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Sono Hana (That flower)

"Ah, Kyoto! At last!"

"….I think you'd fit in with our little group."

"Huh? I wonder what the commotion is about."

"It's okay mommy. I miss daddy too."

"…you know you shouldn't be picking weird things from the bottom."

"Sorry sweetie, your mom has to take a trip for a while."

"You like noodles?"

""You wouldn't believe the stuff that I went through during a short period of my life. Sometimes I wonder if I'm in a dream or something."


Takamoto's eyes shit open as the sunlight was seeping into the room. Groaning, he pulled off the covers and sat up. "Oh man, not again." He rubbed his eyes and glanced at the clock on the nightstand. "Oh, it's early." Spotting his glasses, he picked them up and put them on. He looked over at his side and saw that Hana was sleeping soundly; her face peaceful and still.

With a small but sift smile, Takamoto got out of the bed and made sure that the younger girl is deprived of sleep. He knew that she went to bed later then he did last night. As he was changing into something simple, he couldn't help but feel a twinge of dread in his heart.

'I'm glad that you're having fun Hana. But I worry about you…'

"Hey, look who's up."

Takamoto politely smiled as he spotted Yuui, Syaoron and Watanuki in the kitchen. "Good morning, guys. Slept well?" He took a seat at the table next to Syaoron who was looking over his cell phone; possibly checking for texts.

Yuui and Watanuki were over at the stove cooking the morning's meal which consisted of eggs, toast, bacon and noodles. The noodles are for a certain someone.

"I've slept okay." Syaoron shrugged. "I wasn't too tired last night though but I was very relaxed. Wasn't I, Yuui?" He grinned.

Takamoto glanced over at Yuui whose face had a bit of pink on it.

"I suppose you can say that, yes." Though Yuui's voice was monotone a bit, there was no denying the shaking of his shoulders or the blush that Watanuki was sporting as well. "How do you like your eggs, Syaoron?"

"Scrambled, thanks." Syaoron winked at the blonde.

"Anyway," Watanuki spoke up. "I slept pretty well too… though I can do without the loud snoring of that behemoth." He grumbled under his breath about 'lazy jerks' and 'how can anyone sleep with that noise'.

Chuckling, Takamoto crossed his arms over the table. "It's nice though. To be with friends at the beach. I rarely had friends to begin with."

"Huh?" Yuui glanced over his shoulder with a raised eyebrow. "But you're in highschool. Surely you have plenty of friends to talk to." He slightly frowned as the boy chuckled.

"You would think that but between my love for Kyoto, my studies and helping my mom on a daily basis, having a social life was hard to keep. Even the people that I do have for friends don't hang out with me much." Takamoto didn't mind much. He was the type of person who like a bit of solitude. So having one or even two people by his side was already a blessing.

"…." Syaoron smiled at the calm expression Takamoto had on his face. He chuckled as he went back to his phone. 'Guess he handles loneliness better then I thought.'

"Morning, everyone~!"

Syaoran, Sakura, Tomoyo and Doumeki were entering the kitchen. Syaoran was yawning, covering his mouth with his hand. Sakura and Tomoyo were walking hand-in-hand while laughing about something. Doumeki was as indifferent as ever when he took a seat at the table; joining Syaoron and Takamoto.

"Hey." Doumeki greeted.

"Sup." Syaoron nodded.

Takamoto looked between the two with a slightly confused expression. "G-Good morning, Doumeki. I trust you slept well."

"Hm." The stoic teen nodded.


"Don't worry. It's not you." Syaoron glanced at the teen. "Doumeki isn't usually one for idle conversation." He then grinned brightly. "Though a few words from him can cause a riot."

"What do you mean by that-?"

"Oi." Doumeki called out to Watanuki.

"For the millionth freaking time, my name's not 'oi'!" Watanuki shouted as he had three plates with him. He slammed one in front of the stoic teen. "You're lucky I'm making food for everyone or I'd let you starve, you ungrateful jerk!"

Takamoto watched as Watanuki went off on a rant while Doumeki covered his ears. He felt a pat on the shoulder and saw Yuui smiling down at him.

"It's a very normal thing." Yuui answered the teen's unspoken question.

Tomoyo, Syaoran and Sakura sat themselves at the table with plates of food. They all smiled as they started eating and talking about various subjects like school and travel.

