Albus Dumbledore felt a mix of anxiety and hesitation as he opened the door. He slowly peered inside as he checked for anything, anything unusual or threatening.

While still unsure if he was really banned, Dumbledore took his chances and tried to enter the Midoriya.

It was then that he felt a presence in his mind. [Don't panic. I am the woman in the booth at the corner. Come sit.]

His head veers to the right, and spots a woman, possibly in her forties. She has long green hair, and is staring at him, a small smile forming on her face.

He sits down, finding his usual order already there. The woman started to speak. "You informed Harry he would be picked up today, so we supposed you would come here too. Harry will be coming here in a bit, he's preparing to leave."

"I suppose you're here to talk? If I may take a guess, you are Lindy Harlaown?", Dumbledore asked.

"Yes. If you were wondering about being banned, you're not. Yet. Nanoha and Fate told you off when they stopped by here. You have two strikes." Lindy smirked.

"How is it that you suppose I gain a third?" Dumbledore asked, intrigued.

"Well, Nanoha was concerned that you didn't tell Harry everything sooner, so he would be prepared. Fate was mortified at your methods that remind her of abuse and manipulation. I simply want you to promise me that Harry will be safe, that he will be back here in a year, in pristine condition. Otherwise, I suppose you would be banned."

"One summer break and you care so much for Harry?" Dumbledore asked, curious. Molly Weasley has met her match.

"It may have been a short time, but it was enough for us. In the past two months, Harry has been obedient, friendly, and helpful, a model son. The kids love him, and he does more around the house than Arf, without complaint. We also enjoy his company, and I think he enjoyed it, being a normal teenager. He also displays the intuition and ingenuity for magic, and Arf has already taught him some of our theories on spacetime. He's family to us, and we wouldn't want to see him hurt." Lindy's face then turned serious. "Know that if Harry is hurt, accosted or molested in any way, I will know and strike back with righteous fury and vengeance, with all resources appropriated to me." Lindy then smiled again. "As a concerned mother to, a teenaged neighbor, at the very least."

Molly Weasley has been outdone.

Lindy then raised her head, as if facing away from Dumbledore. "I got a message from Arf. Harry's waiting outside."

Dumbledore then thought about his plan for the year. It was to be a difficult and risky path to take, but he knew it would be the only way to defeat Voldemort.

No. It was the only way for Harry to defeat Voldemort, for him to get peace of mind and return to the happiness he has found, here. Dumbledore would protect that chance of happiness with his own life.

"I suppose this will be the last time I will be here, then. It's been a pleasure meeting you." Lindy had been the mother Harry never had, more than Petunia who barely kept him safe, or Mrs. Weasley who allowed him to be caught in Dumbledore's own machinations.

Lindy raised an eyebrow. "Are you already planning to endanger Harry? That merits more than a ban if you're going to wave it in front of me." She kept smiling.

Dumbledore chuckled. "I'm not. I assure you Harry will be fine."

Dumbledore finished up what would be his last visit to his favorite cafe. He wouldn't be back next year, or any time after that.

Of course he couldn't. This year, he will die, as planned. It would be the only way to ensure that Voldemort will not become the true master of the Elder Wand. It will be Harry's last advantage, and Dumbledore's sacrifice.

As he stepped out, he noticed a teenaged boy, talking to a red-haired woman. The woman was rather overly energetic, and the boy mirrored her enthusiasm.

The boy was Harry, and with a look, Dumbledore noticed that he was neither the troubled child in the beginning of his first year, or the angry teenager that lashed out after Sirius' death. Harry was, like only very few other moments of his life, truly happy.

"Professor! You're here!", Harry cried as he noticed Dumbledore. Dumbledore noticed that he was speaking in Japanese.

"Hello, Harry." They approached each other, the woman trailing behind Harry.

"I'm Arf.", she said. "I'm sure Lindy made her own threats, but I'm sending you to the moon if you try anything." Arf then growled and bared her teeth. They were more like fangs than anything else.

"Arf, your tail and ears are out.", Harry said, amused.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Well, see ya Harry." Arf briskly left after sharing a fist bump with Harry.

"I take it you enjoyed yourself?", Dumbledore asked.

"Yeah.", answered Harry. "They want me back next summer. Could I come back?"

"We'll see." Dumbledore knew he wouldn't be there to make the decision.

"Are we going to the Weasleys now?"

"Before that, I wish to stop over to meet a friend. You see, we're short a teacher..."

"...Every year, thanks to the Defense position."

