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Prologue: Start of the season

'Another day; another reminder on how dreary the summer is so far without brother around.' Yuui was calmly reading a novel while hunched over on his bedroom window. It was a very mild evening considering it was summer and all. The academy just started its summer break and like any other person, he was taking full advantage of it.

Of course he would be lying if he said that he was having a great time.

Just a few days before, he had gotten a postcard from his beloved yet annoying older brother, Fai. He and Kurogane who was now his brother-in-law (by which the cooking teacher would tease him about to no end) were just starting their honeymoon in Europe. They were to be gone for about a month or so depending if Yuuko needed them or not.

However to be truthful, Yuui suspected that Yuuko just missed the lovable couple and wanted to know every little detail of their trip and that includes a part that no one but her wanted to know.

What goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom.

Nonetheless, Yuui got the postcard and as he read it he felt a mixture of both happiness and sadness. While it was very hard to admit it himself, he missed his older brother like crazy. However at the same time, he was glad that Fai was spending the rest of his life as a married man and with Kurogane no less.

Fai mentioned how the trip went so far, what the pair had seen what hotel they have been to and what kind of troubles they got themselves into. That part was written in Kurogane's hand-writing. At least he could count the gym teacher to tell him the bad if Fai would only tell him the good.

They really go hand-in-hand.

Yuui sighed as he looked up at the star-lit sky. The color was darkening to a deep blue while the moon that was over his house was half-full. He rubbed his eyes as he closed the book. "It's just the start of the summer break and I have nothing worthwhile to do. I guess Fai was right; telling me that I have no social life outside of the academy. Damn him."

It wasn't that Yuui was an antisocialist by any means; he just wasn't very good at making friends. It was the same thing when he was working in Italy. He met people and been friendly with them but he wouldn't call those people exactly friends. Acquaintances, yes but not friends. When he got to Japan, he thought he should open up a bit more and try to make some outside friends.

Though that plan went right out the window when Fai practically dragged him to any academy-related event.

Sighing again, Yuui closed his window and plopped onto his bed; letting out a small smile on how soft the mattress. Turning to lay on his back, he pondered on what he was going to do for the summer. "Well, I could just go around town or maybe take a short trip to a sauna or just start by finishing up paperwork for the new semester." 'And brother's also.' He frowned.

Before he can make up his mind, his cell phone rang.

Looking over at the nightstand, he leaned over and lazily picked it up. He checked the caller ID to see who would be calling him. It was Syaoron, his younger and yet more mature boyfriend. A smile reached his lips. He then pressed the 'talk' button on his phone and placed it over his ear. "Hello? Yuui speaking."

"Good evening, Yuui. How are you holding up?'

Syaoron was the only one he actually talked to about him missing Fai when the two left for the honeymoon. He supposed that since they are together and such, he felt it to be natural to tell the boy rather than sulk for the first few days. Even though he never actually admitted of sulking. "I'm doing better. Brother sent me a postcard not long ago and he says that he's having a wonderful time."

Syaoron chuckled. "Well that's good news. And I'm even happy that you're doing better. Being away from your twin can make you sad sometimes."

"Considering that you were in Hong Kong while Syaoran was here, I can understand that too." Yuui then yawned. "Oh dear, it's not even 10pm and I'm feeling sleepy. I must be bored out of my mind." He then heard Syaoron making a noise of agreement.

"I see. Well, maybe it's because you're not exactly used to the sudden change in routine. Even at the cruise last summer, you had a bit of trouble sleeping and waking up. It's normal, for your case anyway." Then his voice became a bit far away before becoming clear again. "On the topic, there's something I want to ask you."

Blinking, Yuui slowly sat up and propped his back against the pillows. "Yes, what is it?"

"…Do you have any plans for the next week?"

"Well…." 'It's funny how things will turn out in your own favor.' Yuui mused. "Actually, I don't have any solid plans this coming week. In fact I don't have any plans at all." He then heard Syaoran's voice in the background and someone else's but it was so vague he couldn't tell. "Why do you ask?"

"Well you see, my lil' bro and I were going somewhere and we're bringing some friends along. But the problem was we don't have adult with us because while we have someone to drive us there, that person's not an adult…yet. So I was wondering if you will be willing to come with us."

"So let me get this straight…" Yuui started. "You and a group of friends are going somewhere and need an adult to go with you because wherever you're going might be…..not for minors." It didn't take a freaking genius to see where this was going. "Syaoron, if you wanted to invite me to go somewhere with you then all you have to do is ask." He inwardly smirked. "I'm surprised of you though, beating-around-the-bush method. Why? Afraid I say no~?"

Syaoran for a moment didn't say anything…then he laughed so loudly that Yuui had to look at the phone weirdly. Calming down, he chuckled a bit. "Nothing gets pass you huh? I just wanted to ease the invite into the conversation since I honestly had no idea what your answer may have been. But that's good to hear."

Lying on his stomach, Yuui smirked. "So now that's out of the way, why don't you tell me where you and your friends are really going?"

Then there was a small pause.


"Since you really want to know….we're going to a beach house that Yuuko rented out for us! She had the place for awhile and since she can't go this year, she let us use it for the break….so how about it Yuui? You in?"

Yuui then thought about it for a bit. On the one hand, he can be with others and will get distracted from worrying about his brother and such. On the other hand though, it might also mean having some alone time with Syaoron….and that's something he's not really emotionally ready for. But…he will admit…the invite to spend time not only on the beach but also with his boyfriend does sound tempting….

With a smile on his face, Yuui chuckled. "Considered me there."

That one simple phone call marked the beginning of a summer that he will never forget.


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