/*First Fanfic! I can't believe it, but I get to say it...*/

I do not own MSLN or Harry Potter, these are licensed works. I barely own this fanfic, screw intellectual property rights. Steal this if you want.


...So yeah. This is a foreword. Dunno if I'm even allowed to put this here.

A writer once wrote in a foreword that she, as a reader, skipped them. It was also okay for her readers to skip hers too. Same here. If you want to go read the story, there's a dropdown menu on the right corners.

Hello, serious foreword readers. Obviously I had something to say if I put a foreword.

I want to say that, in technicality, this is my first fanfiction. I don't want to consider this fanfiction, as it's an insult to the really good ones. Sturgeon's law applies to fanfiction: there are amazing gargantuans such as Maderfole's Golden Age trilogy, but for every one of those, there are maybe ten akin to legolas by laura. I think, this is one of those ten.

I don't mean to make crap. I just don't spend the effort, nor have the skill, to make colorful prose, as much as I believe. I didn't make this completely for others to read and enjoy. It's kinda selfish, really.

I want to entertain and make a good story, but I cannot. I am limited by my skill, my will, and my time. Failing that, what I want is for someone to explore this angle, might as well me.

About a year ago, I was browsing through the crossovers of every 'verse I knew about. There was a lot to read, and yeah, some were pretty good. At some point, I explored Nanoha 'verse crossovers. I assume you can tell by now I came across Harry Potter/ Nanoha crossovers.

I was disappointed to see there were none of what I had in mind. When this crossover came to mind, I thought, "11 year old Nanoha and Fate go to Hogwarts to recuperate from Nanoha's accident" or, "Nanoha goes to teach DADA".

This is one of the two ideas. Here, Nanoha becomes a professor in Harry's 5th year (all/most guilty pleasure HP fanfics are set in the 5th year, I think). There's a lot of fun down that alley, but I assumed that you guys read/watched up to HP5, and watched Nanoha up to Strikers.

Like I said, as a writer, the first goal is to entertain. I cannot promise a lot of that. I apologize if I write with clumsy hands operating from a clumsy mind. I apologize if the narration is choppy, without description and lazy. I apologize if my characters are too OOC without reason. I apologize if any spelling/grammar mistakes come up. I apologize if the plot is not to your liking. After all, these are what disgust me in other people's fanfictions.

Obviously, reviews are welcome. On the subject of reviews and PMs, please only make one if you have something meaningful to say. I am not the kind of person, who like some on this site, hold their chapters back if no reviews come in. However, I don't know if I can accomodate very well for criticism. As of writing this foreword, I have 14 mini-chapters for this. I will edit if any reasonable suggestion will come, or if a typo comes up(If there is more than one typo on a chapter of a fic I read, it usually is enough to disrupt the flow of the story. If it discomforts you, I will change it.), or other such reasonable things.

My second goal is to explore this idea. I don't think I am a skilled enough writer to do this properly, so I ask you fellow fanfic writers: if you think you can do this better, please write your own. I wrote this because no one else has, and to give other people such ideas. If you will write such a fic, thank you. My task is complete if someone writes a good one. Also, I don't believe strongly in intellectual property rights. Go ahead and take my ideas. I want you to acknowledge me if you do, but there's no stopping if you don't.

I think I said everything... oh yeah! I do support NanoFate, but I didn't put any of that here, simply because I only put Nanoha in from the main cast. Nanoha is married to her work here. If anyone does write a better fic, NanoFate would be awesome.

I think that's it. Yeah, go ahead and see Chapter 1 already.