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Chapter 23: Dragon's Wrath

The fall had definitely settled in quite nicely at Hogwarts as orange, yellow and brown leaves fell from their branches and onto the grounds. The nearby ancient yet glamorous Scottish castle definitely made the scene all the more magnificent. Deep within the structure, in a corner of the library, a young man with green eyes sighed as he ran a hand through his curly, wild dark hair while he wrote furiously on a notebook with his Potions textbook next to it.

Harry Potter, star Chaser for England and the Vratsa Vultures cursed his luck for the millionth time. The last few years were nothing but trouble and he was certain fate had saved the worst for his last. He could hear the hushed chattering and giggling of girls not far away and immediately placed a hand over his face. Some people just never got the message even when the evidence was present everyday. Such was the price of fame; privacy seemed to have become non-existent.

Finishing the last sentence of his essay, Harry closed his notebook and sat his pen on top of the cover. He'd gotten in touch with Sirius and had informed him of what the first task might entail. Sufficiently to say, his godfather went apeshit crazy, a dramatic contrast to his more relaxing and carefree attitude.

In the last couple of weeks, Harry had learned more about Dragons and their behavior than he had in his entire life. Snapping out of his thoughts as footsteps neared, he looked up and smiled.

"There you are, Harry…don't you agree that it is too much of a beautiful day to be inside brooding." Fleur sauntered towards her boyfriend and plopped herself on his lap regally. She sighed when she felt his arms gently wrapped themselves around her waist.

Harry said nothing as he simply enjoyed her presence and buried his nose in her sleek blonde hair, inhaling the pleasant scent. "Your presence has already made it beautiful…" Hadrian whispered lightly and after a small pause, small bursts of laughter escaped from both of them as they reveled in the cheesiness of his statement.

Fleur saw the frustrated and put out looks on her boyfriend's stalkers as she turned her head and smirked victoriously. Harry soon got his things organized and swinging on his schoolbag and left the library with Fleur's hand in his. Thankfully the school population was slowly adapting to seeing the couple and there were less hush whispering or staring whenever they were seen together.

However, the couple made had made their way onto the front page of every fashion, gossip magazine once again when they attended the Quidditch World Cup player award ceremony in Geneva, Switzerland. Harry had been nominated and won the award for best Chaser of the World Cup as well as earning a spot in the World Cup best VII. His club mate and fellow Triwizard Champion Viktor Krum won the award for best seeker and also in the World Cup best VII though he scowled his way through the entire ceremony.

It was a very welcomed break from the tournament back at Hogwarts as Harry and Fleur marveled at the snowy Alps around them as they skated around. It was certainly a welcomed change from Hogwarts and the tournament, allowing them some very much needed 'alone' time together.

"Nervous?" Fleur asked quietly as she leaned on her boyfriend's arm, humming softly.

"You first." Harry replied.

"Hmmph, seems fair." Fleur rolled her eyes and huffed. "Mmmm…" She sighed as Harry gathered her in his arms and planted a small kiss on her lips and brushed a strand of hair behind her ear. Normally, he was a very private, low profile person when it came to him and Fleur but it was difficult to do such thing when they were together nearly everyday.

"To answer your question, darling…" He smiled when Fleur looked up at him with a glare, "I am nervous…this wasn't suppose to happen. All I wanted" Harry stared straight into her softened eyes with no jesting in his tone, "was to spend a year of peace…with you." Fleur merely smiled at his response as she tightened her grip on his hand.

"You?" Harry asked. "Mmmm…your proposal is tempting. But to answer your question, I feel quite confident. Maybe I'm going crazy but with you here with me…" Fleur answered slowly, meeting her boyfriend's green eyes that focused on her own with attention, "I feel I can do anything." Harry smirked as he turned his attention back to the path ahead of him.

"Quit smiling. It was not meant to be funny!" Fleur protested, which only further caused Harry's smirk to widen even more.

"That's it." Fleur huffed and released her hand from his and quickened her pace.

As one would have it, Harry caught up to her effortlessly and swung an arm around the beautiful Veela's shoulder. "C'mon, don't be like that Fleur…I apologize, that was ill-considerate of me. What you said was beautiful." Harry whispered into his girlfriend's ear, sending a shiver down her spine.

"Owwww…" The dark haired teen whined when Fleur elbowed him in the gut as her response. However, he inwardly smiled as he saw a pink blush appear on Fleur's cheeks. Watching his boyfriend whining like a kicked puppy from the corner of her eyes made Fleur giggle inwardly though she remained her outward stoic look, she did have a reputation to protect after all!

