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Anyway, as with all things I become a fan of, I cannot help but think of stories to involve them in a crossover. Now, I should tell you that the actual story line of Sakura Taisen won't really be prevalent in this story. It'll really focus more on an OC that will come from that world, starting shortly after the events of So Long My Love and the OVA. You don't really need to know it.

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Sakura Wars VI: Personal Demons

By The Unknown Alias

May 16 of 1930 was a beautiful year for Manhattan Island. Michael Sunnyside in particular would attest to this as he looked out the window at the sunlit city. He heard the office doors open and so turned in his chair to greet the visitor with a smile.

"Ah! Hello Shinny-Shin-Shin! Beautiful day today, isn't it?"

"It is, yes," Shinjiro Taiga answered. The captain of the New York Combat Revue Star Division was in his usual usher outfit with a clipboard in hand. "So, has he contacted you yet?"

"Yes, just this morning," Sunnyside answered with an aloof aura. "He's ready and waiting as we speak. It's time for the lion to go out on the hunt!" Sunnyside's smile faded as he saw that Shinjiro didn't seem to share his excitement if the worried expression was any sign. "You're still worried about him, aren't you?"

Shinjiro nodded. "Of course! After all, you know as well as I do that he's not really ready for this."

"True," Sunnyside agreed, entering into a rare mood of seriousness. "Even without the obvious, he isn't exactly prepared in any mindset. Still, he has graduated and has been requested specifically by name. I already told you what for."

"Even still, I very much doubt he'll become the man he needs to be in time. I mean, he still gives most of us the cold shoulder!" Shinjiro argued as he glanced over the papers on the clipboard.

"But there's still time, isn't there?" Sunnyside countered with a familiar, knowing smirk. "Even you grew strong enough when it was down to wire thanks to your friends and Alias has given me his word that our second Shin will have ample opportunity to grow with this new group. And, to quote Alias, 'If anything, I'm a child of my word,' so have faith Shinster!"

Shinjiro just nodded, knowing that there was no real reason to argue. "Alright then. I'll go ahead and escort Shinzo now."

"Alright! Let him go forth! Let him carve a new trail with a pioneer spirit, the spirit of America!" Sunnyside cheered.

Shinjiro nodded, smiling due to the infectious mood of Sunnyside's patriotism. He left the office, again flipping through the papers on his clipboard.

Name: Shinzo Raion

Age: 18

Birthdate: August 15, 1911

Blood: AB

Birthplace: Yokogawa, Japan

Education: Trained in Raion Family martial art style until 16. Entered academy for mech defense fighting. Was sent to New York Combat Revue for training. Graduated on May 15, 1930.

Current Assignment: Agnostos Bastion Force as of May 16, 1930.

Important Notes: Classified.

Shinjiro sighed at the last statistic on the list, as he knew just what would be so secretive. It was a sore spot for Shinzo and he wasn't afraid to turn people's curiosities down. He entered the elevator and waited to arrive.

Shinzo Raion was sent to them from Japan little over a year ago to be trained in fighting with mechs like their STARS. It was a rough matter for the Revue since they had to keep him away from their base of operations at the theatre. Still, it didn't prevent him, Ratchet, and Sunnyside from training him, as he should be.

The elevator lurched a bit and then the doors opened. Shinjiro entered the lobby of the LittleLip Theatre, already seeing the new graduate sitting at one of the tables near the bar. He came up to the young trainee and gave a salute. "Raion."

The young man stood up and returned the salute with a click of his heels. "Captain Taiga."

Shinjiro couldn't help but shudder a bit at the cold tone that was natural for the young man. Shinzo Raion stood at five and a half feet tall, slender in form. He was bedecked in a hakama with a gray top and black bottom. Shinzo had faded blonde hair, almost tan, held back in a topknot. His sharpened chin guided a rather angular head, matched with a thin, small nose and gray eyes that seemed piercing and cold. All went with a healthy, light skin characteristic of his Japanese heritage.

