"Oh Dear God!" Collin and Brady both turned at Seth's strangled exclamation. "It's her… It's HER damnit."

Watching the emotions warring for precedence in Seth's face, was something the younger wolves would recall in much greater detail during their next patrol. To Seth's consternation. "It's who Seth?" Brady, the braver of the two asked. "The girl… from the club… the one I danced with."

At their blank looks, Seth half-turned in frustration and hissed "My IMPRINT you idiots" Growing more annoyed with the sniggering the twins broke into, Seth began to lay into them, when utter horror crashed over him at what was about to happen.

The younger wolves gathered themselves enough to wonder what made him taper off at the start of what promised to be an impressive tirade, at least, impressive for the most even-tempered shifter in both packs. They faced in the same direction as him in almost the same moment. His face was frozen in terror as the pretty brunette ahead of them, stepped to the edge of the cliff and paused for a second.
Seth started forward, then froze; as she extended her arms...

and then tossed herself off the edge.

He stumbled and then fell to his knees at the implications of what could have happened to her. But it didn't prepare him for the reaction of his pack-mates. They rushed to the edge and looked over with worried expressions. When they turned back to him, he expected some sort of sympathy. He expected his insides to crumple when they told him that the love of his life had just plunged to her death. Before he even had the chance to get to know her, to be more than someone she danced with. Before he had learned her name. He couldn't refer to her as 'the angel' forever, now could he?

Which was why, when they turned, looked at him and then burst out laughing, he did the only thing he could have. Seth Clearwater, shapeshifter, protector of the Quileute tribe, son of one of the Elders, and vanquisher of vampires - lost his temper and phased.

And then promptly dived for his brother's thoats.