Together they made their ways to the Great Hall and made a beeline towards the Ravenclaw table.

"Lookie here, look what the cat dragged in…the glamorous couple of the November issue of Witch Weekly." Roger Davies gave the said couple a mock salute.

"Yeah, yeah you're regular comedian Davies." Harry rolled his eyes as he and Fleur sat down.

"So ya find out what the first task's gonna be about?" The brunette Ravenclaw asked while ignoring the jab effortlessly while biting into a green apple.

"Leave him alone Roger, Harry's got enough problems already to deal with." Cho admonished her older housemate.

"I know that, I just want to help." Roger whined at the dark haired girl who was sitting next to him. Cho rolled her eyes and started a conversation with Fleur regarding to things girls usually talk about.

"Your help? He'll probably be sent to Madam Pomfrey half dead if we were to follow that route." Elan Malfoy joined the conversation, sitting down next to Harry as he arrived at the hall with his usual 'screw the rules, I've got money' swagger.

"Yeah, that about sounds right." Elena also made her appearance for lunch, taking the empty seat across of Harry and exchanged a small smile with the boy in front of her.

Meanwhile Roger responded by putting a hand over his bosom, while pretending to faint. "Betrayal of most foul, my heart hath been shattered by thou cruel wor-" He never got to finish as he was hit in the face by an orange and comically fell backwards.

"You're being too loud, clown boy. Pipe down." Anna Zabini said while fixating the Davies heir with a cold glare.

"If you are quite finished…Yes. I do know what I will have to do for the First Task and am suitably prepared for it" Was all the reply Harry could afford as he closed his eyes while he sipped his cup of red tea and made an appreciative noise.

"You're not going to spill are you?" Roger groaned as he sat up and his head dropped when all he got was a 'Nope' from the unwilling Ravenclaw Champion.

"I suppose you know as well. Care to give a tiny hint, Fleur?" Roger decided to try his luck with the Beauxbatons Champion who was sitting next to Harry and was having a conversation with Cho, Anna and Elena. Turning her head, the quarter Veela gave a smile that sent a terrifying shiver down his spine.

"If I told you, I'm afraid I would 'ave to dispose of you afterwards." Fleur smiled unnervingly, a glint appearing in her eyes while she pointed her dainty right index finger at the brunette. Roger started to sweat as he could make out the barest flicker of fire that was pointed in his direction.

"Yes! I think I'll hold my curiosity in, it's certainly no problem! I'll see you in Transfiguration in a bit." He stammered in a rather high-pitch tone at Harry who merely nodded and waved him off with his fork. He could barely contain the snigger he was holding in as Roger shot off and out of the Great Hall as if his pants were on fire.

"So violent…" Harry mused as he gave his girlfriend a small smile.

"You know you like it 'arry." Fleur whispered back with a devilish smile, lightly bumping his shoulder with hers.

"Hmmm…." Harry hummed as he sipped his tea.

The rest of the day was uneventful enough for the residential Ravenclaw champion, as he had to listen to Roger rave on how scary Fleur was amongst other things that he usually went on about. He'd known that his close friend could be rather…overzealous at times therefore the best way to counter it was to indulge him. It was rather similar to how he would act when his little sister would ask him to play dolls with her.

So distracted was his mind that Harry failed to hear the bell ringing which signaled the end of class that he slightly jumped when Elena poked his rather tender side. The girl rolled her eyes as she saw the startled look on Harry's face.

"Drifting into lala land are we, Potter? Aren't you lucky that it was me and not Professor Vector that caught you?" She smiled as they walked out of the classroom together, after they both waved goodbye at said Professor.

"Yeah, thanks for the save…couldn't have done it without you." Harry bit back as they decided to retreat to Ravenclaw Tower as they had just finished their last class of the day. One probably would have missed it but the slightest hint of a blush appeared on the Elena's cheeks as she heard Harry's response.

"There you are big sis!" Both Ravenclaws stopped in their tracks as a girl that greatly resembled Elena rushed over to the duo, the only difference was the height difference.

"What have I said about running in the hallways, Lisa?" Elena crossed her arms with her 'authoritative' aura on full blast.

"Not to do it?" Lisa blushed as her older sister bonked her lightly on the head.

"Owwie…" The shorter girl whined as she messaged her head.

"Now what's the rush?" Elena asked, more like demanded.

"I was wondering if you could look over my potions assignment…" Lisa stuttered at her older sister's stare.

