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Violet eyes blinked in disbelief. "Odnako..." Ivan exclaimed under his breath. The larger man had woken before his American love who slept on, sprawled on the mossy ground, snoring loudly, still covered in little iridescent blossoms.

The sun was high overhead; they had slept late. Russia estimated the time to be late in the morning, near noon. There would be no way they could leave the forest unseen.

The violet eyed nation had already redressed and was now sitting cross-legged beside the sleeping blonde. Still amazed at the flowers he had not actually expected to find, The Russian simply turned the shimmering petals in his fingers, trying to decide if he should let the other man sleep or wake him.

Deciding that it would be best to wake Alfred and face the outside world sooner rather than later, Ivan leaned down and whispered against America's ear. "Alfred."

He slept on, completely unfazed.

Russia poked him in the side with a small smile and spoke louder. "Alfred."

Nothing. The larger nation was beginning to wonder if the snoring blonde could sleep through anything. Maybe if he called him by his country name, his lyoubov would wake. The silver haired man leaned in close again. "Amerika?"

Still nothing.

Russia's small smile took a mischievous turn. Sitting back, Ivan cleared his throat and said as loudly as he could, "Fascism is capitalism in decay!" and then building his steam as America stirred, Ivan continued, now up on one knee, "Religion is the opiate of the masses!"

Apparently that did it.

Russia broke out in a fit of giggles as America sat up in a sleepy daze and with wide, but foggy eyes exclaimed, "Wha' the...Commies! Everywhere!"

As the petals fell from his bare chest to add to the pile in his lap, Alfred stared around paranoid for a moment of secret communist plots and spies. Then, slowly taking in his surroundings and the nation across from him giggling in mirth, America realized it was not the fifties, or in fact any of the three decades following, but instead, it was the twenty-first century, and he was in a meadow, with Russia, still completely nude after what they had done the night before.

The American blushed and cleared his throat. "Dirty tricky way to wake someone up..." the blonde grumbled, though the corners of his mouth had begun to twitch upward into a smile.

"Dobra Utra Amerika." Russia continued to chuckle into his scarf.

Looking down, Alfred noticed the flowers all over him. in his lap. around his legs, in fact, reaching up into his hair, he felt them on top of his head, and even a few on his shoulders.

"Wow Vanya, you didn't have to cover me in flowers, I never knew you were such a romantic." He grinned, looking back up. "I musta been awesome last night, huh? Being with America; it's a life changing event." Alfred leaned forward and plucked a stray petal from Ivan's silvery hair.

"Mmm..." Russia cupped America's chin and brought their lips together. Alfred's lips were soft and tasted just a sweetly of Georgian wine as they had the night before. Reluctantly breaking for air, Ivan brushed his American's nose with the blossom in his hand. "There is still much you do not know about me, Amerika." The taller nation stood and held a hand down to the still seated American. "But I did not put these flowers on you. I awoke with them over myself as well."

"Huh?" Alfred looked around as he stood and made to gather his clothes still in the hastily made pile beside the birch tree. "Then where'd they come from?"

Reluctantly, Ivan tore his eyes away from the other's body; America was even more beautiful by the light of the sun and suddenly Russia didn't want to ever return to the world outside the forest.

Ivan motioned to the unfurled ferns silently and watched as Alfred's baby blues grew wider and wider.

"The fern flower? No way..." America stopped just as he was tying the wide legged pants back on and beamed a shining smile. "Of course they are! I told you we could find them!"

Russia smiled as he walked to his American love. "It seems they found us, da?" Ivan picked up the cowboy hat Alfred loved and held it out to him as the blonde pulled on the embroidered tunic and refastened the sash.

America shrugged before bending to lace his boots. "Same thing, man!" He smiled up at Ivan, "So magic and good luck and all that to us!"

His boots laced, Alfred threw one arm over Ivan's broad shoulders and leaned in to the larger nation with a wink. "I wouldn't say no to extra good luck!"

