NOTE: Petunia's father was a civilian (possibly refugee) from the naruto world.

So I got bitten by a plot bunny. It was a particularly troublesome plotbunny that insisted its story be written as a poem.

edit 23/8/11 - added the word 'I' to first stanza. As they say, poems are never finished, poets just stop editing them!


Petunia 'Tuney' Dursley

Daughter, Daughter, listen well,
I, your father knew of death and pain.
Brought by supernatural power
And wielded by spirits poisoned young,
Those sharp green leaves in fire.

Daughters, Daughters, listen well.
You Lily, dear, witch and wonder,
Will ride unicorn-back to magic school.
Look amongst the stars, my daughter
Your father's pride shines on you.

Oh Father, they welcome corruption
Into their hearts. Lily charms and curses
And the poison spreads in her spirit.
She was too young to remember.
Mother was too old to believe.

The blood-red laughs in curls down her back
Lips stretched in joy across her teeth
Beans of every flavour upon her palm
Bringing impossible commands to be
But her eyes: sharp green leaves in fire.

Father, you were the wise among us,
Mother's miracles took sister Lily.
In my arms lies the consolation prize
The babe's eyes are dulled green like leaves
His hair the black ashes of fire's death.