"Fine…" Elena let out a sigh, "Go on ahead…I'll be there shortly."

"Thanks sis! You're the best!" Lisa startled her big sister in the form of a strangling hug and whispered, "You two look great walking together by the way…better than that French girl in my opinion." Elena's eyes widened and before she could do anything to make her younger sibling to eat her words, said sibling bolted off, her older sister's words about running in the hall already forgotten.

"That little…! Don't you start!" Elena snarled when she saw Harry giving her a curious look. He merely raised his hands in a surrender gesture as he was at the end of an Elena Turpin death glare. Harry knew that it was better for his health if he were to not antagonize the Turpin heiress any further, for it was common knowledge that it was best to not be in the hundred meter radius when her rage was burning like an inferno.

As they entered Ravenclaw tower, the two split up as Elena went to help her younger sibling with her homework with a dark scowl on her face while Harry retreated to his dormitory, keen to look over and discuss his plan for the first plan with Rina.

Sitting on his four-poster bed, Harry was in a rather pensive mood as in front of him laid sheets of paper. On some were water or ice based spells that were designed to nullify the dragon's dangerous fire breath.

On other sheets were detailed strategies and tactics that were being revised constantly. Without knowing the exact objective of the task or the area in which the task would be held in made the possibilities limitless. The two categories on which he focused his strategies were mainly based on close quarter combat and semi to long-range combat.

"You could always give up." Rina chirped from her perch on Harry's shoulder.

"True…however, I don't think that will change anything down the line." Harry responded studied the piece of paper in his hand. On it were the types of dragon that Rina had seen from her scouting mission, they included: The Common Welsh Green, Chinese Fireball and the Hungarian Horntail. Each type of dragon was vastly different ranging from their behavior thus he would require separate methods to deal with them. If he were to single out one out of the three dragons that might prove to be the most problematic, it would have to be the Horntail.

Horntails are known to be cunning and intelligent predators, unlike the Chinese Fireball, which focuses on using brute strength. The Horntail was also the most vicious out of the three, aggressive to even it's own kind. In the list of discovered species of Dragon, the Horntail was near the top of the most dangerous along with the Ukranian Ironbelly, Peruvian Vipertooth, Swedish Short-Snout. As he was deep in thoughts, a voice shook him from his daze.

"Harry c'mon, it's time for dinner." Looking up, he saw Elena and offered a small smile.

"Ah, I must have lost track of time…" He murmured as he gave his wand a wave and the papers around him flew back onto his desk in a neat order.

"Is that…?"

"Yeah, my potential plans on how to get past the first task." Harry shrugged, as he didn't bother to put on his outer Hogwarts Robe, and instead rocked his sleeveless vest, tie and rolled up shirtsleeve look. Running a hand over his hair and leaving a single strand trailing down the left side of his face, the two Ravenclaws left the tower along with their housemates who have also decided to go for dinner.

"So…how was helping your sister?" Harry asked, digging his palms into his pockets.

"Alright I guess, although I wish she could handle her homework without needing me to review it with her." Elena grunted.

"So…" She leaned closer and whispered, "Dragons?"

"Ah, you saw that…" Harry swerved his head sideways. "Yeah." He added when he saw the familiar eye rolling from his friend.

"Just be careful okay?" Was all Elena said as they neared the Great Hall.

"I will…" Harry responded. As he took his seat at the Ravenclaw Table, he tried to not allow his mind to wander aimlessly.

The days went by quickly as the day of the First Task had arrived, and along it the competitive atmosphere between Hogwarts and the two foreign schools heightened. Leading up towards the First task, Harry had 'slightly' isolated himself from his friends as he devoted all the time he could on reviewing his tactics.

If it weren't for Fleur and Elena knocking his door down in a literal sense and dragging him down to the Great Hall by the ear to eat, he would have eventually decide to not leave the tower.

Here he was, leaning against a supporting pillar in a tent erected for the champions before the commencement of the First Task. The roars of irritated dragons rang in Harry's ears, dropping the reality of the situation on top of his shoulders. Of course, he was the first to arrive at the tent but he had no desire to engage in conversation so he kept to his corner. Then Krum entered the tent with Karkaroff and two professional Quidditch players merely sent each other a nod of acknowledgement.

The Bulgarian was even surlier than usual, which caused a smirk to slide upon Harry's face.