Takamoto watched all of that with a relaxing smile. 'So this is what being in a group of friends is like.'

"Say, Takamoto." Tomoyo turned her attention to the teen. "Where's Hana? Is she sleeping in?"

"Yeah." Takamoto chuckled. "She did go to bed later last night. I was surprised I didn't hear her come in." He supposed that he was so tired the day before that he couldn't wake up to see her even if he wanted to. He knew that the girl can take care of herself but he couldn't help but be concerned. 'After all the reason she and I even met was—'


Takamoto along with the group saw the younger girl leaning on the doorway; covered with a blanket and rubbing her tired eyes. Smiling, he went over to her and patted her on the head. "Good morning, Hana. I hope we didn't wake you or anything."

The girl shook her head. "I'm fine." Then her head move up a bit as a cute expression was on her face. "Noodles?"

Yuui almost gushed on how adorable Hana was looking at that moment. "Of course. A bowl of noodles with some eggs and pieces of bacon." He got up and served a bowl for Hana. As soon as the girl sat down with the rest of the gang; he placed the bowl with a fork in front of her. "Here you go."

"Thank you." Hana's eyes shined at the bowl before her. Then she dug her fork into the noodles with a giggle.


Tomoyo grinned mischievously. "There's a picture that says a thousand words." When she looked up from her camera, there were eyes on her. "What?"

"Tomoyo…" Syaoron shook his head. "Sometimes you can be very sneaky. What are you, a ninja?"

"Like you're one to talk." Tomoyo stuck out her tongue. "How about that bruise on your neck? Still not going away?"

Yuui promptly choked on his eggs as Syaoron pulled up the shirt collar with a frown. Watanuki and Syaoran had wide eyes while Sakura and Takamoto blushed. Hana was too busy eating to notice and Doumeki's lips twitched upwards.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Syaoron answered too quickly. He looked away with a slight blush.

"Sure I don't." Tomoyo chuckled.

"Ah, this feels nice."

"Yeah, it actually does."

Out in the ocean were Syaoron and Yuui. Because of the situation yesterday, this time they were the first ones in the water. The others were on the sand, playing ball and bashing a watermelon to bits.

"It was sweet of Hana to let us borrow the inner tube for a while." Yuui smiled.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say she wanted us to have it." Syaoron grinned back.

Yuui was currently holding Syaoron from behind while they were stuck inside the tube. It was relaxing on many levels and the group agreed that they needed some alone time in the water. It was great for the blonde; he can both be in the ocean and hold his boyfriend as long as he want to.

….Not that he couldn't before.

Leaning on the teen's head, Yuui closed his eyes and felt the coolness of the water brushed through his body. After the morning's incident, he made a mental note that he shouldn't mark on Syaoron's skin even if he would like to. He had standards too.

Syaoron sighed as he felt the warmth of the blonde behind him and the cool waters around his legs. "So…have you noticed?"

"Hmm?" Yuui opened his eyes slowly. "Noticed what?"

"Takamoto." Syaoron answered. "He seems to be a little on edge." He felt Yuui shifting a bit behind him. "It's like he's scared of something. I know we just become friends but I couldn't help myself."

"New or old, you're worried about your friends." Yuui chuckled with a cheerful tone. "It's normal." He then frowned a bit. "But you are right about that. Takamoto is another person entirely. No father, dragged to another area without his mom and not having too much friends. He seems stronger then I give him credit for."

"Or maybe he hides it better." Syaoron argued. "Either way, he's a very practical guy. But whenever Hana's around; he's either very happy or very protective." 'Though it's hard to tell at this point.'

"Of course he would be protective." Yuui added. "Hana's far away from home and without parents so Takamoto has to take care of her." Then a thought came to him. "Does Hana even have parents?"

Syaoron blinked. "I…I don't know. That never occurred to me until you mentioned it." It may be ignorance on his part but he assumed that Hana had parents but it was mentioned that she had guardians. In his head, if someone calls anyone a guardian, it meant one thing. "Poor girl."

"You had the same thought?" Yuui asked sympathetically. He leaned closer to Syaoron. "I wouldn't worry. I'm sure there's an explanation for it. They just don't want to say it for reasons we may not understand. Give them time."

"…." Syaoron nodded. "You're right. Maybe I'm reading too much into it." He felt a pair of warm lips on the nape of his neck. He turned his head and saw Yuui smiling amusingly at him.

