It was their first Thanksgiving together. Karin could hardly wait.
Of course they'd be having food at Karin's, her sister was an amazing cook afterall.

First though, they were going to play a long game of soccer.

Dressed in a plain black shirt and some skinny jeans, Karin made her way to the field.

Tatsuki was already there and stretching. Her toned pale arms were bare, wearing a tanktop and pants. Karin chuckled and shook her head before running down to greet her.

Tatsuki grinned as Karin jumped into her arms, their lips meeting in a soft kiss.

The game began moments later.

Finally, both dripping sweat despite the slight chill, they made their way back to Tatsuki's to wash up.

- Tatsuki's -

The older washed up first. Then they sat in Tatsuki's room on her bed. Karin smirked, an idea forming.
She pounced on the older girl then, taking her by complete surprise.

Karin straddling the older girls waist. The smaller gently pressed her lips to the other girl's, pressing her smaller body against the taller girl's, making her instinctively lay back.

Now on top of the other girl, Karin took full advantage of her position, deepening the kiss, her tongue gently pushing at the other girls lips. Taksuki opened her mouth for her, allowing Karin to slide her tongue in and their tongues wrapped around eachother. Slowly, delicately, Karin's hands traveled down her girlfriend's body, delighting in her reactions.
Karin broke the kiss, pulling Tatsuki up, taking her own shirt off, as Tatsuki stared, marveling at the pale perfection that was Karin's body. Chuckling softly, Karin kissed her again, sliding the other girls tanktop off her shoulders and tossing it to the floor.

Smiling, Karin pushed Tatsuki gently down, leaning down to kiss her softly, before slowly trailing light kisses upon the other girls neck. Karin paused in her kisses, opening her mouth and gently biting down, her teeth sinking into the soft flesh of Tatsuki's neck. She moaned softly, as Karin's hands explored her body, pausing at her breasts. Still biting, Karin gently squeezed the taller's breasts, delighting in the further arching of her back. Lightly, her fingers just ghosting over the skin, Karin trailed her fingers down Tatsuki's sides. She shivered beneath the dark haired haired beauty.

Karin finally released her neck and began kissing and nipping down Tatsuki's chest, scooting down so she was straddling her legs. Tatsuki sat up, unclasping her bra, and tossing it to the side, Karin grinned and captured one of the now free nipples in her mouth. She sucked on the hardened nub, her tongue occasionally running over it, her hand twisting and tugging the other nipple, making Tatsuki gasp and moan. Karin switched nipples, her free hand trailing down Tatsuki's stomach.

Karin sat so she was straddling one of Tatsuki's legs, still sucking her nipple, one hand propping her up, the other trailing down the other girl's leg. Slowly, deliberately, Karin brought her fingers up to the crotch, where she could feel heat, lightly with one finger, Karin pressed against the heat, lightly biting the nipple as Tatsuki gasped. Karin let go of her nipple, looking up at the other girl.

"This isn't fair...," she said, slightly breathless.

"Would you like to take over?" Karin asked, tilting her head to the side so that her black hair fell across one eye, making her look even more sexy and beautiful than normal.

Instead of answering, Tatsuki kissed her roughly, their lips crashing together, Karin falling back onto the bed. Tatsuki placed her hand between Karin's legs, pressing upward, as she bit the other girls neck. Karin gasped softly, as Tatsuki then hooked her thumbs in Karin's pants, taking them and her panties off in one.

Tatsuki kissed her passionately, sliding one finger into the younger girl. She squirmed alittle, breaking the kiss. Grinning, Tatsuki bit her neck, her teeth sinking into the pale soft flesh, sliding a second finger deep into her. Karin sighed, and Tatsuki slid down between the girls legs, removing her fingers.

Karin looked at her, eyes wide with curiosity. Tatsuki smiled, then focused on Karin's pussy. Tentatively, Tatsuki extended her tongue, lightly touching her. With her fingers, Tatsuki moved Karin's pussy lips apart, sliding her tongue inside of her. Karin moaned softly, as her girlfriend continued to slide her tongue in and out, faster, pressing upwards, as she felt Karin's walls tightening. Tatsuki continued, faster, with a soft moan, Karin came all over Tatsuki's tongue. Tatsuki licked all of Karin's cum from her, smiling when she sat up.

Blushing, Karin pulled her up, a light grasp on the taller's neck. They kissed then, a soft, passionate kiss.

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