"Yes. I wish to convince an old friend, Professor Slughorn. You see..."

Hermione had been surprised, mostly, with the changes Harry had gone through. It had barely been a day since he arrived and she already noticed that he was more active, alert and his wits were quicker. She barely had any idea on what had happened to him, though. Owl post took weeks to reach Japan (though technically, it's transported by other means once it leaves the area where owls are common). Harry only managed to send two letters, and didn't get to answer their own letters. Harry wrote about the people he met there, being in Japan, and trivial events on his end. Harry hinted on learning more about magic outside wizardry, but he never got into specifics.

That's what made Hermione curious as she rifled through Harry's stuff. She soon found a book titled "The Distortion of Spacetime Through Mana Field Saturation". She then opened it to read.

It was... interesting.

Hermione started using her free time to work out calculations, and prepare tests with her wand.

Hermione planned to be the first witch to transfer herself off-planet.

"Whoa.", Harry said as he walked in to the Weasley twins' shop. The place was packed, and not just with wizards. There were just as many people in Muggle clothing as there were in robes.

"Harry! Our wonderful-", called Fred across the room.

"-mysterious benefactor!", finished George. The twins quickly maneuvered their way to Harry.

"How's the business?", asked Harry. "Who are these people, if not wizards?"

"You didn't hear from Nanoha? They're-"

"-mages. Nanoha sent our stuff to some people off-planet and they were-"




"Amused. They couldn't figure how we made our stuff,"

"And to be honest, neither do we. So they come here every other month and try to buy us out. But-"

"-after a while they started coming, Gringotts couldn't give them any money-"

"-'cause of all the inflation that comes out of it. They couldn't have their gold made-"

"-for their own Galleons, so they started all sorts of things."

"Some work here, using their tech so we make our stuff-"

"-faster, but we make sure to keep the tricks of the trade. Some send-"

"-their own money, for our dear contact off-planet to set up shop on an Administered Planet. Do you-"

"-know ol' Stracci? He handles that business now. He's trying to get his own-"

"-ship, so we can expand, but the Bureau won't sell us one-"

"-yet. They want us as a part of it all, but we are strictly-"

"-dedicated to our cause, total mischief. And fooling their spies-"

"-is extra fun, yes."

Harry was rather surpised at the last sentence. "Hang on, spies?"

Mariel Atenza, current head of the "Wizardry Assimilation Project", had just finished analyzing the imported samples of Fever Fudge. Still no breakthroughs, even on the first of the Weasley products brought in. The Fever Fudge had been especially tricky, as all attempts to recreate it with the ingredients and procedure the Weasleys have themselves proven that works only produces a flawed product that has the embarrassing side-effect of the growth of boils in certain parts of the thighs. They were about to give up, as they suspected that it requires a certain talent for making Potions work, which is a part of wizard's magic, which in no way could be emulated by mages. She considered sending another plea to the twins for some form of collaboration. They had always replied with a modified Howler that had a recording of laughter, repeating for eighty hours straight. Mari learned to burn them (after listening to the first two hours of the first Howler), thankfully.

The engineers from their department have had no luck as spies, either. They worked for the twins, helping them cut down the manufacturing time by a factor of four (on average). However, certain steps of preparation were done only by either twin, and no one had found anything helpful about these secret processes. The only notable information they gathered was in the form of a notebook, that listed and described explosions the twins had caused over the years. It was possible that it was a means to remember the proper methods, so Mari had some computers trying to correlate between the explosions and the early Weasley products. It would take months, or years before they would find anything useful on that end.

The last possibility is to help lobby for the sale of a ship to a Stracci Lagrangio, who was the twins' appointed middleman for most things pertaining to the mage end of their business. It would ensure that the Bureau would gain a steady supply of their products, which had all sorts of unorthodox uses. However, it would be the first time a Bureau ship would be sold to civilians, hell civilians on an Non-Administered Planet. The new Bureau presence on Earth consisted of only two mages, and Mari knew them enough to ask for a good report on the Earth being a possible candidate of being the next Administered Planet. The only thing left would be to convince the higher-ups of the utilities of the Weasley products, as they were rather appalled at the... original purposes.

Then again, some of the old men enjoyed a good laugh.

Neville, Dorian, Eckhart and Luna shared a compartment at the train to Hogwarts. Neville recalled his summer vacation as he spoke to the two Slytherins, talking in equal amounts about his grandmother, his new wand, and training. The stepbrothers then replied that they had the advantage of being able to spar with each other. They had been taking it seriously, as they agreed to avenge Neville's parents. They had been brought down in the Department of Mysteries as a result of inferior numbers and bad luck, but now they were sure to finish things with Bellatrix Lestrange properly, and possibly, together.

