The tall turquoise haired Millefiore officer was almost walking by the center kitchen of the base when he saw a familiar person rummaging through the cupboards. He leaned in the frame of the kitchen door and watched the scenery with growing amusement. The younger one rushed through the kitchen, opening cupboard doors randomly, even crawling on the ground to look in the most distant corner of the cabinet. As he climbed on the counter to examine the remaining cupboards, the older one spoke up.

"Hahan, are you looking for something important, Byakuran-sama?"

Startled, the white haired turned around to face his second commander. "Kikyou! Don't sneak on me like that!" He jumped off the counter, flattening his white uniform. "It seems that we run out of marshmallows. I don't have any left in my rooms and in this kitchen and in the one on the second floor aren't anyone either."

He pouted and gave Kikyou a kind of helpless look. "You don't happen to have some, do you- ?"

Kikyou smiled but shook his head. He knew too well how childish his boss would become if he don't get his beloved sweets. "Hahan, you're way too addicted to this stuff, Byakuran-sama." He crossed his arms before his chest just in that moment when the younger one rushed other to him.

"I AM NOT-" He stopped in the mid of his sentence, sticking his nose into the turquoise haired man's shirt. "Kikyou-chan…" his voice suddenly turned smooth. "You smell like a marshmallow- ." His gaze slid up the slender body. "You have some in your room, don't you- ?"

"Byakuran-sama, I don't…." he did not finish his sentence because the smaller one ran out of his sight in the direction of his room. Regarding the mess he left in the kitchen, Kikyou decided it would be the best to go after him. He didn't want his room to be destroyed after all.

But he was too late… Byakuran had thrown out almost all of his belongings by the time he arrived. "Hahan, Byakuran-sama, really… I said I don't have any marshmallows in my room. There was absolutely no need to rummage through my stuff like that." He sighed in resignation over the behavior of his boss.

The white haired turned around and eyed the other suspiciously. "But your clothes just have the scent of super delicious marshmallows- . I wonder where does it come from?" He slowly approached Kikyou and as he was in reach he grabbed the older one by his collar, nuzzling at his neck. The other one didn't even twitched as he was pulled down; he just raised an eyebrow in disbelief.

But all of a sudden goose bumps, raced down his arms. He felt something warm and wet at his neck and he could only imagine what exactly Byakuran was doing.

"Byakuran….sama…" he stammered.

"It's not your clothes which smell like marshmallows. It's you who taste like a marshmallow- ."

Byakuran made him face him, his eyes scanning Kikyous face. "I wonder which part of you will taste the most like a marshmallow?" Then in a swoop he captured Kikyous lips. The taller one gasped in surprise; a fact Byakuran took advantage of to explore the marshmallow tasting mouth with his tongue.

The younger one pulled away, so both of them could breathe again. Kikyous cheeks showed a cherry red blush. He looked at the head of the Millefiore family and tried to sort out what just has happened.

"I want to taste more of your formidable marshmallow skin, Kikyou-chan- ." He almost pleaded.

"Byakuran-sama…" he hesitated. "I…"

"Shhh…" The white haired place his index finger on the other man's lips. He dragged Kikyou against the door of his room, closing and locking it with a double click sound.

"Kikyou-chan…. Will you please be my marshmallow tonight- ?"