Then Fleur came in along with Madame Maxine. Immediately setting her eyes on the Hogwarts Champion, Fleur walked towards Harry and greeted him with a not so innocent kiss near his lips. No words were said between them, it was not necessary as Fleur wrapped her arm around Harry's and leaned her head on his shoulder. Fleur had to reluctantly release her arm when Ludo Bagman strolled in dressed in his old Wasp robes again.

"Well, now we're all here – time to fill you in!" He said cheerfully.

"When the audience has assembled and settled down, I'm going to be offering each of you this bag-" He held up a small sack made of purple silk and shook it like a child would to a bag of candy "- from which you will each select a small model of the thing you are about to face! There are different – er – varieties, you see. And I have to tell you something else too…Uh, ah…Oh yes! Your task is to collect the golden egg!"

Harry felt relaxed as he finally heard the objective for the task, collecting the egg meant facing the dragon in possibly close quarters and he had just the perfect technique to pull this off.

"Oh, is that confidence I sense coming out of you?" Fleur smiled up at him as she caught his smirk.

"You'll just have to wait and see, darling…" Harry responded and lightly sniggered at her pout.

"Hmmm…." Fleur hummed with amusement as she stuck out a hand inside the bag offered to her by Bagman and drew out a tiny, perfect model of a Welsh Green dragon, a number one around its neck.

"My, my…it seems Lady Luck has favored me." Fleur told her boyfriend, holding her miniature model and enjoying watching her boyfriend who merely had an annoyed twitch in his eye for a fraction of a second. However, it quickly transformed into a smile.

"All in good time, Fleur…all in good time. Save the best for last…so they say." Came his response as he watched Krum pull a small scarlet model of the Chinese Fireball, with the number two around his neck.

"I can't say that I would not enjoy this…facing one of the 'big four'" Harry thought as the purple silk bag came around to him and without an ounce of hesitation or fear, he plunged his hand into the bag. As he felt the struggling creature that he would soon face around his palm, he pulled his hand back out. The miniature Horntail was obviously not happy at the way it was being handled as it bared its fangs at the smiling dark haired boy.

"Well there you are!" commented Bagman. "You have each pulled out the dragon you will face, and the sequence is as follows: Ms. Delacour will go first, followed by Mr. Krum aaannnnndd concluded by Mr. Potter. You will head to the enclosure when you hear a whistle. Questions?" Seeing that there were none, Bagman gave them a rather cheery farewell before walking out of the tent.

As they waited, Fleur sought and grasped Harry's hand tightly in hers as she stared on ahead at the tent entrance. And when the whistle blew sharply, Fleur took in a deep breath as she slowly allowed her grip on Harry's hand to loosen. She momentarily closed her eyes as she felt his lips on her temple, she shot him a smile as she strode forward with purpose and determination.

Crossing his arms, Harry could hear the loud cheering of the crowd, which meant Fleur had entered the enclosure and was now facing off against the real Welsh Green.

"Ooooh, strange but it is working." Harry could hear Bagman's magnified voice boom. "Oh…so close! She's nearly got it…" After ten minutes or so of Bagman rambling nonstop, Harry smiled when it was announced that Fleur had passed her task with relative ease as loud applause and cheering could be heard. They did not announce her score, which meant the judges, had it displayed or something of sort.

Taking a seat on a comfortable chair, Harry crossed his legs relaxingly and leaned his head back as the whistle was blown for the second time.

"And here comes Mr. Krum!" cried Bagman and Krum slouched out of the tent. All alone in the tent, Harry simply enjoyed the tranquility while twirling the wand in between his fingers. He could feel it pulsating in his grasp, conveying bursts of excitement through his arm.

"Hmmm…you're looking forward to this too huh?" Harry said as he looked up at the tent ceiling. After what seemed to be an eternity of waiting, applause shattered the silence. Krum had finished, which signaled the finale.

Standing up, Harry heard the whistle blow and his name being called out. Walking out of the tent, past the trees and through a specified gap in the enclosure fence, he stopped as he stood in front of his objective. He could care less of the hundreds of faces staring down at him from the stands.

His piercing green eyes laid on the beast crouched low at the other end of the rocky enclosure. Surveying his battleground, he noticed the uneven jagged platform, there were places to dodge and hide which made his plan even easier. Harry smiled as the Dragon growled warningly towards him.

"Aren't you a feisty one…well then," He murmured and his wand shot down into his waiting grip from its holster as his smile widened, "Let's dance."

Flicking his wand, he started his chain combo. The Horntail reared its head back and unleashed a torrent of skin-scorching flame towards the teen. Harry's confident smile never left his face as a tall wave of water appeared in front of him and wrapped him in spherical protective cocoon as the fire effortlessly extinguished upon touching it. The water then viciously shot out in all directions of the field, flooding the enclosure as if it were self-aware.

