Ash's Predictament Chapter 1

The setting is the unova region on the pinwheel forest side of skyarrow bridge. Ash,along with unova region companions Iris and Cilan,continue their quest of the unova region where ash hopes to enter the unova league. After the defeat of lenora in necrene city ash is on his way to the next gym in castelia city where he hopes to compete for his third gym badge. It is a sunny and great afternoon as the trio pass the check gate and begin walking across the long skyarrow bridge.

"Ah,what a nice day today. great day to cross the beautiful skyarrow bridge isn't it?" says cilan walking alongside iris

"Yeah is it,and the perfect day to acquire my third badge!" ash says walking confidently ahead of them

"oh ash,always so quick to battle. why not relax and enjoy yourself once in a while?" iris says

"well,I can do that anytime but me becoming a pokemon master can't wait! right pikachu?" ash says looking at pikachu on his shoulder

"Pika! Pii, Pika!" Pikachu says

"wow,really want to prove yourself against the best huh ash?" cilan says

"You know it! a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do and a trainer has to do what a trainer has to do too!" ash proclaims throwing his fist in the air

Walking slightly closer to ash, iris then says "You're always so determined and focused ash. that's what I love about you...-"

Ash quickly turns and says "What was that you said?"

"oh,uh,um, I meant that's really admiring of you. you've still got a ways to go though" iris replies

"oh...right" ash says as they continue walking cross the massive bridge.

After a while the gang reaches the halfway point of the bridge so they decide to stop and admire the view of the ships in the distance and the trucks running below them. they feel the gentle breeze passing by them as they then look towards the other side of the bridge where castelia city lies viewing the skyline of the tall buildings.

"wow,castelia city is beautiful to look at from this bridge." says cilan leaning on a railing

"yeah it is. can't wait to get there!" ash says also leaning against the rail

"so...ash. I've heard castelia city has a lot of attractions. cafes,a park,a movie theater,and a dock too. so when we get there you want to check them out with me?" iris says as she casually stands next to ash then attempts to grab his hand.
Ash,unknowningly, steps away from the railing and faces forward towards castelia city before iris grabs his hand then says "Hah,all this anticipation is getting me pumped. I can't wait to see what the next gym is like and how strong the gym leader is!"

iris just stands there looking a little disappointed and says silently "oh ash..." while cilan looks back and them and smiles

A few moments later they finally arrive in castelia city. they are all in awe of how big the city truly is while they're in it. looking around there are plenty of attractions from battle towers to luxury cruises. their first stop naturally is the pokemon center which is conveniently close to where they are. after several minutes a nurse joy comes out to the group who are waiting in the lobby area and says "there,all your pokemon are healed ash. good as new"

"Great!" ash says standing up "now I'm ready for the gym battle! haha!"

"oh,you're challenging the gym are you?" nurse joy says

"yeah,I got two badges and going for my third!"


"Huh?" the three says in unison

"the thing is the gym is closed for today. its a special town event you see." nurse joy says


"aww,too bad ash. you were looking forward to that gym battle." cilan says while ash slumps down

Iris then comes up to ash and says "oh,don't worry ash. we've got plenty to do here until tomorrow. you'll have your gym battle but for now let's go out and enjoy ourselves."
Then axew comes out of iris's hair and says "Ax, axew!"

cilan walks up and says "yeah ash. let's enjoy the flavor this town brings!" as he walks towards the door while ash,still in a slump, says "oookkk..."

then iris gets unusually close to ash and holds his arm gently pulling him and says "come on ash,cheer up. we'll have fun together."

As they walk out of the pokemon center cilan,walking behind them,sees they're real close together walking and says to himself "wow...had no idea they were that close.."

Hope you like it. this is the first chapter. next one's coming soon...