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Night Together

Walking into the Gryffindor's hallway Scorpius hung up his coat and toed off his shoes like he owned the place. Heading into the front parlor while the other man did the same the Slytherin looked around the room, finding it as comfortable and homey as usual. The man was better at that sort of thing. They both spent more time at work than they did at their apartments, but his place lacked the warmth of Albus's place. His was so bad that his partner had offered more than once to take him shopping.

Hearing the other man coming up behind him Scorpius turned around to face him. "I'm still hungry. That fancy food was good, but they never give you enough. Feed me."

Shaking his head Albus changed direction, heading for the kitchen with Scorpius on his heels. Turning on the lights the Gryffindor pointed towards his cabinets and fridge. "You want food, you can make it. I'm good." And leaving the Slytherin to forge for himself Albus went over to kneel in front of one of his bottom cupboards, retrieving the bottle of whiskey he kept for when Scorpius was visiting.

A drink sounded good to him.

Getting out two glasses the Gryffindor poured the whiskey in them, glancing over when he heard the sound of the Slytherin rustling around in his utensil drawer. That's when he noticed what his partner had helped himself to while he was getting the drinks ready.

"That's my ice cream!"

"You said to help myself." Scorpius pointed out as he jabbed a spoon into the treat, then walked over to retrieve one of the whiskey glasses, toasting the Gryffindor with it before heading back towards the parlor.

Hot on his partner's heels Albus glared at the man's back. "I didn't mean my Heavenly Hash ice cream! You know how I feel about Heavenly Hash ice cream, you jerk! Give me back my ice cream!"

Sprawling on the Gryffindor's couch Scorpius pulled out the spoon and bring it up to his lips deliberately savored the ice cream that clung to it.

"Bastard." Taking a seat beside the Slytherin Albus sulkily sipped his whiskey as he watched his partner eat HIS ice cream.

Scooping up a fair amount of ice cream onto the spoon Scorpius leaned forward and offered the ice cream to his partner, smiling a little when Albus gave him a dark look and then moved in to accept the offering, the Gryffindor obviously taking a sensual delight in the cold treat.

The man did love his Heavenly Hash ice cream.

Without a word Scorpius fed them both, Albus moving in closer to share the ice cream. The whiskey went forgotten on the coffee table, they had eyes only for each other and the shared treat.

Smiling now as he watched the Slytherin enjoy his spoonful of ice cream, Albus couldn't help but feel gooey. He loved moments like this. Ordinary moments when they were just so…together. This was how it would be if they really were the couple they'd pretended to be earlier. Coming home together, unwinding after their workday with drinks and ice cream. Yeah, this would be the life, Albus thought with a small sigh.

"What's the sigh for? I'm sharing."

Accepting his share of the next scoop Albus smiled and savored the bite before answering. "Yes, you're sharing. Ignore my sighing."

"As an Auror you should know that we aren't put off so easily. Being overly curious is part of the job description." When the other man just shrugged the Slytherin tilted his head thoughtfully as he stirred the spoon in the melting ice cream. And as if he could read the Gryffindor's mind Scorpius pointed the spoon in his partner's direction. "It's nice, relaxing like this. We need to do this more often."

"You don't share ice cream with Rory and your boyfriends?"

"Rorake's gets his own ice cream, and the boyfriends…well occasionally ice cream is involved." Scorpius answered with a gleam in his eyes.

A naked Scorpius with ice cream on top. With Heavenly Hash ice cream on top. Why had he never thought of this before? Best dessert EVER!

Man…he was so not going to get any sleep imagining that tonight, Albus thought ruefully.

Mind similarly occupied Scorpius couldn't help but wish that the opportunity would present itself someday in the near future. He would give much for the chance to licked melted ice cream off the Gryffindor stomach. Though he'd prefer chocolate or caramel sauce. He was flexible though, in more ways than one, the Slytherin thought wickedly.

"So fancy a game of Scrabble?" Albus asked, knowing himself well enough to know he needed the mental distraction. There was half a pint of ice cream still in his freezer and it was best if he forgot that for the rest of Scorpius's visit.

"That Muggle game your cousin Rosie likes so much?"

Albus nodded. "And she kicks my ass every time. It will be nice to win for a change." He added with challenge in his voice.

"If you're insinuating that you're smarter than I am I will shortly prove how wrong you are. And will eat another whole bowl of your ice cream while you watch to celebrate my first, overwhelming victory over you."

