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Chapter 6

A few days later I went to visit Andrew at the arcade.

"Why didn't you tell me your powers had awakened?" I asked overjoyed and a bit annoyed that he had not told me.

"I didn't know they had" Andy admitted "I just remember getting a huge headache and before I knew it I was standing in front of this radio station with you and Serena talking"

"That is exactly what happened with Darien" I said "except he has know idea what he has been doing when goes back into his civilian form"

"Maybe the reason I remember is because of the spell you put on me 1,000 years ago" Andy mused

"Yeah, maybe" I said

"Speaking of Darien he came to see me today" Andy said changing the topic

"Yah and…" here it comes

"He told me he wanted you to sing on Sundays Open Mike night"

"Okay?" wait for it….

"Why don't you sing" he asked there it is!

"I don't know" I said "I guess I'm scared I haven't sung in public since before the war,

and I don't know how people will react"

"Darien says you're really good" Andy said

"He is supposed to he's my brother"

"If he really thought weren't good why would he want you to sing in public" Andy said raising an eyebrow

I opened my mouth to answer then closed it. Andrew had a point Darien would not go that far to publicly humiliate someone, even if it is me, or Serena

"Alright, your right I'll sing" I sighed

Andrew smiled and said "that's my girl"

I left the crown an hour later. I walked down to the grocery store and bought groceries as I promised Darien I would get that done. When I was done my shopping I went home and cooked myself some Dinner. It was about 7:30 when Darien walked through the door.

"Hey" Darien said smiling at me.

"Hey" I replied

"Have you finished your homework?" he asked

"Yes" I answered "Darien just nodded before he went into the bedroom.

"Hey Darien?" I called through the door

"Yes?" he said

"I have thought about singing at open mike night, and… I've decided that I will sing after all."

The door opened and Darien appeared and what showed on his face was the biggest smile I had ever seen.

"That's great Rose". We then spent the rest of the night watching movies and laughing and talking about things. The only thing that stayed untouched was the past, both the silver Millennium and the time when our parents (of this life time) were killed.

"Hey Darien" I asked as the movie ended "Did you have a bad dream last night"

He looked at me confused for a moment. "No" he said

"I only asked because I could here you tossing" I said Darien looked uneasy

"I'm sorry Darien" I said "Forget I said anything"

"No Rose it's ok" he said "its just for the past few weeks I have been getting these dreams about a princess, she keeps begging me to find her, but I don't know how."

I nodded deep in thought looks like Serena is subconsciously reaching out for Darien.

"Really" I said amused "what does she look like"

"I do not know she is always in shadow" He said then he seemed deep in thought, then he turned to me and smiled "it's probably nothing" He said.

I just nodded knowing he was wrong -but not completely stupid enough to tell him he is wrong – and went to bed.

The next day Serena came to school in tears. During lunch when we sat under our normal tree. Serena told us what was wrong. Serena had gained weight (1 pound) and after that she declared she was going on a diet.

"Serena you can't be serious" Molly said

"I am" Serena stated "I will lose that weight"

You probably already did on your mad dash to school this morning. I thought but decided to say nothing I did not want to anger her further.

"Rena don't you think it's a bit extreme, to go on a diet" I said

"What else could I do" Serena said looking up at me.

Before I could answer though Melvin cut me off "There is a fitness centre that is open after school," He said "You could lose weight by exercising"

Serena Brightened at the thought of losing weight "Ok" she said

After school Serena, Molly, me and 2 other girls went with us to the fitness program. I opened the door and walked straight into Jedite. I looked up at him in fear and realization- this was a trap. I looked at Serena and realized that she did not recognize him because of the spell he had placed upon himself. I pulled Serena outside.

"Serena, I don't think we should be here" I said worriedly.

"Why not" She asked annoyed and impatiently, her foot tapping in beat.

"Because I have a feeling that the manager here is Jedite" I said

"Oh come on your just being silly" She said laughing slightly.

I shook my head "No Serena I'm not, I told you before glamour's have no effect on me I can see who they are even if they are disguised"

Serena looked worried for a minute then said "Vome on Rose we'll be extra careful and if it gets too hard or dangerous we'll leave" she said. I could tell she did not believe me, and I also knew she would not listen to anymore reason.

"Let's at least call Luna" I said "she will hopefully be able to do some spying for us"

"Ok whatever" Serena said turning go back inside.

I just rolled my eyes knowing she had not heard a word I had said. I whistled for a few minutes until Luna showed up.

"This place seems suspicious could you please look around and tell me if you find anything" I told Luna while I decided to look after the former moon princes.

"Of course" Luna said and she and I went inside. She told she felt a presence downstairs and went to investigate while I went to find Serena.

I went to the gym to work out and Luna went to snoop around making sure to keep to the shadows.

10 minutes later Serena and I left after making sure that Luna knew where we were. We left mainly because Serena thought that the gym was 'to hard' and I really had no reason to be there anyway. So we left I knew that Luna would let us no if anything was up anyway.

Serena had never eaten breakfast or lunch so by then she was started to faint. Her eyes were drooping as we walked by the crown fruit parlour. I tried to have her cling to me to get her home but she proved to be to heavy and we both fell sideways straight into Andrew. I immediately got off and apologized to Andy but Serena had fallen asleep and was still on top of him. With my help he was able to get her off the floor and into the back room.

"What happened" he said turning his attention to me, I could see concern written on his face.

"She thinks she needs to lose weight and decided to stop eating" I told him

"What made her think that?"

"The fact that she gained a pound" I said rolling my eyes

Andrew simply nodded and went to fetch Serena a glass of water when he came back Serena had started to stir and he started feeding it to her. She woke up at that point and yawned.

"Hey Andrew" she said blushing slightly I rolled my eyes at that.

"Hey" Andrew said

He was about to ask some more questions when Luna ran up to them a worried expression on her cat face. Andrew understood and after making sure Serena had some food in her he allowed us to leave. (Though by the look he was giving us I knew he would be listening)

"The Negaverse is at work in the basement" Luna said hurriedly. Serena and I looked at eachother in alarm before we transformed. Serena looked a little weak despite having eaten something a little while ago.

"You Ok?" I asked slightly worried Serena nodded.

"Ok" I said not totally convinced but nodded none the less.

"Let's go" Serena said with a confidence that must have come with the Sailor outfit.

We ran to the fitness centre.

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