"Da," his violet eyed love replied more seriously as the two powerful nations prepared to re-enter the world outside the magic of the forest, "We both will need some good fortune."

Russia suddenly turned toward America, pulling the once enemy in close. "America," Ivan stopped himself, "Alfred," his violet eyes looked deep into his lover's blue. Russia had been alone far too long; he was not about to lose what he felt was a possibility for much more than a one night affair in the woods. Though he was still somewhat surprised to see he had fallen for America of all the nations in the world, there was something between them that they alone seemed to share, a certain intensity that others couldn't handle.

"Alfred, I would like," Ivan felt his face grow warm, before he mentally shook off the sudden insecurity. yolki-palki! He was Russia, he would not be given to bouts of doubt, especially not after...Getting ahold on his emotions again, Russia spoke seriously to America.

"I would like to continue seeing you." Regardless of his bravado, the broad nation toyed with the ends of his scarf as he waited for the American's reaction.

He didn't have to wait long.

"Um, duh!" America squeezed his Russian around the waist tightly. "You better!" Alfred laughed fully.

Ivan joined his small smile to Alfred's laugh as the two continued through the woods, arm in arm.

After a while, walking through the shade of the trees, feeling the warm July air of southwestern Russia, Ivan turned to Alfred again. "You know many will not be pleased with our...relationship."

Rolling his eyes, America looked to Russia. "You think?" Alfred then surprised the taller Slavic nation with a sudden kiss to the cheek. Laughing again, America pulled Russia by the hand, "Really Vanya, when have I cared in the slightest what everyone else thinks?"

He continued forward, but turned realizing the pale haired Russian wasn't moving. As soon as Alfred had turned with a quizzical expression, Ivan yanked on the hand holding his to bring his American back in to his arms.

"For once, Amerika, I am glad to hear that." Russia sighed.

With Alfred's back against his chest, Ivan recited the entire poem he had only spoken half of the day before. Knowing the American in his arms had held a secret love of Russian Poetry, he whispered low into the blonde's ear.

"In the world, lighted

By Poets and Sunflowers,

I have found you, boy!

Is it because of your heart,

Filled with the sunrise's pulse?"

The Russian spoke in English for his American love's understanding. Feeling Alfred relax in his arms, Ivan continued, thinking with satisfaction that Martynow's poems would be pulled from Alfred's shelf more often than Shakespeare's ever were.

"The world in love needs not the frontier lines

That hate used to nourish.

May emblems of state, coats of arms interwine

To blossom and flourish!

So love, notwithstanding, the flowers you take

Shall not be confounded,

But testify: borders no difference make,

For love is unbounded."

Oh damn, America thought as he felt himself melt against the man behind him. Why does he have to make it sound so sexy? Even if the words came out a little on the creepy side, sounding suspiciously like 'become one with Russia.' the words the Russian had spoken so softly in his ear set Alfred's heart to speeding in his chest, and the American didn't have to remind himself why he'd never admitted to his collection of Russian poems before.

Turning to face Ivan, Alfred grinned and said the first thing that came to mind. His country was certainly not lacking in talent afterall,

"Nobody living can ever stop me,

as I go walking that freedom highway;

nobody living can ever make me turn back,

this land was made for you and me!"

Russia smiled down at the slightly shorter nation. "I know this song. 'This land is my land...this land is your land, da?"

"You make it sound all commu-." Alfred wanted to clarify that he had not, absolutely not, invited 'Russia' to have any of 'America's' land, but his words were lost as the larger Russian had pressed him against a nearby tree; their lips once again finding eachother's in the greenish shade of the secluded forest.

It was some time later that the two finally emerged from the woods, the festival site was nearly gone, only the large circle of ash that had been the bonfire and scattered wreaths of flowers attested to it having occurred at all.

Russia was relieved to not have to deal with either his older sister's obvious approval, or his younger sister's dangerous misery.

