Ash's Predictament Chapter 6

He thinks about iris and their travels up to this point. he can feel his heartbeat steadily increasing just thinking about it.

"a...a little bit, I...guess"

Professor Juniper smiles and chuckles a little then says "I can certainly see why iris has taken a liking to you"

"Huh?" says ash

"If you don't mind me saying, I think you're a very kind boy...and..."
she then slides closer to him and places her finger under his chin.

"you're pretty cute, too."

Ash looks at her, puzzled, as she pulls her hand back.

"I'm sure it must be hard for you to sort out your true feelings right now, but...I'll bet it was just as hard for iris as well. sometimes in life you must give way to caution and let something go, but sometimes..."
she then suddenly places her leg on top of his and leans in very close to him.

"you should just throw caution to the wind and go for it.."

For a few seconds she stares into his eyes. He blushes feeling the warmth of her leg on his. She smiles then stands up.

"well I'd better get going. enjoyed talking with you,ash. good luck with your gym battle...and everything else. Oh!..."
she goes into her pocket and pulls out a slip of paper, then bends over and hands it to ash.

"here's my number. give me a call whenever you want, and maybe sometime I could give you a private lesson on how to treat a girl" she says winking at him.

"uh...ok" he says

"Bye-bye!" she says as she leaves waving back at him. He waves bye then stands up watching her walk away.

"...what was that all about?" he says to himself.

Unaware to ash, watching from a distant, jesse, james, and meowth of team rocket observe.

"look there, it's the twerp" says james

"yes, being as carefree as ever I see" says jesse

"looks like he and the professor lady are getting friendly" says meowth

"well no matter. let's go, we have to fulfill our mission" says jesse

"Right! says james and meowth.

The three walk away into the crowd.

"I wish me and jesse could be like that. I'd love to tap that someday..." James thinks to himself

"Ever since we came to unova it's been nothing but missions. I wish james would make a move on me already..." thinks jesse

" two are made for each other" thinks meowth

"Hey ash!" A voice says.
Ash turns around to see iris running to him with sodas in hand.

"Iris!" ash says

Iris pants a little then says "sorry I took so long. here you go" and hands him a soda

"thanks!" ash says as he takes the soda, opens it and drinks.

"so ash...did you think about what I said earlier?" asks iris

when she says that, ash spits out some of the soda he's drinking then looks at iris and says "uh, a little"
He then looks around and says "well, it's getting late. we'd better meet up with cilan and find a place to stay for the night"

"oh, yeah guess you're right. ok, let's go then" says iris in a slightly sad voice.

Ash nods then the two walk together around the crowd of people and out of the central plaza. Iris, walking behind ash, looks at him lovingly then smiles