Ash's Predictament Chapter 15

Later on, the sun is setting and everyone has now returned to the pokemon center. misty, may, dawn, and iris are all together in the backroom where the beds are getting their stuff together.

"so'd your "date" go?" says may

"pretty well, in fact I'd say me and ash got closer" says iris

"uh-huh..." says may

"now look here! it doesn't matter if you went out to dinner with him! cause...cause I'm ash's girl!" says dawn

"hmm, funny. I seem to recall him traveling with me now, which means I'm ash's girl!" says iris

"that doesn't matter, cause ash likes me the best!" says dawn

"no, he likes me the best!" says iris

"heh, you're both wrong. did you see the way ash looked at me during my match? it's obvious who he likes the best." says may

"yeah, me!" says iris and dawn.

The three then glare at one another until misty steps in between them.

"alright, alright, that's enough you three. We've already had our battles today, there's no need for any more. What would ash say if he saw us? Look, iris won the tournament fair and square. She earned the right to go out with ash." says misty.

"but..." says dawn

misty shakes her head then says "look at us, bickering like this. like little children. we're above this, aren't we? if you think about it we shouldn't be fighting, we should be friends. after all we do have some things in common. we're all trainers, we're all traveling to reach our goals, and we all happen to like the same guy, ash. I think we can all agree ash is the best, even if he is stubborn at times..."

"and clumsy.." says may

"and absentminded.." says dawn

"and acts like a little kid sometimes.." says iris

the four of them share a laugh thinking about it.

"but that's what makes ash ash, and thats what we like about him." says misty

everyone in the room nods.

"so what do you say? no more fighting." says misty

the others nod again.

"truce." says misty holding out her hand.

Iris, dawn, and may all do the same. They all put their hands together one on top of another.

"ok, we'll all care for ash, and whomever ash picks to be his girlfriend, no hard feelings." says misty

"right!" says may, dawn, and iris

"...of course you girls know, he's going to pick me..." says misty

"no, he's picking me." says iris

"no, me." says may and dawn.

Meanwhile in the main lobby of the pokemon center ash is sitting down and cilan is standing up next to him.

"wow, some day, huh ash?" says cilan

"yeah it was." says ash

"so, how did it feel being the center of attention?" says cilan

"um, kinda weird. it was a bit too much attention. Kinda reminds me of a chikorita I caught long ago that was real attached to me. It's now a bayleef." says ash

"ah, I see." says cilan.

Then the center's nurse joy walks up and says "excuse me, are you ash ketchum?"

"yeah, that's me." says ash

"you have a call waiting for you. Its from someone who says they know you." says nurse joy

"oh, ok." says ash standing up.

He walks over to where the video phones are and sees one that says "on hold" on the video monitor. He picks up the receiver and says "hello, this is ash."

a familar voice on the other end says "hey, its been a while huh? What's up?"
then on the video monitor ash sees that its brock on the line.
"remember me, ash?" says brock

"ah, brock its you! of course I remember!" says ash

"yup, its me! How's it going?" says brock

"fine. I'm just fine. You?" says ash

"I've been good. Professor oak told me you were in the unova region now and would probably be in castelia city so I decided to give you a call. So, battling to be in the unova league I take it?" says brock

"yup, got three badges so far and some new, tough pokemon. What have you been up to?" says ash

"oh, you know, the same. Training to be a great pokemon breeder. been at home in pewter city most of the time but right now I'm in celadon city with a... special someone. To tell you the truth... I'm going on a date!" says brock

"huh? A date?" says ash

"yeah! believe it or not, I've got a girlfriend now! The brockster finally won one over! she's getting ready now." says brock

then in the background a voice says "oh, brock. here you are."

brock looks away from the monitor and says "yeah, I'm talking to a friend on the phone. oh, come here a minute."
he turns back to the monitor and says "ash, let me introduce you to her. actually you've met her before, in fact you've battled her. She's the frontier brain of the battle pike, queen lucy!"

brock slides over and lucy steps in front of the monitor. she's wearing a light blue sleeveless top with a light blue skirt and white belt.

"ah, its you!" says ash

"oh, hello there ash. long time no see. you're looking well." says lucy

"yeah, you're looking well too." says ash

"thank you. oh and best of luck on your journey. well, I'll leave you two to catch up...oh, brock... I'm ready now." says lucy blushing

"ok, I'll just be a minute." says brock as he turns back to ash.
"so what do you think ash? isn't she the best! it's been amazing since we started dating. I mean she's smart, funny, kind, and attractive, and she's good with pokemon. on top of that, she really likes me for me! plus let me tell you she's got some stamina. I mean wow, she just keeps going and going and-"

"Brock!..." says lucy in the background.

"oh,right. sorry lucy! I-I'm coming right now!...hey, gotta go,ash. good luck with your unova league challenge. I'll keep in touch." says brock

"ok, see you, brock." says ash as he hangs up.
He then walks back to the main lobby.

"that brock..." he says to himself chuckling a little.

"Hey, ash." a voice says

Ash turns around to see misty standing there.

