Title: Earthquake.
Summary: The earth trembles, screams are heard but what will happen.
Word Count: 500
Rating: T
Declaimer: All character rights belong to Stephenie Meyer while our hearts go out to those in Japan.

They say that one day can change your life forever. People also say to live life to the full and make sure that you make every minute count!

I didn't listen until the day disaster hit our small town of Forks. It was weird people started off their days like any other, some with a fresh cup of coffee and others with their local news paper. But I guess no one would have been able to see the events that were about to unfold today.

My name Isabella Marie Swan and I was one of the lucky people that survived this tragic day.

Flash back.

The rain pattered against the window as Mr Banner prepared the class for a video on nerve systems. Not that I was paying much attention to what was happening around me at the time as I was too busy moping about Edward and his family being on a hunting trip in the nearby mountains.

Sure I would see Edward again tonight but my heart strings pulled whenever I was away from him and of course Mike took the opportunity to sit next me during Edward's absence.

Luckily Mr Banner had ordered Mike to be silent as the movie was about to start, otherwise I might just have said something that I would regret.

It was about twenty two minutes into the movie that the earth literally started shaking beneath our feet. I could hear screaming around me as furniture started crashing to the ground and objects flew in all different directions.

Suddenly the glass from the windows shattered around us which achieved more screams from my class mates. The earth was trembling out of control now and all I could hear was my class mates pleading and shouting for this to stop. I wanted this to end more than anything in the world, flashes of my family flickered across my eyes as I started to pray for their safety.

Mr Banner was demanding for us students find a safe place for cover as the ceiling started crave.

I remember someone pulling me towards the storage cupboard before my world went black. I woke to the strong smell of dirt and rubble before I heard a distressed cry as I slowly began to regain my senses.

"Are you ok?" I managed in a low tone as I tried to move closer but my leg screamed in pain at any attempt of movement.

"Their gone!" was the only words that left her month.

"What?" I questioned confused.

"Their gone," The person screamed before pointing their finger towards the door. That's when I noticed the door was wide open, there were ruins everywhere. Blood coated the floor and the once noisy room was now silent.

End flash back.

Remembering that day brought tears to my eyes! I had lost so many friends that day but I promised myself that they would never be forgotten. Their memories would live on through the survivors but they would be greatly missed.