"So then, are you ready to go?" Shinjiro asked.

"At once sir," Shinzo replied.

With only a nod, Shinjiro then led him outside the theatre. At the entrance was Ratchet's car. She was again lending it to him for the sake of a prompt transfer.

"We'll be traveling to the Bay Area, where someone from the Bastion Force will be waiting to take you by sea," Shinjiro explained as they got into the car. "After that, you'll be taken to the place where you'll be stationed. I should let you know, the Agnostos Bastion Force has only been recently formed, so make sure to adhere to your commander."

"If you don't mind me asking, Captain," Shinzo spoke, "just where exactly am I to be stationed? You've yet to mention it to me."

"I'm afraid I'm not allowed to tell you that Shinzo," Shinjiro answered. "Rest assured though that this is a place in dire need of your talents. The person to escort you will explain later."

Shinzo gave no reaction but to watch the scenery go by as Shinjiro started the car and they left. The mystery shrouding his assignment did not settle well with him, however, he made a mental vow to take it head on. 'So then, this is it. My first step. Mother, Father, everyone… watch over me.'

A few minutes later, they pulled to a stop at the docks, where a massive ship was already boarding people. The two stepped out of the vehicle with Shinzo grabbing his bag on the way out. He looked at the people boarding, trying to find anyone who could be waiting for them.

"If I may ask, Captain, whom exactly are we looking for?" Shinzo asked.

"Don't worry. He said for us to come here and he'll find us," Shinjiro answered. "We should expect him any moment no-"


Shinjiro's heart lurched for a spilt second whereas Shinzo spun about, thrusting a still hand at the offending voice. The one who spoke quickly flailed his arms, knocking Shinzo's hand away and backed off a bit, his hands up in the classic 'I'm not going to threaten you' gesture.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!" the person spoke nervously. "Easy kid, easy! Sorry! I just couldn't resist."

The person seemed to be younger than they are and definitely shorter. He was dressed in khaki dress pants, black dress shoes, and a long sleeved green dress shirt that was shamelessly not tucked. He was rather pale in skin, had a somewhat chubby face, with brown and curly hair framing his head with long, matching sideburns. There were hazel eyes that seemed somewhat blue, a pair of steel rimmed glasses, a little mole above his left upper lip, and finally, a silver ring on his right middle finger with the entwined black symbols of Alpha and Omega.

"Well it will do you good to be more courteous to strangers in the future," Shinzo scolded, glaring. "You never know who might react in a less favorable fashion than me."

"Marvelous!" the boy said, apparently chipper despite the threat. "If I try to do that to any strangers, I'll keep that in mind. In the meantime, how are you Shinjiro?"

"Oh, well enough," Shinjiro sighed. "The girls seem to keep competing over me for some reason…"

The boy chuckled in his throat. "Gee, I wonder why?"

"Mr. Taiga," Shinzo spoke, now thoroughly confused, "do you know this child?"

"Yes. This is Alias. He will be serving as your escort to your station," Shinjiro answered.

Alias just waved in a friendly fashion. "Hi underling!"

Shinzo gaped at the news. A fly then passed by, going in his mouth and out his ear, accentuating his dumbstruck condition.

Alias snapped his fingers a few times in front of Shinzo, trying to catch his attention. With no reaction, he simply said, "I think we broke him."

Shinjiro just sighed. 'If he reacted like this just for the escort, how will he react to where he's going?'

"Well, while we're waiting for his brain to reboot, how are you and you're little beau doing Shin-jir-ro?" Alias taunted.

Shinjiro sputtered a bit, tugging at his collar. "W-w-w-well… you know…"

"Ah, still has you by the heartstrings, eh?" Alias smirked. "And leaving a trail of broken hearts in her wake… oh! How tragic!"

At this point, Shinzo regained his senses and started to rub his temples. "So then, you're the member to escort me to the Agnostos Bastion Force?"

"Yes indeedy I am! I'm The Unknown Alias. A pleasure to finally meet you Raion-san," he greeted, extending his hand.

