Okay, so totally new story, similar crap. So for this one, Tatsuki is now 17 and Karin is 15. Still young I know, but bear with me. They're both going to the highschool now, Tatsuki as a Junior and Karin as a Freshman.

There will be swearing, yuri, adult sitiuations, and all those fun things.

I have warned you. Please do not flame with "You didnt say anything about that!" Thanks, all other reviews are appreciated.

The red of the blood was bright against her pale skin. She stared upon it as she normally did, with that fascination. Slowly, the blood trickled down her multiply scarred wrist. The pain was so good, so worth it. Waiting until she could make the next cut was the most torturous thing she's ever had to do. With a soft sigh, she began to clean up the blood on her arm, the razor, and the sink. As she ran ice cold water over her newest cut, she closed her eyes, trying to recapture the feeling of the blade slicing into her skin. She couldn't remember just exactly how it had felt though, it happened every time. It was part of the reason she kept coming back to the blade. Just a small part of the reason, not the whole reason...

With all of the blood cleaned, she shrugged her long sleeved white button up shirt on. She looked into the mirror for a moment, her light gray eyes looked back at her, her skin as pale as ever. With a slight smirk, she opened the bathroom door and went to her room, time to start on some homework. She sat at her desk where a giant history text book sat, she had an essay due in two days and since she had no other homework and nothing else to do, she decided to write it now.

- Tatsuki -

She was laying on her bed, on arm behind her head the other holding her cell phone close to her face so she could stare at Karin's name. She wanted to text the younger girl. So why didn't she just do it? She sighed, rolling over onto her stomach, holding the phone with both hands. Still staring at the girl's name she groaned, burying her face in the pillow.
With a growl at herself for being a baby, she texted Karin, 'Hey, want to go to the field?'

- Karin -

Karin glanced at her phone as it vibrated on the desk, Tatsuki's name appeared. She kept writing, she'd answer it later.

About an hour and a half later she finished, putting the history book in her closet and putting the essay in her folder in her backpack. She stood and stretched, going to the kitchen for a snack. She made herself some noodles and as she waited for them to cook, went back to her room. She picked up her phone, flipping it open as she walked back to the kitchen.
She read Tatsuki's text, and sat as her noodles cooled, considering.
She wanted to go, but then again didn't want to be playing and her new cut break open. Also, if she were to go, she'd have to change, or at least wear a hoody, but then she would get hot. Not to mention Tatsuki would ask why she was wearing a hoody when they were playing soccer.

She texted Tatsuki back and told her to meet her at the field in twenty. After finishing her noodles she went back to her room and dug in her closet. Finally she found some bandages and wrapped them around the middle of her hand to the middle of her forearm on both arms. She tossed her button up shirt on her bed and fished some shorts from her dresser. She took her jeans off, tossing them on the bed and climbed into the shorts, stumbling as she fixed her shoe as she headed out the door.

- At the Field -

Tatsuki was laying on a bench waiting for Karin, her reply had taken what seemed like forever. So when she had replied, Tatsuki had jumped up and ran to the field. Waiting definitely wasn't one of her strong points. She closed her eyes, waiting.

She opened her eyes as someone stepped into her sun, making it darker. Karin stood there, in a form fitting black tank top. Tatsuki couldn't help herself, she grinned and sat up.
"About time!" She jokingly grinned.
"Sorry, was doing an essay," Karin smiled apologetically knowing Tatsuki wasn't really mad.
"You doing homework?" Tatsuki said, standing.
"Yeah yeah yeah, let's get this game on!" Karin grinned, stealing the ball from Tatsuki and dribbling it onto and down the field.
Grinning, Tatsuki ran after her.

- After the game/Close to 7pm -

Both were breathing hard and sweating.
"Great game as always," Tatsuki breathed, glancing at her shorter friend.
"Yeah," Karin nodded, just as breathless.
"Ice cream?" Tatsuki asked.
"You buying?" Karin asked, grinned over at her friend.
"Yeah sure," the other girl replied, slinging an arm around her friends shoulders.
"Thanks," Karin said, slipping an arm around the other girl's waist.

They got some odd looks from the few people out and the ice cream vendor looked at them strangely but Karin shrugged it off.
Still with arms around eachother, they walked and ate their icecream cones.
Both finished their cones as they neared Karin's house.
"See ya," Karin mumbled, disentangling herself from the taller girl.
"Later," Tatsuki whispered, watching the shorter girl walk into her house.

Sighing, Tatsuki started home, folding her arms behind her head she thought about Karin. The shorter girl had been wearing bandages around her arms, a fashion statement? But that was so unlike Karin, so most likely not. She thought back to having her arm around the other's shoulders and how easily and right it felt, especially when she put her arm around Tatsuki's waist. She didn't even have a boyfriend that Tatsuki knew of. She smiled wistfully, thinking about what it would be like to kiss her.
She shook her head, knowing that would never be possible.