Or so he had thought.

Alfred had moved forward and picked something up from the ground, he now was walking back, holding a plate that had been wrapped in cloth in his hands.

It had been the red, white, and blue cloth that had gotten America's attention first,only to see that it was clearly Ivan's flag and not his, Alfred held it out. "Looks like someone left you something." He worked to keep his tone neutral though the American had instantly felt the stirrings of jealousy in his gut, Just who left what for his Vanya?

How interesting, the Russian thought as he accepted the plate. Is that jealousy? Ivan smiled his small smile, thinking happily that he had never had someone aside from his terrifying sister be jealous over him before, And Amerika thinks I am possessive.

As soon as Ivan unwrapped the plate, he saw a note which sat atop two pieces of toast covered in forest berry jam.

"Yobaniy Poland." Ivan crumpled the note his older sister had left him and stuck it in his pocket.

"Huh?" America was looking on not sure what exactly Poland had done, but recognizing the ominous aura beginning to radiate from his Russian love. "Hey now, remember he's my ally, ok?" Alfred's eyes were wide, thinking how his military was stretched thin as it was, "Do not go attacking Poland- It'll only be bad for all involved, alright?"

The dark purple aura began to dissipate; Ivan handed Alfred one of the pieces of toast. "Nyet, I will not...officially..." His violet eyes looked off as an expression of light concentration came over him.

….While America stared at Russia and tried to get his attention, In Warsaw, Feliks suddenly doubled up, holding his stomach. "Like, what the hell?" He dropped the cookies he'd been sharing with Lithuania as the sudden stomach ache came over him. …...

"Ah." Russia's attention returned to America, who's blue eyes were wide. "Um," Alfred began, "I don't really want to know what you just did, do I?"

Ivan smiled slightly wider in response. "It seems everyone already knows what happened in the forest. At least, that we spent the night together." Sighing at the prospect of the conversation he would have to have with Ukraine, Russia went on, "The toast is from my sister. She sent her, ah, congratulations on relations."

Wrapping an arm around the American as they walked toward the train station, the Russian continued, "She is thinking you will influence me." Ivan's tone made it clear that this was not going to happen.

"Yeah, there'll be a Mcdonald's on every corner in Moscow in no time!" Alfred laughed as Ivan glared at him. "Kidding! I'm kidding!" The American's smile grew ridiculously wide, "There will have to be a Burger King on every other corner for economic competition, of course!"

The Russian rolled his eyes; "I will not have you deface my capitol in such a way."

Continuing to argue goodnaturedly, each knowing the other was joking as the subjects stayed away from more serious international affairs, the two powerful nations boarded the train. Ivan dreading both conversations with his sisters, America wondering just how many messages would have been left on his answering machine at home.

As the next few months went by, both Alfred and Ivan communicated as often as possible by phone. There had been a lot of damage control to do as neither of their bosses liked the rumors flying around the world that America and Russia had entered into a secret alliance of sorts late one July night. As much as friendly relations were being promoted, neither President much appreciated the sudden influx of accusations coming in from slighted allies and trading partners.

Alfred had done pretty well to avoid both England and France, said not a single clear word to Egypt and the rest of the Middle East, and was thankful Canada had gracefully not asked him, or had he? Most of the other nations hadn't called and Alfred was immeasurably thankful for that; America couldn't avoid the world long.

Russia counted on his ability to intimidate and was able to deal with rumours from those brave or stupid enough to ask with a single look. He had heard that Georgia and Ukraine were chatting a lot more frequently though neither brought any thing up to him; only Belarus wouldn't let up. Ivan shuddered at the memory. He'd locked her out but knew she'd be back. She always came back.


And so it was, that as the next world meeting began in early September which was supposed to address the newly emerging flu viruses, America met with Russia beforehand. They had decided to go in together and deal with the situation at once.

The two nations had hide out while everyone arrived and just before they would be considered late, Ivan and Alfred strode forward toward the doors.