Neville then asked Luna what she did over the summer. She turned the Quibbler in her hands right side up to show the front page.

"Crumple-Horned Snorkack Sighted! Pictures, Testimonies by Several Experts, and other Evidence!"

It was when she flipped the magazine to show the pictures that the three boys keeled over.

"We are pleased to welcome Professor Slughorn this year, who is here to take back his old post of Potions.", Dumbledore said. It was his speech after the feast, and he had just dropped part of the bombshell. He waited for the murmurs to subside.


"Him, Potions, then what's Snape..."

Dumbledore continued. "Professor Snape, then will be taking over the post for Defense Against the Dark Arts."

Harry, who was sitting at the Gryffindor table, then said to Ron and Hermione, "Yes! If that git continues our training, I could finally put my fist into his face again! Arf taught me some martial arts, too."

Dumbledore then said, "Also, we have two guests this year. The TSAB has sent two of its members to watch over the castle, for their own reasons. Anyway, we welcome Erio Mondial and Caro Lu Lushe." Two children at the end of the table, previously unnoticed, came into view as they stood up.

Harry then said, "No!"

Ron and Hermione were puzzled. "Why?"

Harry replied, "I'm just, surprised. I'll explain later."

Back at the Gryffindor common room, Harry tried to explain to Hermione and Ron about the two kids from the Bureau.

"Remember Fate, from last year, Nanoha's friend? She had her mom Lindy take me in for a summer because they have this thing for taking care of orphans who get into problems like me. Fate was in a sense, the first of those. I stayed over for a few months, so they kinda think of me as part of the family."

Hermione commented, "Oh, that's so sweet."

Ron asked, "What about those two? They're Lindy's kids?"

Harry replied, "No, not exactly. They're Fate's kids, she took them in and was a mother for them, and then they joined the Bureau to work with her for a bit. I guess, now, they got to come here because Fate asked them to."

It was then that the Fat Lady opened up... for Erio and Caro.

The Gryffindors were all surprised. They warily turned their eyes to the two. Caro was nervous at all the staring directed at them, but Erio was overtaken by his curiosity at the room. His vision sweeped across, looking at it all, until he noticed the three in the corner.

"Harry!" Erio and Caro quickly went to him. Harry said, "Can we talk? Lindy never mentioned you were coming."

Erio replied, "Yeah. Caro and I are sharing a room in the boys' dormitories. We can talk there."

One quick trip later, Erio and Caro started explaining to Harry, Hermione and Ron.

Erio started to talk. "Before Nanoha left last year, she sent a request to keep a presence on Hogwarts to guard the castle. Did she ever explain that it was a Lost Logia of some kind?"

Ron asked, "A what?"

Harry answered, "It's a kind of name they use for old, powerful bits of magic."

Erio then continued. "More or less. Hogwarts is an odd place, someone had to take a look. We're also here to make sure that the castle doesn't reach Ministry hands, or the Death Eaters'. More than the part of being a Lost Logia, the modified Fidelius that keeps our secrets of the mages and the Bureau makes it that we have to watch over the castle. That's kind of why we're here."

Harry asked, "But why you two?"

Caro answered this time. "Nanoha needed someone she knew and could trust, and everyone else busied themselves with other kinds of work. We were happy to volunteer, especially since we'd get to meet you in person, Harry. You're family now, Erio and I decided that after we got to see you."

Harry explained to Ron and Hermione, "Erio and Caro were making a video call to Lindy. I was there, and we got to talk for a bit." Hermione then explained to Ron what a video call was.

Erio continued. "Lindy thought it was a good idea, that we'd get to meet you. She also asked us to watch over you. She's been worried since it would be hard to communicate by owl post."

Caro then pulled something out of her pocket. "Oh, right. Nanoha told me to give you this." She handed a gem over to him. "It's a modified communications device. It allows you to reach anyone with a Device or equivalent, as long as you have their contact information. In there you'll find a few contacts, namely Nanoha, Fate, Arf, Lindy's house, Erio and myself. Nanoha told me to tell you that 'If at the last moment, you have to face him alone, call me to come there.'"

In a large, empty room in the Ministry of Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt stood in front of twenty witches and wizards.

He started to speak. "Good morning Auror candidates. I am Auror Shacklebolt, and for the next few weeks, I will be your combat instructor..."

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