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Summary: A holiday to Japan soon turns into a nightmare for Harry when the world ends. Language difficulties, racism, unfamiliarity and lack of trust, not to mention THEM. Its fly and live or fall and... become the enemy.


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Sleep was difficult for Takashi.

He wasn't used to resting on hard surfaces and the draft that crept up through the building was bitterly cold, Harii-san breathing not too far away from him was highly distracting as well. He didn't dare move or shift or wriggle to get comfortable on the hardwood floor just in case he woke the other teenager up, how on earth he could sleep in these conditions Takashi didn't know, but he had a bad feeling about it none the less. By the time he finally did drop off to sleep it felt like he was waking up almost immediately after closing his eyes, the only thing that told him that a significant portion of time had passed was the fact he was currently wrapped around the warmest thing in arm's reach – Harii, who was wide awake and staring at him with an arched eyebrow.

His face warmed and he quickly untangled himself from the smaller teenager with an uncomfortable cough, resolutely ignoring the look of amusement on the other male's face.

They quickly cleared up and paused only long enough to eat a few of the plastic wrapped Onigiri Harii had squirrelled away in his bag and take turns sipping at a bottle of water before it was decided they had to leave. Harii's ankle looked even worse than last night, black and mottled purple and green and rather badly swollen, the black colour had even drained down and settled just at above his toes. Takashi frowned in concern but Harii didn't seem to think anything of it as he quickly and efficiently went about wrapping it with a torn T-shirt, rolling two pairs of thick socks over it and painfully cramming his foot back into his shoe.

"Let's go," the foreign teenager said quietly, picking up his pole and bag and limping to the door, sliding it open for them both, allowing early morning sunlight to stream through and almost blind the short haired teenager.

Takashi nodded, squinting and following him, "If we go out to the street on the other side, it'll take about twenty minutes to get to where everyone..." his voice died on his lips as he stared at the shambling forms of Them slinking out of the tree-line with gargling hisses. He felt the blood drain from his face as he whipped around to look at Harii, his eyes traitorously dropping down to his ankle which was gingerly on the floor, no weight placed upon it, panic and something that horribly felt like helplessness burned and tasted like bile in the back of his throat.

"Let's go, quickly," Harii hissed, grabbing his arm and placing a finger over his lips, awkwardly limping his way down the Shrine steps and onto the grounds. Takashi was fairly sure his heart was in his throat as he followed swiftly after the older male, adrenaline burning throughout his body as he prepared to grab him and hightail it out of the Shrine grounds as fast as he physically could.

But They didn't react, didn't notice them as they slowly made their way past.

Harry paused at the top of the stairs, glaring down at them in disgust, it was easier to quietly go up a flight of stairs with a sprained ankle than go down it, if he wanted to keep quiet and do it without agitating his injury he would have to sit down and slide to the bottom on his ass like a little kid. It didn't help that there were a few of those Things on the stairs as well. He looked over to Takashi who nodded at his unspoken request for some help, but obviously what Harry had in mind wasn't what he had in mind because the next thing he knew he was being lifted up clean off the floor like some kind of chick and it was only the close proximity of Them that prevented him from pitching a fit over the current situation.

Still, demeaning as it was, it had to be done.

He kept his mouth shut and restricted himself to one petulant glower at the younger teenager before concentrating on being very still and quiet so he could manoeuvre them down the stairs and past Them without triggering a mass exodus.

Takashi managed to prevent any of Them noticing their retreat but the second they hit street-level Harii was squirming to be released and it took an extremely concentrated effort not to pay attention to how he very nearly came to hugging the smaller male as he allowed him to slip to the ground, still taking most of his weight until he got his good foot under him. Nodding to show that he was fine, the two of them set off at a surprisingly swift pace towards the Taiei Shopping Town, Harii limping along in a strange almost skipping like way that told Takashi that he was used to being forced to move quickly with an injured leg or side, that kind of pain tolerance and mobility was something that experience could only bring.

He only hoped the others had been successful in getting to the Shopping Centre, he wasn't certain that Harii would be able to dodge Them and get to Rei's house without something terrible happening.