"You're a smart young man, Syaoron." Yuui added. "But sometimes it's best to be a little ignorant."

The trouble started when Hana sneezed. It was a normal; out-of-the-blue sneeze. The group didn't think too much on it; assuming that the girl got out of the water and forgot to dry herself off. It was natural considering how cold you get when air hits wet skin. It happens.

However for Takamoto, it spelled disaster waiting to happen.

"Come on Hana, let's get you some medicine."

Hana let the older boy take her to the bathroom. She sat on the top of the toilet in a towel wrapped around her body as her hair was dripping from being in the ocean. Her big dark eyes glanced at him as Takamoto was looking through the medicine cabinet.

After some scuffling noises, Takamoto exclaimed with a smile of relief. "Here it is." Taking a small jar out of the cabinet, he opened the lid and propped one pill into his hand. "It's a good think that Yuuko lady has the medicine cabinet in stock. I wonder if she had an idea someone would get sick." Shrugging, he went over to Hana and gently took her hand. "Here. It should make you feel a bit better for now."

Softly clenching the pill in her hand, Hana nodded. "Are you scared?"

Blinking, Takamoto chuckled. "Nothing gets past you, does it?"

Yuui leaned on the side of the car, just taking in the evening air. It was calm and a bit cold but he didn't mind. The rest of the gang were inside the car, playing some games as they wait for the fireworks to appear. There was some talk among the beach about a groups of random tourists buying some and hoping to launch them at night. As it was a public beach there were rules to follow. But like any excited person, it would be launched somewhere and the culprits hidden from sight.

No matter where you turn; there's always surprises.

"It's a bit lonely being by yourself, don't you think?"

The blonde smiled. "And yet you can't seem to get away from me. Isn't that right, Syaoron?"

The brunette chuckled as he leaned next to Yuui; watching the stars appearing in the night sky. "Wouldn't even If I could." He then held out a hand with a grin.

Blushing, Yuui took that hand and squeezed it slightly. "So...what are they doing now?"

"Oh, they just started playing uno cards." Syaoron nodded his head over at the back. "It's a good thing sound is somewhat muted from the inside. I just got my hearing back for all the screaming Watanuki was doing. I told Doumeki you can't cheat at Uno. There's nothing to cheat with." He laughed softly. "Though it was funny to see Sakura and lil' bro blushing like crazy when their hands brush each others' when they were trying to pick up a fallen card. Tomoyo is really a ninja; where does she even hide that camera?"

Yuui listened as Syaoron continued to talk. It was nice to see that the incident between the two pass without much tear in the relationship. But he learned that in a relationship, you have to take baby steps. There will be conflict and there will be pain. But with enough patience and confidence, they might be able to make it. And they will. That made the cooking teacher smile a bit.

Syaoron stole a glance as he was still talking. His smile widened as he noticed that Yuui was happy and showing it. That was a good sign. "...And then Doumeki got out his cell phone and started taking pictures of Watanuki going at him, like he's saving that for blackmail though I doubt it. Though before that..." He trailed off as he saw someone walking away from the car. "Hey...Yuui."

"Hmm?" Yuui blinked. "Yes? What is it?"

The boy's eyes narrowed at the person walking towards the beach. "It's Hana."

Hana wasn't feeling too well so she wanted to take a walk along the beach. She told Takamoto that she'd be right back. He was hesitant but he let her go, on the account that she shouldn't be gone for too long. Finding the sand a bit soft for the moment, she decided to sit and look up at the crescent moon that was hovering over the ocean like a light in the dark water. Threading her hair through her fingers, she wondered if the moon was the same on the other side of the world.

"Hana, you shouldn't be out without a sweater."

"It's okay. Everyone has a bug sometimes."

"Try to get some rest, you've gone over your limit again."

"Don't wonder off. We can't have you get hurt."


The girl turned her head to see Yuui and Syaoron standing behind her. He eyes wondered down and saw that they were holding hands. "Hi." She simply said.

"Are you okay?" Syaoron asked as they get close to the girl. "You seem to be a bit different when you left the car. Is everything okay?"

"..." Hana looked back at the ocean with slightly sad eyes. "I wanted to move. That's all."