"Ready, lyoubov?" The violet eyed man asked as he placed one hand to the door.

"'Born ready." his American love responded, placing his hand across from Ivan's on the other door.

Shoulders back, heads straight, America and Russia both knew how to take command of a situation, particularly one of which the rest of the world disapproved.

Together, they pushed open the doors and walked confidently inside.

Immediately upon their entrance, America felt all eyes turn their way. A few were snapping pictures and he knew they'd most likely make the top of international news tomorrow.

As Germany was at the front, attempting to bring everyone's attention back to the topic they had only just began to address, England leaned across to America as he and Russia took their seats. "You know it's bad form not to return calls you wanker."

"Oh leave them alone Rosbif." France tsked from a few seats down. Francis winked in their direction as he continued, "Amour, it is ze heatbeat of life, bringing even 'ze most deadly of enemies togezer!"

Before America could do more than blush and Russia had just begun to feel like a press conference with no questions allowed might have been a better plan, England dismissed what France had said with the wave of a hand, "What a total load rubbish! They'll be at eachother again in no time and we'll bloody well have nuclear winter by Christmas!"

Russia stood and pulled his pipe from within the long coat and began chanting; Ivan's violet eyes darkened as he glared at Arthur. "kolkolkolkolkol..."

The Brit stood as well, "Right, then."

The larger Russian hit the palm of one hand with the metal pipe held in the other as the Englishman across from him rolled up his sleeves and prepared for the attack.


Before a punch could be landed, Both men turned toward the podium, where unnoticed, America had taken over from a very disgruntled Germany who stood to the side, fuming and looking to his watch. "America, vill you at least hurry, ve are already completely behind schedule." Ludwig spoke through his teeth already tired of hearing about Russia and America and what they had or hadn't done in July.

Alfred grinned seeing all eyes turn his way, soaking in the attention. It was great now, but he knew as soon as he said what he was about to say the attention wouldn't be so wanted...

This wasn't the plan he'd come up with Russia, no, Alfred had just decided to hero it up and clear the air with some good ol' fashioned straight shootin'. He'd tell it like it was, lay down all his cards. He wasn't about to get blamed for a sudden war between the UK and the Russian Federation as there was no doubt the photos and various "witnesses" would blow the whole thing out of proportion!

"Ahem." America cleared his throat. He winked to Russia, who stood now staring up at him with a slightly worried expression.

"I would like to address certain rumours." Alfred paused dramatically for effect. "Certain rumours that have been circulated by some; I will not name names." He lifted his chin saintly before continuing. "I am here to put your fears at ease. There is no secret alliance, there are no deals being brokered for the buy back of Alaska." The American jabbed his thumb to his chest. "That's my state!" Alfred cleared his throat again, "Um, yeah, so there's no new world order, no sneaky underhanded deals, uh.." He grew slightly more serious, "nothing to do with the, uh, wars I'm currently in, and I'm sure as hell NOT going commie." He continued, blushing slightly, "This was more a, uh, cultural interest than political."

America grinned now, somewhat nervously as he glanced down from the podium.

He could see Japan recording his whole speech, China looking from Russia's slight frown and nearly anxious expression to America and back, France was arguing quietly with England as Canada tried in vain to separate them, Both Italy and Greece had fallen asleep as Germany's face was slowly turning red in agitation. Nearly everyone else was turned toward him, waiting for him to continue either interested or annoyed or somewhere on the spectrum between the two.

America stepped to the side of the podium and rocked on his heels, his thumbs between the belt loops in his pants. "But something did happen that night in July." Alfred's grin spread wider, his eyes sparkled, as he thought, Just go for it, head first!

"I, um, well." America found Russia's eyes and ignored all the others. "Damnit, I love Ivan...Vanya," Alfred corrected, calling the object of his affections by the larger nation's nickname, "He's a stone cold hottie, and I don't care if he's a communist or not!