Kohta sighed, biting his lip, idly chewing on it, stripping away a layer of skin as he peered through his binoculars in the hopes of catching sight of Komuro and Harii heading over. Last night had been a real trial to get to sleep and his whole body was sore and aching from sleeping on a cold hard floor, not to mention the draft that blew across the back of his neck now making him all stiff and uncomfortable. Shizuka-sensei was downstairs with Busujima-senpai trying to do something about the swordswoman's own stiff and aching muscles, they couldn't afford to have her at anything less than one-hundred percent combat affective. Alice-chan was fine, suffering from no ill effects unlike everyone else because Mamoru had effectively been her mattress last night, using his jacket as a blanket to keep her warm and comfortable. The downside now was that he was in the worst state out of everyone and could be heard grumbling every now and again in discomfort when he moved limbs in certain ways. It was really beginning to annoy Rei and Saya who they'd retreated up to the roof with him to keep a look out for their missing Party Members.

Either way, Kohta needed to talk to Komuro about what to do with the guns, they couldn't let any of the other survivors see them, there were a limited number of shells and magazines, everyone would want to use them to clear the area of Them and they just didn't have the resources for that.

A strange movement caught his eye, frowning he concentrated on the figures approaching.

"There they are!" he exclaimed, calling both Saya-sama and Rei-san over to him. "Komuro looks fine but Harii-san's hurt, go and get Shizuka-sensei!" the gun-fanatic ordered.

Rei nodded and immediately ran off, darting down the stairwell and to where she recalled the foodcourt was, "Shizuka-sensei!" she called, ignoring the fact that she had just walked in on Busujima-senpai topless getting her shoulders massaged with what looked to be a deepheat oil, "Takashi and Harii are here but Harii's hurt," she explained breathlessly.

"Oh no!" the blonde doctor lamented, quickly wiping the excess oil from Busujima-senpai's shoulders, "We'll finish this later Busujima-san," the nurse told her, using a bowl and a bottle of mineral water to wash her hands.

Saeko shook her head, "No, this was more than enough, thank you Shizuka-sensei. Will you need any help with Harii-kun?" she asked, shrugging into her shirt and buttoning it up, absently rolling her shoulders making Rei stare, fascinated by the shifting of muscle under her oiled white skin.

"I should be fine but thank you for the offer," the blonde assured her before quickly jogging out of the food court, "Which entrance way will they go for, Miyamoto-san?" she asked.

"I don't know, but they were coming from the same direction as the Park so I would say... this one!" the chestnut haired girl decided, whipping around a corner and coming up to a glass door, shouldering it open just in time to witness Takashi climb over one of the barriers, carrying Harii-san who was pale and sweating, shaking ever so slightly as he leaned against the Japanese teenager. "Takashi, quickly, get inside," Rei hissed, keeping her voice low so that They wouldn't hear her over the barriers.

Nodding, the brown eyed male picked up the dark haired teenager and carried him into the shopping centre, ignoring his half-hearted squirm of displeasure. "Shizuka-sensei," he greeted the blonde woman as she quickly hustled over, "Its his ankle, one of Them yanked it out from under him, we had to wrench it out pretty hard. But I think running here on it only made the injury worse," he explained as they quickly made their way to the foodcourt where the group slept the night before.

"Set him on one of the tables, I'll take a look. Busujima-san, I'm taking you up on that offer, could you go and see if you can scrounge me up some first aid equipment, you're familiar with sports injuries?" she asked, making the senior nod, "Look for things you would use on a sprained or twisted ankle and painkillers, raid the pharmacy and look for Codeine, Toradol, any powerful painkillers you can find, I'll sort through them later," the doctor listed, watching as the Kendo Captain nodded and swiftly darted out of the room with Rei-san on her heels, the two girls going on a medicine hunt while the Nurse turned back to her patient.

Takashi sat tensely in one of the chairs, sucking down a bottle of water that had been left in there as he watched the nurse check Harii's eyes, his pulse and temperature before moving down to his ankle. The short haired teenager flinched and cringed when the Foreigner cried out in pain as the blonde woman got to work, easing his shoe off as gently as she could but... Takashi felt his stomach turn when he got a look at just how swollen the other teenager's foot had gotten. It must have been agony running here on that! Judging by the look on Shizuka-sensei's face, she was just as upset as he was as she went about peeling off the thick socks that Harry had put on for extra support and then unwound his rough make-shift bandages, revealing the swollen mottled black limb to the light of day.