Frowning, Yuui let go of Syaoron's hand (with much hesitance) and sat next to the girl on the sand. He on the left and Syaoron on the right. He gently touched Hana's forehead and made a noise of disappointment. "Oh dear. Sweetie, you're a bit warm. You shouldn't even be here. You should be at the house, resting." He was then surprised as he heard a bit of soft laughter coming from the girl.

"That's what Tachibana would say." Hana smiled.

"Wait, you mean this has happened before?" Syaoron asked with a frown.

Hana nodded. "I'm not very strong." Her smile became a bit sad. "The doctors say that I have a weak immune system. I would fine one day and be very bad the next. Sakura-kun and Tachibana would worry about me because of that." She sighed. It started when she was about a two or three years old. She was just adopted by those two men when she remembered being at a hospital and barely awake. She was just playing around in the park and it was a bit cold. After that she was protected very strictly; making sure that incident wouldn't happen again.


"Oh I see." Yuui responded. "Well you are a growing girl." He placed a finger under his chin. "It could be a strained gene from either your mom, dad or both that could be responsible. But they have a right to be worried regardless. People with weak immune systems don't fare too well unlike other people."

"I knew someone like that." Syaoron spoke up. "He was a classmate I knew before coming here. He had a weak immune system too. He had to skip school a lot when he was down. I visit him a couple time to bring in some homework."

Hana can understand that. She missed a lot of school too. In fact, she was gone for an entire month because of a flu she had that got out of hand. She was very close to going to the hospital then.

"Does Takamoto know?" Yuui asked; snapping Hana out of her thinking. "About your condition, does he know?"

"Of course he does." Syaoron retorted softly. "It would explain why he was on edge lately." When Hana sneezed one time, Takamoto nearly had a heart attack and dragged the girl back to the house. He never saw the guy so frightened before. "That must be why he's protective of you...only..."

"Only what?" Yuui looked at the boy.

"That's not the main reason though...is it?" Syaoron then grinned at the girl.

Hana smiled as a faint blush graced her cheeks. She nodded.

"You're kidding." Yuui had to laugh at that. "Why didn't I see that coming?" He then patted her head softly. "It's okay. There's nothing wrong with liking him. I think it's great."

"So do I. And I bet he likes you back just as much." Syaoron agreed; liking the expression Hana had on her face. "But right now, we should get you back inside the car and let you get some rest." As he was starting to get up; he and Yuui was held down by Hana who grabbed their arms and keeping them down. "Uh...Hana?"

"Hana, is something wrong?" Yuui raised an eyebrow at the girl.

"Look." Hana pointed upwards.

A flash of red appeared across the beach and towards the moon. It exploded into a flower of red sparks. Then a yellow one followed, along a blue, a green, a purple and then white bits of lights. It became a assortment of color and light.

Yuui stared up with amazement and wonderment. He felt someone hugging him behind. He turned his head to find Syaoron looking up at the sky as well. He chuckled before placing his hands on top of the boy's arms; pulling him close.

"Hey guys! It's starting!"

Out of the car was the whole gang. They ran to the beach, right next to the trio; staring at the brighten sky above, cheering and shouting in glee. Takamoto found Hana sitting at the sand with eyes shining at the fireworks. Smiling softly, he went next to the girl and placed a hand on her shoulder. He was a bit shocked to have the girl brightly smile at him. He smiled back with a chuckle of his own.

"Is everything packed?"

Yuui shoved some luggage in the back. "Yep." He closed the door with a sigh. "That's everything." He looked at the beach house with calm eyes. Time had come and gone. It was their last day at the beach and it was time to go. It was fun while it lasted. There had been laughs and enjoyment for the most part. Apart from the bump between him and Syaoronl he had a pretty good time. The same can be said for the rest of the gang. Doumeki and Watanuki had their time together as well. Sakura, Syaoran and Tomoyo had become quite the trio. Even Takamoto and Hana were warming up to each other now.

All in all, a summer break he'll never forget.

With a small backpack over his shoulder, Syaoron smiled. "We got to get moving then if we want to get back before tomorrow night. Hey, do you think we can hang out on a resturant for a bit? You know, like a last meal with the group?"

"Sure." Yuui nodded. 'I don't see why not." He was glad that he had a good time. But he was excited for what's to come. The night before, he got a text from Yuuko-sensei, telling him that Fai and Kurogane were coming back. He didn't know when but he wanted to be home when that happens. Plus, Tomoyo and Takamoto have other trips to be attending to so, it was inevitable either way.