Instant pandemonium broke out across the room.

But America paid no attention to the rest of the room. Blue eyes were still locked only on those of now widened violet as Ivan walked toward the podium. The Russian dropped his pipe to the ground beside Alfred. Not caring in the slightest that Japan and probably several others by now were recording, he'd get those cameras one way or another and destroy them, Ivan couldn't believe the words struggling to burst free from his mouth, but knew they were true even as they shocked him.

Standing now inches from Alfred, his intoxicating, infuriating American, who was bound to cause him unending trouble, Ivan spoke low so that only those nearest had any hope of hearing him. "You love me?"

The blonde felt himself blushing furiously now, just as much as he had during Russia's dance, oh damn, he thought, now I've got that in my mind, as America felt the heat reach his ears. With usual heroic bravado, Alfred threw his arms around Ivan's neck. "Of course I do, What, you didn't know?" The American began to laugh but soon found his laughter cut short as his Russian love brought their lips together, lifting the slightly shorter man a few inches from the floor.

As soon as he had sat him back down again and they broke for air, Ivan's violet eyes were glowing in intensity as he spoke, and in the now silence of the stunned room, all heard.

"Ya tozhe tebya lyoublyou, Alfred." With the familiar small smile, the Russian translated for his American. "I love you too." Ivan continued, his arms still low around America's waist, "You should really learn Russian now, da? And how many times do I tell you I am not technically communis-"

But it was now Russia's turn to be interrupted as America jumped up into his arms as he had done in the forest. As the two influential nations swayed where they stood, wrapped in eachother, tongues twisting together as their arms were twisting around their bodies, chaos once erupted around the two lovers.

Neither cared in the slightest about whatever super virus needed discussing as Germany had regained the stand and bellowed, "Order! Order! Gott Verdammt, this is a meeting!" The irate German turned to the couple, "Get back to your seats und compose yourselves!"

Still lost in eachother they paid no heed, and were only too happy to allow themselves to be thrown from the meeting.

As the door closed with a resounding bang, even shutting out England and France's now loudly continued fight, and Germany's "Scheiße!" as he closed it, America reluctantly released his Russian love.

"Alfred, do you have any idea what you have done with that speech? We will each be working constantly to repair the damage for at least another month." Ivan shook his head, but still smiling continued to hold his Americanski close.

Running his hand through pale silvery hair, over the ear where the rose had been, Alfred grinned. "'s September now, you'll just have to come visit me for Halloween."


And with that Ivan Kupala day ends, but the two lovebirds look forward to an American Halloween! I won't give anything away, but believe me what the two decide to do will change things quite a bit and piss off...well everyone, but they won't care in the slightest! (:

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Before I go, I did get a review concerning the Russian I have used throughout the story; I am not the best at clear phonetic spelling, but I assume the avarage reader wants romanized versions of the cyrillic, so I apologize to any Russian speaking readers who may have been confused by some of my words, or mistakes I may have made. I've had classes, but of course, English is my native tongue and I am still learning more Russian all the time. If you see a mistake, please dont hesitate to send me a PM and correct me (: I'd be most appreciative as you would be helping me out as I continue to learn more of this beautiful language.

The Cyrillic words I romanized are here for clarity: I think I'll probably do this from now on, just cause it's way easier and more informative in general.

доброе утро - Dobra Utra (like Ootruh) Good Morning

Однако - odnako - exclamation, lit. "however", used to express amazement.

Ёлки палки - Yolki palki - for crying out loud!

Ёбаный - Yobabiy adj. form of 'fucking' as in "that fucking poland!"

Я тоже тебя люблю - I love you too.

Poem and Song used:

Love is Unbounded - Leonid Martynow.

This land is my land - Woody Guthrie

Again, I hope you all have enjoyed reading this, I know I have enjoyed writing it immensely! Please, Pazhaloosta (Пожалуйста) review, my dear sweet readers, I love ya so!