"That's really bad," Hirano Kohta breathed, making Takashi tense, his heart hammering in his chest, he had been so caught up in Harii that he hadn't even noticed the heavier set teenager come up behind him. "It looks sprained at the very least," he continued, sounding both grim and sympathetic.

"Yeah. Running here didn't help it any either," he muttered in return.

"Komuro, I know this is the last thing you want to think of right now, but I need to talk to you about the guns," Kohta told him gently, placing a hand on his Classmate's shoulder, "Shizuka-sensei will be able to take care of Harii-san," he assured the other boy.

"I know." Sighing, Takashi got to his feet, feeling his bones creaking uncomfortably as he did so, giving Harii one last glance he turned and followed Kohta out of the foodcourt. "What's the problem?" he asked quietly.

"The people here. We've managed to keep the fact that we've got guns a secret from them but I'm not comfortable with the idea that they would even know about them. They're not as settled as Don Takagi's men are and we don't have the ammunition for them to go out and waste all of Them outside," he explained quietly, keeping an eye out for those aforementioned survivors, the last thing they needed was one of them overhearing and telling everyone else that they had high-calibre weapons and wanted to hide them.

Takashi nodded, frowning thoughtfully, "Agreed, and we can't just carry them around with us. We'll have to hide them."

"Where is the next question," Kohta said with a sigh as he looked around the shopping centre, "I have to wonder where the least looked at section of the store would be, at least for everyone that isn't in our group."

There was a pause before Takashi huffed slightly in laughter, grinning at Kohta, "I think I have an idea." The gun-fanatic looked at his classmate and an identical grin spread across his face.

"If its the same idea I just had then I am in total agreement with your Komuro-kun." The two boys gave equally perverted chuckles as they made their way to the lingerie section and looked for the least used section they could find, the J-L sized Bra Bin.

"Only someone with Shizuka-sensei sized boobs would dig through here," Takashi exclaimed, holding one of the blue ones up, it was seriously the size of his head, Kohta laughed and pushed it into his face.

"Stop sniffing ladies underwear Komuro," he teased as he began to dig through the lacy, silky sweet nothings to make a hollow for them to hide the guns. A split second later Kohta tumbled into it as Takashi gave him a sneaky judicious shove.

The two soon descended into typical childish behaviour as they just unwound for a little bit and acted their age – even if it involved playing like soldiers and using bras as head sets, flicking panties at one another from behind protective racks of underwear packets. Still, they calmed down long enough to put everything back to rights and hide the guns long before one of the survivors came to investigate the cause of the commotion, the two boys were long gone and giggling to themselves, completely forgetting about the bras on their heads and neither of them willing to tell the other because the reactions of everyone else would be hilarious.

Mamoru snorted when he saw them, "Why do you both have bras on your heads? I feel underdressed now. Where's mine?" he complained, making the other two fall about laughing as they quickly clawed the bras off their heads and tossed them aside into the mattress and sofa store.

"Well," the group turned in surprise as they heard Shizuka-sensei's voice behind them, "You'll be pleased to know that Harii-chan's ankle isn't sprained," she declared, making both Takashi and Kohta sigh in relief and Mamoru's face to twist in concern and confusion, Takashi winced slightly, he had forgotten to tell the other teenager about their friend's injury, "Its a really bad twist and some deep tissue bruising, it should be all healed up within a week or so but until then he's going to have to be careful with that ankle." She pushed her hair out of her face and smiled at them, "He's pretty out of it right now with the painkillers I gave him but if you want you can go see him, just don't move the bag of frozen peas from his foot, they're there to take the swelling down."

"Thank you Shizuka-sensei," Takashi told her with an earnest smile.

The woman beamed, "I'm just glad to be able to help," she told him brightly.

Mamoru had decided to sit beside Harii first, leaving the rest of them to the orders of Takagi Saya who quickly organised them to scavenge food and supplies while she and the other girls went to go and freshen up, even if all that involved was using some water and tissues for a quick wipe down and changing into clean underwear for Rei and Saeko as they couldn't find any clothing that gave them proper manoeuvrability.