"Okay then." Syaoron grunted. "Shall we call the others?"

"Very well." Yuui shrugged. "Hey guys! Let's go! We got to get going!" He waited a couple seconds for the gang to come out. Suddenly he saw Sakura running out of the house and towards the car. He frowned when he saw the girl's expression. She looked distressed and upset about something.

Syaoron saw it too. He looked just as confused.

"Y-Yuui! Syaoron!" Sakura called out. She was panting and panicking. Her clothes were disheveled by all the running and she looked like she was going to cry.

As she was near, Syaoron walked up to the girl. "Sakura!" He placed both his hands on the girl's shoulders before she ran into him. "Whoa! Sakura, easy." He smiled nervously.

Sakura looked up at the boy with teary eyes. "You guys have to come quick! It's an emergency!"

Yuui walked over the two. "What do you mean, Sakura? Exactly what happen?"

"It's Hana." Sakura cried out. "She's gone!"

Takamoto was in a state of shock and shame. How could he have been so stupid? He should have watched Hana when she was going outside this morning but he didn't as he was busy packing. Now they were leaving and she still hadn't come back. He gritted his teeth angrily. 'Hana.' He jolted when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned and saw Watanuki smiling reassuringly at him.

"Don't worry. We'll find her." The blue-eyed teen stated. "Doumeki, Tomoyo and Syaoran are searching high and low around the beach for them. We just have to have faith, okay?"

The teen felt his anger deflate a bit. He sadly sighed. "Yeah..."

Yuui and Syaoron along with Sakura ran into the house.

"Takamoto." Syaoron went up to the other teen. "I heard about Hana. I'll do whatever I can to help, okay?"

"I will as well." Yuui firmly stated. "Do you know where she would have gone?"

"I-I-I don't know." Takamoto quivered a bit. "All I know she was there and now she's not. And with her condition..." His head fell into his hands.

"..." Yuui glanced at Sakura and Watanuki. "Did you call the local police?"

"I have." Watanuki raised his hand. "They said if they see Hana, they will escort her back here."

"Good, you and Sakura will stay here with Takamoto for the time being." Yuui instructed. "Syaoron and I will join the searching party. Call us if she comes back before we do."

"Yes, sir."

"Come Syaoron." With his cell phone, Yuui walked out of the house. "We have a little girl to find."

Slightly blushing at the authoritative stand that Yuui was taking, the boy nodded. "O-Okay." He ran after him; leaving a distressed teen with his friends.

Hana was running as fast as she could back to the beach house. She couldn't believe how late she was. It was only a walk. She was bored and she wanted to walk around the area since it was the last day. She felt a bit under the weather so she laid under a tree that was creating a huge shade. She rested a bit but lost track of time. Now she's racing against time to get back before anyone notice she was gone.

As she was near a street, she knelled down to catch her breath. She wasn't used to running so much. She was usually careful not to overdo it. She rubbed the sweat off her forehead. 'I have to go back. Everyone will leave. Takamoto will be worried.' With a bit of determination, she stood up and started to walk across the street.

Only to stop dead when a loud sound of a horn reached her ears.

Around the same time

"It's weird." Syaoron commented as they were heading back. They went as far as the big tree and still haven't seen the girl. They decided to go back and try the other side and join the rest of the party. "Hana doesn't seem like the type of person to just disappear like that."

"Yeah." Yuui nodded. "I guess she just wanted a few minutes to herself before leaving. She knew that we may not see those two again. But, what do I know." He chuckled.

"In any case, we have to go back." Syaoron shook his head. "I haven't been in this situation in a long time." His thoughts came back to the time his father was killed. He was separated from him and by the time he found him...it was too late. He didn't want Takamoto to go through the same.

Yuui glanced in concern. He felt a bit sorry for the boy but he knew pity is the last thing he wanted. So he opted for a bit of comfort and patted the boy's head. "We'll find her. I'm sure of it." He glanced over and the hand dropped in shock. "S-Syaoron! Look! Over there!"

The boy followed Yuui's train of sight and blinked. "Hana!" He smiled in relief. "Come on, Yuui. We have to catch her!" He started to run.

"Right." With Yuui following.

The two made it to a street, they saw that Hana walking into it. They almost got a several feet away when a sound of a horn reached their ears. They stopped and saw that a truck was rushing down the road. It was two ton truck that was blazing its horn as it was speeding a bit too fast for it to be normal. Then they saw Hana.

