AN: hey guys this is my first time trying this so let me know if I suck. sorry for any rough grammer:)

summary: I like the stories where the cullens read the books ahead of time but I wante to try one of my own where Edwards already left Bella in newmoon, this is gunna be set bout the same time Bella goes out with Jess to the movies. Edward gets a text from n unknown number that tells him its important he goes to visit his family, that everyones life could be at risk including Bellas. mean while his family are still in Denali Alaska and are about to leave. However they also get a text each along with the Denali coven, this time telling them to read the books that are out side but to wait untill Edward was there as its to do with their families future.

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It had been four months since Edward had left bella he felt empty the only thing keeping him going was known she was out there in Forks safe from the dangers of his world.

He wasn't sure where he was except that he was standing in the middle of an open feild that seemed to go on and on, the sound of his phone buzzing braught him out of his trance.


Although Edward didn't know who the text was from he got up and headed straight to Denali.

Mean while his family along with Denalis all gathered after recieveing a similar text even Laurent was there. Just as everyone got comfortable Edward came rushing through the door to see them all gathered in the living room staring at a stack of three books he tried reading their thoughts but it was all jumbled.

"Does anyone want to tell me why we are all at risk even Bella if we're not with her?" Edaward broke the awkward silence as everyone else looked just as confused.

Tanya spoke first " we dont know we all just got told it was imporant to read these bookss that their about our future that some of it could be changed if we did it now."

"But I dont understand how this involves Bella she isn't here" he said quietly.

Just then a note appeared ontop of the pile of books, Alice grabbed the note and read it out loud for everyone to hear.

Dear Cullens and Denalis.

These books i have sent you are of what Bella is doing at this time and eventually it will show the all of your futures that is going to happen unless you change it. That said there are some bad thing that will happen to certain people as you will find will die some sooner some later. So heres your chance make the good things happen and stop the bad.

You will be going back to Forks but you must read all the books first.

All of them are from Bellas thoughts except apart of breaking dawn but dont worry that wont last long.

good luck S.M

They all sat in stunned silence, all the Cullens thoughts where buzzing with the thought of knowing what Bella was up to.