HAPPY NEW YEARS! I know I haven't been heard from in a while, but I promise as much as I can that I will write as much as I am able to, especially with the many class I am going to be doing next week. I will try to use any free time I get to write, especially since I know have my tablet.

I have a HUMONGOUS announcement, for the new year I will be changing my name to something MUCH cooler!

I will now be called "JUUBI NO SHINJU!" I will do it an hour after this message is posted. ALSO, I have a new story ready and a few others on the way, I know that I haven't updated my other ones, but I'm working on it! Unfortunately "Celestial Strike", "Naruto Uzumaki: The Tenshikage", and maybe "Naruto Sparda" will be abandoned. I just cant don't like how they turned out. I will be redoing "From Just a Bite", and recycling "The Dueling Ninja."

By recycling I mean that I will destroy it, and make something better out of it. I don't like how it turned out, so yeah. I promise that it will be better, but you guys MUST give me time, I have tons of stories to focus on and want them to be as long as I can, like 10+ thousand words!

New stories will be my main concern for a while now, at least the first 5 chapters for each. Then I will work on the others. If you want, heres my focus line:

Naruto/Kamen Rider/Super Sentai story – 2 out of 5 chapters done.

Naruto/The Darkness story – 25% done/started.

Naruto/Assassin's Creed – coming soon.

Naruto/Cross Over – coming soon.

We are Naruto, We are all One! – updating 30%.

From Just a Bite – Redoing. Chapter 1 finished. (Won't put up until redone all)

Lord of Love, King of Death – updating soon.

The 10 Tails in Yokai Academy – Redoing.

So that's my schedule for the New Year, at least for a few months.

I will be twitting when I will post and my progress. Just follow me at ( /Ricky56244602).

See ya soon!