Harii was still a little muzzy but he was largely coherent, enough so that Mamoru had begun to teach him a little Japanese, the two of them sitting quietly and talking in a butchered mix of English, Engrish and Japanese, trying to form some kind of coherent language out of it.

Neither one of them had much of an idea what was going on with the rest of the group, Takashi and Kohta giving the Traffic Police girl, Asami, a police issue gun, the same one that Rei fished off a corpse during the period of separation before they met Mamoru, Harii and Alice-chan.

It was Shizuka-sensei's scream that caught their attention.

"Stay here!" Mamoru barked at the older boy as he darted out of the Food Court, baseball bat in hand as he sprinted for the Mattress and bed seller, his eyes widening as he spotted a man with a knife stood over Rika-chan's hot girlfriend. He ignored the girl in the Police uniform as she trotted towards them, probably running as fast as she could but either way, Mamoru was already behind the bastard and swinging his bat.

Shizuka squealed in fright, cringing back against the headboard of the bed she had been shoved down on as the solid aluminium weapon impacted against the larger man's side, throwing him to the ground with a roar of pain and sending the knife in his had flying up where it stuck in the ceiling via the blade.

"Are you alright, Shizuka-san?" he asked the blonde woman, eyeing her over, no bruises but she looked distinctly ruffled, her sweater was slightly stretched and her jeans showed a distinct sign of being pawed over, "He didn't get too far did he?" the blond teenager asked.

Mutely, the woman shook her head, her eyes watery as she trembled slightly in the bedding.

"You little bastard!" the man snarled, hauling himself up with murder in his eyes.

"Aahn?" Mamoru growled, sneering down at the bastard who dared to lay his hands on not only one of Mamoru's friends but on Rika-chan's girlfriend, it was almost sickeningly easy to fall back into his old speech patterns, to act like the Delinquent he used to be before everything went so very wrong, "Give me a reason," he hissed, pointing the bat at the older man, "Give me a reason, you scum sucking rat bastard, to crack your head open like an egg, like one of those inhuman freaks out there. Give me a reason," he seethed furiously, "Anyone who lays their hands on a woman who isn't willing doesn't deserve to be human, so tell me, why should I treat you like one of us instead of one of Them?" he demanded, an ugly look written across his face as the man in front of him refused to back down.

Until Kohta appeared behind him with a wire that looped over his neck and dug in harshly, garrotting him.

"You finished?" the teenager asked, smiling brightly to Mamoru who nodded gruffly and lowered the bat before darting to Shizuka-sensei's side to help her up. "Its futile," Kohta told the man as he tried to claw himself free from the wire wrapped around his neck, "Its digging into your skin so you won't be able to get it out," he explained breezily, as if this were something he did every day, which to the people around him, he just might. "So, what are you going to do now?" he asked cheerfully, ignoring or just not noticing the man gagging for air, "Are you going to listen to us, follow the Police Lady's orders and be a good boy... or am I going to have to kill you?" he asked absently, smiling in a vacant way that sent chills down the spines of all present.

The man dropped to his knees and Kohta took that as an acceptance, unlooping the wire from his neck he roughly kicked the man aside and stepped over him, "Let's go. I'm not comfortable leaving the girls alone anymore, especially Alice and Takagi-san," he told Takashi seriously.

"Agreed," Mamoru grunted, shooting a glare a the bastard on the floor who was quickly being restrained by Saeko-san, "Let's get Shizuka-sensei away from him first, I left Harii in the food hall, we can all meet up there," he suggested.

Takashi nodded and took Shizuka-sensei away from the scene, his stomach flip-flopping in worry when all she did was shake and meekly follow him, rubbing her arms and pulling her clothes tightly around her like a shield. Following along behind was Kohta and Mamoru who had stopped briefly to grab some blankets from a different bed, when they reached the food court, Harii was sitting up with Alice-chan beside him, watching the happenings with wide and concerned eyes as Takashi helped Shizuka to a seat and Mamoru quickly set up a bed for her as she was so tired.

