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Summary: Rose and Andrew are the only ones who know of there past lives. They are constantly trying to hide till the time when they should reveal it. What will happen when Serena finds out she had a brother (In the silver millenium) she never knew exsisted. What will Darien do when he finds out his sister is also a sailor scout too.

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What if


"Serenity!" I heard my brother Endymion call out. He was looking for his lover. He had asked me- his sister princess Terra or sailor earth- to protect her while he fought, but things had gotten so hectic that the princess and I had gotten separated. Endymion had found me and realized that the princess and I had gotten separated and now he was looking for her.

"Terra!" I heard my lover Motoki call out I turned around to face him just as Kunzite (our wisest general and Minako's lover who had gotten brainwashed by Beryl) stabbed him in the back.

"No!" I cried but it was too late he had already been stabbed and he crumpled to the ground. I started towards him but it was then that I felt someone move behind me I spun around me and I kicked him. It was then that realized it was Zoicite another ex-general. I than used my crystal and killed him.

When I had finished with Zoicite I ran to Motoki and held him in my arms.

"Motoki" I sobbed "don't die on me please don't die on me ...I love you please don't die"

"I love you and please tell my sister the same," He said then he sighed and died.

"No …No…NO!" I cried but I realized it was too late he was already gone. I then remembered somthing that the queen told told me

"If in the case that the Moon Kingdom is destroyed I will use my Crystal and reincarnate them to the future." I knew that the only way I could do anything for him was if I put aspell on him using the Emerald Crystal. So I put the spell on him allowing him to retain his memories should he ever be reincarnated.

When I was done I kissed Motoki and left. I went to look for Serenity I went to her tower where she was looking out the window. One could see the eagerness to fight but she knew she couldn't. She had no powers except for her Crystal which her mother had right know. As I started towards her a blade came up and Endymion ( who must have been somewhere I could not see) ran in front of her just as the blade came down. The blade hit him in the back and killed him instantly. I was in such I daze that I didn't even realize what Serenity was doing until the sword was already in her chest. Before I could even say any thing she was dead.

I could not think my mind was a complete blank. When I started to think again I was about to use the crystal but I saw a hand reach out and stop me. I turned around and saw Queen Serenity.

"Do not use your crystal to allow them to keep there memories" She said " I want them to enter their new life without these awful memories"

"But it is already too late I already used the crystal on Motoki" I said

"Then I guess it cannot be helped"

I was about to say more when an arrow came from behind and shot me in the back. As the world became black I saw a green light surround me followed by a bright pink light. Then I saw no more.

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