It was Christmas break at Hogwarts. Voldie had been defeated, the school magically repaired and all the students were away to spend time with their friends and families. All except one of course. Harry had insisted on spending the break alone. He wanted time to just be alone and contemplate in peace over everything. He had shed his tears over the ones he lost and wanted a break where he didn't have to answer to anyone. Ok so maybe it also had to do with the fact that professor Snape was staying at the school for the break as well. Harry, over the last year had come to not only respect his once hated potions master but come to think of him rather affectionately.

The respect came from the long hours of working with man while preparing for the war. It was also came through the realization that Snape had saved his arse on more than one occasion. He also came to understand the man's since of humor and not seeing everything he had to say as being mean spirited. The affection came from hours of staying with him in the medi ward while he healed from Nagini's bite. He had spent days on end looking after him and getting the nurse anytime Snape would stir.

Snape too lost some of the animosity that he once held for the boy and found himself speaking to him with less vitriol than normal. However, on this particular day he was attempting to brew a rather complicated potion and was having some difficulties. He looked over the pot and saw that the contents within was more a greenish-blue than the forest green it should have been. He decided to take a break and go check on the brat to make sure he wasn't wrecking the castle due to a lack of supervision. At least that what he told himself. He told himself that he wasn't checking on him merely for the fact that he hadn't had the chance to see him all morning.

Entering the Gryffindor common room he could hear music blasting rather loudly. Not only was the music rather loud but the tone def person singing along with it was rather loud as well.

I should be loved by you…..That I know is true. … I can't breathe when you're around, no.

Snape carefully approached Harry's room, the door stood open and he could see the young man dancing and singing like an idiot. His back was turned to the door so he did not see the looming figure that was Snape approach. The older man crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the door frame and couldn't help but smile at the sight before him. He realized that he was staring at the swaying ass not four feet front of him. He caught himself and changed the smile to his usual sneer before loudly clearing his throat. This caused Harry to turn around with a startled jump. Snape bit his cheek to keep from laughing.

"Contrary to what you might believe you are not the only one in this castle." Snape barked.

"No sir, but I'm the only one on this floor and I can't believe that you can hear me from your dungeons." Harry bit back.

"Are you insinuating that I should be confined to my quarters for the entirity of the break. If you think that then you are more arrogant than I thought you to be." Snape responded this time with a little smirk that told harry he was not being serious but merely sparring with the boy.

"Even a curmudgeon old bat such as you self can appreciate music." Harry retorted.

"That Potter, is not music but noise!"

"Its muggle music. And you can thank Fred and George's fabulous invention that lets me listen to muggle CD's here in the castle. You're listening to Blue October." Harry smirked and continued to dance to the music as if the professor was not there.

"Again Potter, it is not music, muggle or not. And what kind of name is Blue October. That makes no sense."

Harry stopped the music. "Listen to the words professor." He started the song over again. When the words began he looked Snape in the eyes and sang along.

Stop staring, you're the reason I feel so unhappy all the time.
Look, I've given you everything I know how.
You're standing on the top of my shoe,
You're keeping me from gaining ground, yeah.
Look, I'm sorry if you feel like I let you down.

Snape looked raised an eyebrow and watched as the Harry sang to him.

Can you tell me what have I done so you?
T-T-T-Tell me, what am I supposed to do?

As if in a music video Harry was now dancing with the music. Snape couldn't help but be enthralled with watching his muscles move under the very thin and very tight blue shirt harry was wearing. 'Potter damn it! When did I start thinking of him as Harry?'He mentally chastised himself.

I should be loved by you,
That I know is true.
I can't breathe when you're around, no.

I should be held at night,
That I know is right.
I can't breathe when you're around.

Now harry was now moving towards him grinning like a Cheshire cat. Harry didn't know what was coming over him. Even with all his Gryffindor courage he hadn't had the guts to tell the professor how he felt about him over the last year but there was something about the music that let him express himself in a way he had been scared to. He had Snape practically pinned to the wall leaning up against the man and one had braced against the wall besides Snape's head.

Snape stared at the boy wide eyed. He could smell his shampoo and the feel of his body against his felt wonderful. He tried pushing himself further into the wall and away from the young man for fear that his body might portray what he was feeling.

You're too scared,
Scared of all of it,
I get that feeling I'm talking to the wall.
Can you hear me at all?
Look, my world was shaking, my mind was quaking, my heart kept breaking,
I threw it against the wall.
Can anyone feel me at all?

With that line harry dared to put his hand on Snape's chest. He could feel his heart pounding through his robes. Snape pushed him off.

"I see what you trying to do potter. Trying to scare me off so I'll leave you alone and let you continue to act as if you own this place!" He spat in a rather indignant tone. But Harry continued. This time slinking to the floor and crawling towards the man.

Can you tell me what have I done so you?
T-T-T-Tell me, what am I supposed to do?
I got a feeling, you're falling out of love...with me.
T-T-T-Tell me, who am I supposed to be?

Harry sat up on his knees now at Snape's feet. The older man was back to bracing the wall and looking down at the boy wide eyed. There was something about those startling, pleading green eyes staring up at him. Snape wanted desperately to reach down and run his hands through the boy's shaggy hair.

I should be loved by you
That I know is true.
I can't breathe when you're around, no.

I should be held at night,
That I know is right.
I can't breathe when you're around.
Yeah, I can't breathe when you're around.
Look, I can't breathe.

Harry crawled his way up Snape's body. Running his hands up his legs and briefly over the hardening bulge in the man's pants. Snape cursed himself for allowing a gasp to escape his mouth. Harry continued to feel his way up as he got off of his knees. He reached up and gently pressed his lips onto Snape's. The professor opened his mouth half in shock and half to ask him what the hell he was doing. Harry took this as an opportunity to reach his tongue into the older man's mouth. When Snape didn't respond harry stepped back and stared at the bewildered man. Snape still stood there frozen.

Harry felt a lump in his throat. I judged the whole situation wrong. I thought…no how could I think that. Now I've gone and ruined everything. He turned off the music. "I'm sorry sir. I, um…. Harry stuttered.

"You're sorry. Sorry you kissed your greasy old potions professor! Disgusted with yourself potter even if it was some joke!" And in his usual flair he spun around and made his way back to the dungeons.