"Don't worry, we'll keep an eye out, no one'll be able to touch you," the blond delinquent promised the older woman who smiled weakly and crawled into the bedding, curling up immediately and dropping off to sleep, trusting the men in her life to keep her safe.

"Bad thing, what?" Harry asked, his eyes narrowing on Mamoru who scratched the back of his head uncomfortably under the foreigner's gaze.

"Someone attacked Shizuka-sensei," Takashi explained quietly as the girls made their way over.

"Rape?" Harry hissed, a furious snarl crossing his features that nearly made Takashi take a step back in shock, he didn't think he had ever seen Harii that angry. He looked like he was about to go after the guy who tried and rip him apart, injured or not.

"He didn't get that far, and he certainly won't be trying it again," Kohta told him firmly as the group pulled over several chairs so they could talk and keep an eye on Shizuka-sensei without disturbing her, Zeke curling up at the end of her 'bed' as a guard.

"How long are we going to be staying here?" Rei demanded, her voice high and tight with suppressed fear and anger.

At this point, Harii tuned them out as Rei pitched a fit about being in close quarters with a rapist and the group discussed where to go from there and how to possibly get electronic equipment that would still work, using a little water he took some more of the pain killers and relaxed as the painful throbbing of his ankle died down to a dull roar once again, there was nothing he could really do to contribute and he couldn't even understand the majority of what was being said. Best keep out of it so he didn't sound stupid or even more like deadweight than he already was. He sighed quietly and adjusted the bag of peas on his foot, they were helping but he couldn't help but realise that things like ice-packs would be a thing of the past soon enough, it was mid April and summer was on its way, with the Power out ice was going to be a thing of the past and food was going to spoil fast.

He hummed as he looked over his companions, they were still... naïve to their circumstances.

They had come to terms that things had changed, that they had to change with them to survive, they hadn't closed their eyes to the horror like so many other people and they weren't depending on the Government or the Police for help, they were working through it themselves. However, it still hadn't really struck them that this was going to be a long term global catastrophe, this wasn't going to go away, they were probably going to have to deal with the Walking Dead their whole lives, teach their children how to defend themselves from Them, from other survivors who hadn't handled the pressure of the End of Days quite so well, and snapped, becoming even more dangerous than They ever were.

Perhaps he was being overly anxious, or just a paranoid son of a bitch, but he couldn't stop himself from planning for the worst and for a long term occupation. They needed to find shelter, space for farming and food, a fresh water supply within a sensible distance, somewhere defensible and safe to raise families, it would take time and building and supplies, but once they'd set it all up, established some kind of ruling Council, they could open the gates and allow other survivors in, build a small society that was safe from the Undead.

An old Castle and compound in England would have been ideal for such a thing, he hoped Hermione and the others made it to one and started their own safe community, Hermione was smart enough to keep it going and Blaise was cunning enough to keep it safe, add the Weasley family for muscle and defence, Cedric for charisma in calming others down and keeping the peace and you had something that was truly fearsome in terms of survival. Draco Malfoy might not be much use in the beginning but when he regained that fire of his, got himself a comfortable position, Harry would have suggested him for the head of the Police, then he would be utterly ruthless, cunning and cold when it came to doing what he had to do. The British teenager sighed, he really wished he was back home facing this apocalypse with them than here with these... children and their relationship drama that for some reason was more important than the Walking Dead.

An old Japanese estate might be a good idea, they would have to fortify it, make it defensible and protected, also set a perimeter which they could use to make sure that people could come and go from the compound without getting accosted by Them.

He twitched slightly as Takashi began to order people off to go and collect things, Harry was going to stay with Shizuka-sensei who was sleeping quite soundly by this point, she really needed it so they weren't going to disturb her until it was time to leave. Mamoru left him with his aluminium bat and Saeko appeared with several kitchen knives from the eatery to defend himself and Shizuka-sensei with should anything untoward happen – they weren't going to make the mistake of trusting anyone in this place again.

Good on them, Harry thought as he sat back beside Shizuka-san with his assorted weaponry, leg raised up on some pillows that Mamoru fetched for him before leaving, frozen peas in place. The sooner they learned that people were more dangerous than Them the better Harry would be able to sleep in the future.

And thus we have Episode Seven: Dead End.

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