"Likewise. Shinzo Raion," he greeted, shaking Alias's hand.

"Well then, now that he's onboard for the ride, no time like the present, aye?" Alias said, now facing Shinjiro.

"Alright then. We'll be counting on you Alias," Shinjiro said, now shaking Alias hand in farewell. "Don't let us down Shinzo."

Shinzo clicked his heels into another salute. "It has been an honor to train under you Captain Taiga."

Shinjiro returned the salute before leaving to the car. Alias then tapped Shinzo's shoulder and signaled to follow him. They went down the docks, passing the large ship that was beginning to leave. The two remained silent until they arrived at a much smaller boat with a large engine at the back similar to the steam engines of the common day.

Shinzo quivered his eyebrow at the sight of their transport as Alias jumped aboard. "This is what we're taking to our station?"

"Yep," Alias answered as he grabbed a hold of the steering wheel. "Sure, it's small, but it'll get where we need to go."

Shinzo shrugged to himself, figuring they were only going down to another state. 'But then again, if that's the case, then why not just take a car or a bus?'

The boat moved forward, heading out into open sea, furthering Shinzo's concern. "Excuse me, but would you mind telling me exactly where we're going?"

"Just into sea for now," Alias answered, not taking his eyes away from his driving. "Once New York is past the horizon, we should be good to go. Don't worry, it'll only take about thirty minutes. Forty five tops."

Shinzo remained quiet and laid down on the seats lining the deck. They continued on in silence for awhile, Shinzo's worry only growing. Half an hour later, he got up and checked in the direction of land. Indeed, the last visible shards of skyscrapers seemed to disappear into the sea.

"Excuse me, Alias?" Shinzo called. "I think we're far enough now."

Alias turned around to also see the shrinking city. He smiled. "Good. Now get ready to transverse dimensions!"

Silence reigned, allowing the statement to finally catch up with Shinzo's head. "…What?"

The bow then opened up, revealing some form of a cannon. It then fired a white beam that shot out ten meters away and then seemed to explode. Shinzo gaped in fright as the explosion collapsed to become some form of giant hole. He could see faint images of multiple colors drawn into a pitch-black entrance and saw by the water being drawn in that it was serving as a vacuum.

"What the hell is that?" Shinzo screamed.

"That, my friend," Alias said with a gesture of presentation, "is the portal we must take to enter my world, where the Agnostos Bastion Force is stationed. Now don't worry, this won't hurt us a bit!"

The ship approached the portal and seemed to stretch into it like chewed gum. Shinzo couldn't help but scream as he too started to be pulled into the portal. It echoed across the ocean as the last of the ship was pulled in, closing the portal behind them. Other than the spooked fish and frightened seagulls, there was no sign of the impossible event that occurred.

Shinzo didn't know what he was feeling. He felt being pulled, pressed, inflated, disintegrated, burned, and tasting like spray can cheese all at the same time. But then suddenly, it all just stopped. As Shinzo's eyes adjusted to the return of light, he suddenly realized that his body wasn't reacting well to whatever it was he just went through. He quickly scrambled to the side of the ship and retched out what was formerly his breakfast. Alias just watched his heaving body from the other end of the boat.

"Dude, I know exactly how you're feeling right now," Alias sympathized. "Dimensional travel like that is practically like riding a roller coaster. At first, it's frightening. But then, it's fun! But then, it's OK… and then it's just boring."

Shinzo couldn't reply with a mouth full of vomit, so he just settled for ejecting out into whatever body of water the boat was in now and then lying down on the floor as his legs tried to regain their feeling. He didn't notice when he passed out.

When he did wake up, he saw that he still on the boat with Alias sitting across from him. He was fondling some black device as cartoon-ish sounds came from it like one of those steam-powered televisions he heard of. Alias looked up to see the waking man.

"Ah! About time you woke up!" he greeted as he silenced the device and slid it into his pocket. He reached around Shinzo, grabbing under his arms to help him up. "Come here, upsy-daisy!"

