on paper where he shows himself (and I have the whole story mapped out, roughly, so that is saying something) so don't go expecting Revan to be some major figure in the story hell-bent on taking over the galaxy.

Revan appearing should also put a stop to those thoughts of anyone thinking Harry was either insane or secretly communicating with Palpatine; it was Revan. I know some people gave me a lot of shit for comparing Harry's abilities to the Sharingan, but the same could be said for Revan's appearance. Revan's form – a Force ghost like Obi-Wan or Yoda – will only manifest when Harry's hold on the Dark Side is slipping and his anger and hatred take over (sort of like Sasuke's Susano'o). Honestly though, I'm just giving credit to the idea that Sasuke's Susano'o is formed from hatred and revenge, I guess, and using it in this story. Revan really can't do anything so don't expect him to lash out with Force lightning to save Harry.

Sorry for the long wait time, but I hope to pop another out before November swings around. I have the whole story mapped out in my head and written down (kind of) but sometimes I just don't have the motivation to type it out and add in the little details. Sometimes I feel like just posting up the rough outline I have and saying, "Enjoy!" I won't do that thought, although with all the trouble I'm having the updates will be fewer than they were before so enjoy this one!

Until next time!