Alright. A friend & huge fan of my work, Lunara-chan has asked me about when the sequal ta this will occur. Currently, I'm not entirely sure as ta when I'll beable ta get around ta it, but I promise everyone it will sometime within the next couple months when I'm able ta get ta that one in particular.

However, I will tell all of you that in the sequal, it will again revolve around mainly Brooklyn - in his POV once more - & Nia again, but the rest of the clan will have more appearances as well. It'll be about Nia's life as the newest member of the clan as well as Brooklyn's feelings towards her that begin to change & possibly even finding out the mystery of just who it was that is behind the entire plan towards having made Nia an experiment.

Till then everyone, enjoy & review any of my other work. Your reviews are always greatly appreciated & gives me further encouragement towards my writin' skills.:3