Shinzo sighed as he finally rose, waving Alias off once he was sure he could stand on his own. He looked around to see that they were in some kind of hangar, the boat floating in a pool of water. He finally looked at his escort and asked the question that was on his mind for a while now.

"What the hell's going on?" he screamed.

"Well, considering we're past the point of no return, I suppose I can tell you," Alias reasoned as he guided Shinzo onto a platform off of the boat, still chipper as ever. "As you know, you've been assigned to serve on the Agnostos Bastion Force in mech battling like the New York Combat Revue to deal with larger scale emergencies and enemies. What you don't know is that this force was stationed in an alternate dimension."

Alias paused to see Shinzo's reaction and it was just as expected: a cross between shock, fear, incredulous, and disbelief.

"…What?" Shinzo smartly responded.

"Imagine a world with any kind of difference. Any kind at all," Alias began to explain. "Doesn't matter if it's so little as someone having a different hair color or so big as a planet inhabited by amorphous dragon beings that perform disco every 2:37 p.m. Chances are that there is a dimension somewhere far off that works like that."

Shinzo's look hadn't changed.

Alias sighed. "You know how demons came to your world even though they came from another world altogether? Imagine that, but on a larger scale."

Shinzo slowly started to nod as his look slowly vanished into one of understanding. "So, like a couple of years ago when Demon Lord Nobunaga brought the 6th Heaven to our world…"

"Exactly," Alias confirmed with a snap of his fingers. "Your world actually caught my eye for a while, what with the Combat Revue and the similar troupes in Japan and France. After seeing their recent successes, I've decided to establish one for my world in association with the troupes in yours with the intent of defending my world as well as other forces in other worlds should the need arise."

Shinzo nodded at the introduction, taking it all in until he noticed a certain part that piqued his interest. "Wait a minute, you said that 'you established one'! Are you saying that…"

"Yep!" Alias beamed with an even bigger smile. "I'm the Commander of the Agnostos Bastion Force. The one who requested for you specifically! Surprised?"

Shinzo stared at his boss before sighing rubbing the bridge between his nose. "At this point, I shouldn't be. So then, shall we get going?"

"Ah yes, of course! After all, I'd best introduce you to your teammates after all! Come, let me take you to our base of operations," Alias said as he began to leave the building.

Shinzo followed him out to see a rather large, grassy valley. He looked behind him to see the hanger they just exited lower into the ground, a grass covered top allowing it to sink in perfectly into the ground. He faintly wondered how many such installations were around in the field. He turned to see Alias board another car. This one was a dark green with no top, but more interestingly, no wheels.

"Uh, Mr. Alias?" Shinzo began to ask.

"Please, no need for the 'Mr.' Raion-san," Alias interrupted. "I may be your superior, but you'll find that I'm a great deal more amiable than most employers."

"Very well," Shinzo agreed. "But in return I'd appreciate it if you just use Shinzo."

"If you wish Shinzo-san. Now, what was your question?"

Shinzo blinked a bit at the suffix, but decided to let it slide. "I wanted to know what exactly this is. It looks like a car, but I've never seen one without wheels…"

"Simple Shinzo-san, it is a car," Alias answered. "My world is a bit more technologically advanced than yours. This car travels through use of levitation rather than steam power like mini-trains. I'll make sure to give you further training on the different levels of technology you may experience in your line of duty. Now please, hop aboard!"

Shinzo did so, finding that indeed, it was just like a car in all other respects. The car came to life and glided over the field to a city a short distance away. It definitely seemed large and had some form of a large entrance gate. Just beyond it Shinzo could make out a large clocktower with the same Omega sign on the faces of the clock.

"So then, this is the town I'll be protecting?" Shinzo asked, already feeling excited.

"Yes Shinzo-san, yes it is," Alias answered with pride and a smile. "This is the capitol city of the world, and from where our team shall operate.

Welcome to Agnostos Central!"

Episode 1: The Dimensions are Drawn

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