As he walked closer to the Hortail despite shouts and warnings from the audience, he was met by another jet of fire. However the water had completely flooded the arena seemed to have become self-aware as it formed a giant open palm that rose quickly and absorbed the jet of fire, rendering it useless.

The Horntail started feeling nervous as the two-legged human approached it with slow yet confident steps, it had encountered its fair share of humans during its lifespan yet there was something different about this particular human. It growled as the human had rendered his flame breath useless with the area filled with water, damn the chains tying it down. The aura around him screamed danger, something ancient and terrifying. The only thing that reassured it was that it's nest of eggs were not touched by the water as they and the dragon were placed on an slightly elevated area just barely above the water level.

"Time to end this…an uninformed person might have been struggled to get past you but I've researched your species to the point that your every move no longer has any meaning towards me...but I hardly expect you to understand what I'm saying. Valens Incarcerous." Harry mused as heavy chains shot out of his wand and bound the dragon even tighter, preventing it from moving a single inch. The Horntail thrashed and roared in vain as the chains continued to tighten.

"Humus Pruina." Was the last thing it heard as a creeping, icy sensation began to attack her system. Swerving its head, it could only watch as her wings, which had been exposed to the water due to the additional chains that had forced her into a crouching position begin to freeze. The Horntail began to loose its focus as her eyesight began to blur and slowly it drifted out of consciousness as she cursed this two legged that had bested her.

Slowly, Harry canceled his levitation spell and descended on the frosty arena. Before him was the Horntail encased in a thick block of ice, the sun making it glint spectacularly. Walking slowly to the nest, he grabbed the golden egg and casted a warming charm on the remaining eggs.

With the egg in his grasp, he cancelled his sound blocking spell and his ear was met with deafening roars, cheers and applause that was as loud as the reaction he got when he won the World Cup a few months back.

"Look at that!" Bagman was screaming. "Will you look at that? A marvelous finish by our final champion, simply exquisite…a masterpiece of spell work! And the quickest to get to his egg! This can only be the cherry to the cake for Mr. Potter."

Harry ignored all the rest of Bagman's rambling as he turned to leave the arena the same time the dragon-keepers rushed forwards to undo the 'damages' that he had inflicted on the Horntail. He stopped in his tracks as he felt something trickle down his nose and tasted something coppery. His right-gloved hand rose to nose and he was unsurprised to find that the coppery taste was his own blood.

Wiping the rest of it away, he decided to store this effect for later analysis. Perhaps it was maintaining his levitation charm while flooding and animating the water in the arena in addition to using the strengthen chain bound and the freezing charm had taken a toll on him.

When he reached the enclosure entrance, he smiled as Sirius pulled him into a strangling embrace.

"That was beyond what I imagined…fantastically done." Sirius said, giving his godson a hearty pat on the back and released him.

"Most interesting and spectacular spell work. An Outstanding grade at the least." The small diminutive Professor Flitwick squeaked excitedly, bouncing up and down.

"Well done Harry, great control over that last spell." A tired Remus Lupin smiled as he ruffled Harry's hair.

"Go see Madam Pomfrey before the judges announce your score…over there at the tent." Sirius said and put his hands up as Harry scowled, "I know I know…you don't have so much of a scratch on you but better to get it checked up after the amount of spells and time maintaining them."

With a grunt and shrug, the Hogwart's Champion walked off and saw the school nurse standing at the mouth of a second tent, her face filled with worry. Before Harry could utter a single word that he was not injured in any way, he was grabbed by the ear by the nurse and hauled into the tent. In a divided cubicle, Harry's scowl did not disappear as Madam Pomfrey gave him a detailed check up despite being told that he was fine.

"Go get plenty of rest and avoid using straining spells in the near future and drink this…it'll relieve the headache, nosebleeds along with other undesirable aftereffects of magical exhaustion" Madam Pomfrey instructed placed a vial of blue potion in his hands. He did not say it but the nurse had a smile as she saw his eyes widened for a split second and his gaze darted towards his right-gloved hand.

"Yeah…sure. You're the medical expert." He drawled as he downed the potion and made himself comfortable on the bed. It wasn't before long until his 'rest' was disturbed as his friends all came rushing in.

"Hey…Hey, what's the hubbub…Pomfrey's on my ass enough as it is about getting my rest." Harry said somewhat annoyed.