"oh,misty." says ash

"what're you up to?" says misty

"nothing, just got a call from brock." says ash

"oh really? brock? how is he?" says misty

"he's fine. he's in celadon city now." says ash

"oh? wonder what he's doing there? probably hitting on girls again..." says misty

"hahahaha...something like that..." says ash

"anyway, um, ash? I have something to tell you." says misty

"huh?" says ash

A few seconds later.

"what? you have to go to cerulean city right away?" says ash

"yeah, gym leader duties. I really wish I could've stayed longer." says misty

"oh...that's ok...I know you're busy.." says ash

"but...don't worry ash. we'll see each other again, I'm sure of it. I'll try to keep in contact with you...and, ash...if...if you ever need a...traveling companion... all you have to do is ask me. I'll be happy to..." says misty blushing

"uh...ok." says ash blushing

"well...I'd better get going. good luck in the unova league. well, I guess this is... goodbye for now ash." says misty

"yeah, goodbye misty. be safe." says ash

Misty waves then starts to walk towards the entrance. before she walks out she suddenly stops in front of the door.
"oh." she says as she then walks back toward ash.

"huh? forget something?" says ash

"yeah, I did. how could I forget something so important." says misty as she stands close to ash.

she then leans in and kisses him on the lips. after a few seconds she backs away and ash stands, wide-eyed, with his entire face red.

"...just wanted to give you something to remember me by. well, later, ash." says misty who then walks out the front entrance looking back at ash briefly.

Ash is left there speechless with his face still red.

"s-she...just kissed me..." thinks ash


Ash looks and sees may coming to him.

"oh, may." says ash

"sorry to say but I've gotta head back to hoenn. I hope I get to see you again. oh,and...uh...when you're finished with the unova league...come and pay me a visit, ok?" says may

"sure, I will." says ash

", one more thing." may says getting closer to ash.

she then kisses him. it lasts about as long as misty's kiss and once again ash's face turned red and he starts to shiver a little.

"ok,um...bye ash." says may waving back as she walks out leaving ash standing there

"t-t-two kisses?!" thinks ash

"oh, Ash!"

Ash turns again seeing dawn this time. she runs up close to ash putting her arms around his neck.

"I've gotta leave now. sorry I can't stay. but I promise I'll be back to see you real soon!" says dawn

"uh,ok." says ash

Dawn smiles and then she suddenly kisses him. dawn's kiss is significantly longer than the first two. as she backs up after kissing him ash starts to wobble around lightheaded.

"bye ash, I'll miss you! don't forget me, ok?" says dawn as she darts out the front entrance.

Ash waves at her, still wobbling. he then starts to walk backwards and falls back on the bench, then leans back dizzy eyed. meanwhile cilan who witnessed some of this is standing right outside the pokemon center.

"heh heh heh, wow ash. how lucky. however ash, you aren't the only one who can handle more than one girl at once. isn't that right, girls?" says cilan as he walks over and puts his arms around two girls who happen to be burgundy and georgia.

"right, cilan!" says burgundy energetically

"sure...let's just do this." says georgia

"my pleasure" says cilan as the three start walking

He then slides his hand down georgia's back and gently squeezes her butt.

"hey, watch your hand." says georgia

Elsewhere outside of some buildings, sitting at a small table are jesse and james of team rocket in their usual white uniforms drinking what appears to be tea.

"another successful mission today..." says james

"yes, hopefully the rest of the operation will go as planned." says jesse

"...great work as always, jesse. you're so commanding...yet so beautiful and elegant." says james

" too, james. so handsome and dashing..." says jesse



The two lean on the table towards each other as if going for a kiss. they slowly get closer and closer. just then meowth comes up to the table.

"I'm back!" says meowth

james and jesse jump back into their seats quickly. at around the same time on the castelia city side of skyarrow bridge, professor juniper is leaning against the bridge railing looking at a sheet of paper which looks like a profile of ash with a picture of him.

"ash ketchum...mmm...I look forward to see how you grow, both as a trainer and as a man..." she says to herself.

A half hour later ash along with cilan and iris are walking through town headed for the gateway to route 4.

"ok gang, up ahead is route 4 which leads to our next destination, nimbasa city. we're on the right path." says cilan holding a map

"Alright! that's where my next gym battle is, can't wait!" says ash

"nimbasa city, I've always wanted to go there! there are so many attractions. how exciting!" says iris
she then grabs ash's arm and says "let's go, ash!"

"uh,sure, iris" says ash as the two walk ahead together

"heh heh heh...I can tell, this combination's gonna be interesting to watch." cilan says to himself then runs and catches up to ash and iris

a minute later the three pass through the gate and walk into the distance.

And so, after the stop at castelia city became more eventful then expected our heroes continue on their quest. but still, there are several questions yet to be answered. who will ash choose to be his girlfriend? or will he be able to choose just one? what was going on between cilan, burgundy, and georgia? and what about the relationship between jesse and james? or brock and lucy? is professor juniper a cougar? these questions will be answered in time as the journey continues...

The End

Hello everyone, seiji here. hope you enjoyed reading my story as much as I enjoyed writing it. now time for the million dollar question: who should ash's girlfriend be? though their behavior in this story was exaggerated I do believe all 4 girls have a thing for ash, so I want to hear from you. who should ash be with: Misty, May, Dawn, or Iris? post a comment and tell us what you think. Thanks!