The poor girl was frozen stiff in the middle of the road. Like a deer in headlights.

"Oh crap, Hana's going to get creamed!" Syaoron was panicking on the inside. His instincts kicked as he started to run towards the middle of the road to get her out of there.

Only then did he realize that Yuui beat him to the punch.

The boy stood there in shock as he watched that single moment in slow motion. In just one moment, he thought he heard someone scream...until he realized the one screaming was him.


'I can't move. I can't move. I'm going to die. I'm going to die. Takamoto...I'm sorry.' Was what went through Hana's head when that truck was rearing in on her. It was just like that last time, only she won't make out of it alive. She closed her eyes to brace for impact and pain.

But it didn't came.

"Hana!" Yuui screamed as he got close to her. He didn't see her reaction as he wrapped his arms around her and pushed themselves away from the truck. With Hana in his arms, Yuui ducked and rolled onto the other side of the street. They got into the grass just as the truck passed through and went on its way.

Scared out of his wits, Yuui move up and was relived to see Hana unharmed. "Oh god...oh my god. Thank goodness." He smiled down at the girl. "Hana. Hana, wake up."

The girl slowly opened her eyes. She then was hit with nostalgia as she looked up.

"Thank goodness!" Takamoto sighed greatly in relief. His face was shining among the sun and his eyes were deep and clear that she almost saw the ocean in them. She can stare at them forever. "Are you okay? Miss? Miss?"

"Miss? Hana?" Yuui looked down at her with a raised eyebrow. "Are you okay? You seem dazed." He then blinked in surprise as he heard giggling from her.

"Sorry." Hana smiled. "I just remembering something."

"Never do that again!" Syaoron shouted as they were near the beach house. "As heroic as it was, never do that again!" He had Hana on his back; carrying her as Yuui was walking besides them; he had bruises on his arms and shoulder. He must have hit pavement before rolling onto the grass. After it was over, it took all of Syaoron's control not to run over and punch Yuui upside the head.

"Yes, yes. I heard you the first time around." Yuui rubbed his shoulder and winced a bit. "Just be glad that we didn't see a friends get squashed but a vehicle." He glanced at Hana who was sound asleep on Syaoron's back. "Poor thing was exhausted. But she was braver then any girl I have ever seen."

The boy chuckled softly. "Don't diss Sakura and Tomoyo; those girls can get feisty if you push their buttons." He yawned. "God, what a day. Sorry, Yuui. Guess we have to stay another day before going back." By the time they contacted about the safety and retrieval of Hana; everyone else was back at the house completely tired. And since Yuui was slightly injured, the plans to come home or to go anywhere else are put off for an extra day.

"That's fine." Yuui smiled. "Seriousness aside, it was quite...invigorating." He pumped his arms around. "Like having a surge of adrenaline. I haven't felt that way in a long time." As reckless as it was, it did feel great. It was the aftermath was what he can do without. "But in a way...Hana will get to hang out with us a little while longer."

"True." Syaoron sighed. "And also means I get to spend time with you some more." He grinned.

"Down boy." Yuui joked.

As they were at the front of the house, the two males looked at each other with matching grins.

"What a trip; wasn't it?" Syaoron asked.

"Quite." Yuui answered as if he was at a dinner party. "I bet brother will have earful when he and Kurogane comes back. They won't even believe it anyway." He got out a key and unlocked the door. "It'll be weird going back. And it might feel even worse going back to school."

"Everything changes." Syaoron retorted. "Nothing can change back even if one would want it. But as long as you accept the changes then it isn't so bad." He then felt a gently flick on a finger on his head.

"While you are right, I can't help but feel like that it was directed at me or rather, us." Yuui chuckled; feeling the warm feeling inside of his heart.

"Who knows Yuui." Syaoron snickered. "Who knows."

With a click of the lock, the door opened. Along with Hana, they entered inside; hoping to get some peace and quiet, if only for a few minutes.

'Note to self, take Tomoyo's camera and get a copy of those pictures...and delete a few. No point in causing a commotion before school starts again.'





[ Also, after this, is the interlude where you know who are coming back and then another arc starts. Not sure how many chapters this whole story will be but hopefully it wouldn't be too long. Fingers crossed.]