Roger whistled impressively, "That was so awesome…the way you faced that thing was crazy. Totally crazy…I mean, I would have been too scared to move at all."

"You mean shit your pants and faint, yeah I can totally see that." Elan piped in with a raised eyebrow, causing Harry and Cedric to laugh much to the embarrassment of their friend.

"Nice job Harry," Cedric added, "I would have never thought of facing a dragon like that."

"Different people…different tactics." Harry shrugged.

"When you say tactics, do you mean the thing that made you go hermit for a short period ago." Cedric teased.

"You know how it is with us Ravenclaws…discover all the possibilities. Except Roger, he's special." Harry said as he gave said friend a comforting pat on the back and ignoring the outraged "Hey!"

"I think they're going to release your scores soon." Roger said as Harry switched back into his school uniform.

"Well then," Harry started while tying his tie after rolling his sleeves up, "What are we waiting for?" With that, he and his friends left the tent while ignoring Madam Pomfrey's disapproving look.

As he stood on the edge of the enclosure with arms crossed, Harry noticed with little surprise that the irate Horntail had been carted away and the five judges sitting at the other end in raised seats draped in gold. Sweeping a hand over his thick dark hair, his eyes caught Fleur's and smiled when he saw her give him a thumbs up.

"It's out of ten, per judge." Cedric whispered into Harry's ear, to which he waved off casually. Madame Maxine was first and the applause were huge as a nine shot out of her wand. Jonas Davies, filling in for Bartemius Crouch Senior due to the light of recent events gave the friend of his son's a wink before shooting a ribbon that formed a perfect ten which added to the intensity of the crowd's cheering.

"Bit biased, your old man isn't he?" Harry said to Roger.

"Bah, semantics…shemantics, I have no idea what you're talking about." Roger tsked.

Next up, it was the almighty Albus Dumbledore, eyes twinkling even moreso than usual as he matched the stare from the scowling Harry and raised his wand. The headmaster of Hogwarts, too, put up a ten. The Hogwarts fans were cheering while the other two schools were less enthusiastic.

Ludo Bagman was nearly jumping up and down with childlike excitement, as it was his turn causing Roger, Elan and Cedric to laugh hysterically. Harry's eye twitched again as Roger clung onto him while trying to not fall to the ground in tears of laughter. Nobody paid much attention to the laughing trio as Bagman, too, shot a ten into the air. However the three clowns seemed to get their act together when they saw Karkaroff shoot a five into the air.

"A five! That's a disgrace! A fucking disgrace!" Roger all but yelled.

"You biased motherfucker! Krum didn't deserve ten! Harry was second to none!" Elan shouted with a burst of outrage. Cedric nodded vigorously in agreement.

The person in question merely rolled his eyes at the antics of his 'occasionally' overzealous friends. They had forgotten that he was unwillingly roped into this tournament and was taking things far too seriously. Though he had to admit, their creative use of insults and foul language were certainly not unentertaining. The crowds of Hogwarts students were booing and insults were certainly not lacking but were quieted as Dumbledore had to do some damage control.

Harry was told to be debriefed in the champion's tent by a absolutely positively bouncing Professor Flitwick who was over the moon by his star pupil's stunning performance. After promising to share all the details, Harry parted ways with his friends and headed to the champion's tent. Fleur and Krum then entered.

Fleur immediately floated towards her boyfriend and gave him a tight hug, which he returned heartily.

"Well, well, well, what have we here…hmmm?" Harry said in a slight teasing tone as he noticed the slightly singed skirt his girlfriend was wearing which was short enough in the first place.

"A slight miscalculation on my part." Fleur huffed as her cheeks reddened and slagged Harry hard on his arm.

"Yeeeeoooww! That hurt woman!" Harry rubbed his arm. The two settled down as Bagman came into the tent with a face splitting smile, like that of a fat kid in a candy store.

"Well done, all of you!" said Ludo Bagman with excitement. "Now a quick word, you have until half-past nine on the morning of February the twenty-fourth to rest for your second task. The golden eggs each of you have in your possession are key to said task because it will tell you what the second task is and will greatly assist you to prepare for it! Any questions?! Well, off you go then!"

Harry walked out of the tent, Fleur's hand in his as they started to walk around the edge of the Forest, baiting and teasing each other.

From not too far away, a stag and doe watched on from the cover of the forest as they watched the silver haired girl attempt to headlock the taller, dark haired boy but only to end up being carried on his back ala piggyback style with a uncharacteristic playful shriek.

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