"That's just mean." Was Albus's opinion. "But since I'm going to win I don't suppose it matters."

"Overall champion for tonight gets free coffee and donuts for a week, curtsy of the loser, deal?" Holding out a hand Scorpius smiled in anticipating when his hand was shaken in agreement. "Your ice cream is mine."

"We'll just see about that."


After paying for his purchases Rorake headed out of the bakery, ignoring the fact that he'd left a seething Gryffindor plotting his untimely demise behind him. That was nothing new. Apparating to his place Rorake let himself into his house, imagining that the high maintenance blonde would spend the rest of the night pissed off. Too bad, so sad, the Slytherin thought with a look in his eye that suited his house well. Walking into his kitchen Rorake was in the process of stashing the cookies he'd bought in his cookie jar when he heard the sound of someone pounding on his front door with a great deal more force than was strictly necessary.

Gee, I wonder who that could be, Rorake thought with a smirk as he left his kitchen to see what the blonde had in store for him, flicking on his hallway light. Pausing in the process of grasping the knob an evil grin came into the Slytherin's eyes as he reached down and undid all the buttons of his shirt, spreading it open for added effect.

That would really screw with the Gryffindor's head.

Opening the door with a properly disinterested look Rorake slouched against the doorway. "Yes?"

Louis stared at the Slytherin in shock. "Your shirt's open! Why is your shirt open! Didn't your mother ever teach you to be properly dressed when you open your door to someone? Even Slytherins should have better manners."

But what a chest, Louis thought as he struggled not to drool. All that tanned skin hugging all those delightful dips and curves that made up the man's mouthwatering six pack. And there was something that resembled a long, black, reptilian sort of tail curling around the man's right nipple, teasing it. The way it curved suggested that the man had a bigger tattoo attached to that tail that he couldn't see thanks to the man's shirt.

He wanted to see!

"This is my house. I can walk around naked if I want to."

Oh great, now he was imagining the man walking around naked.

Lips twitching, since he had a pretty good idea what was going through the Gryffindor's mind, Rorake allowed a small grin to cross his face. "I know you're hard up for a man, given that you keep throwing yourself at me even though I've told you I'm not interested, but coming here like this…man you are hard up, aren't you?"

"I am not hard up! I could get any man I wanted."

"You haven't got me." And deliberately staring below the Gryffindor's belt Rorake put plenty of sass in his voice. "But then that's only to be expected, if you have problems getting hard and up."

Making a strangling sound Louis opened and closed his mouth, and then the Gryffindor burst into peals of laughter, wrapping his arms around his waist as he doubled over with mirth.

And it was that reaction that had the Slytherin reaching out without considering the possible consequences. Firmly cupping the back of the other man's head Rorake leaned forward to place a quick, almost friendly kiss on the surprised blonde's lips. "It's a damn shame you're so high maintenance." He murmured as he drew away, sorry he could only have that small taste.

"What was that?" Louis demanded to know, the brief caress of mouths cutting short his laughter like someone had flipped a switch in him. He couldn't stop himself from touching his fingers to his lips as he stared up at the Slytherin, fighting back the urge to blush like the school boy he suddenly felt like.

Rorake didn't quite know what it was either, since he'd thought that it would be okay so long as he kept things light. Apparently he'd underestimated the sex appeal of the fiery blonde before him. That the Gryffindor looked sort of cute, acting the way he was, was startling as well.

But the Gryffindor was waiting for a reply, so he had to come up with something. Luckily for him, seven years in the Slytherin house had given him a mind wired to formulate smart remarks on the fly. "If you don't know what a kiss is…we'll that leaves me a bit concerned as to just what you've been up to with those poor bastards you went after before me. Never heard of foreplay, Weasley?"

Crossing his arms in front of him Louis gave the Slytherin a dark look. "I know more about foreplay now than you ever will, Goyle."

"Don't be so sure. A snake is my house mascot after all. We're very good with our tongues."

"Given the way you kiss I don't think even a talented tongue can save you." Louis returned with a sassy toss of his head, even as his mind imagined all sorts of ways he'd like to become acquainted with the other man's tongue.

"I'd prove you wrong but that would mean kissing you."

"And just what is that supposed to mean?" Louis demanded to know.

Rorake shrugged his shoulders dismissively. "Just that I have absolutely no incentive to repeat the experience of kissing you, Weasley."

"Oh I'll give you an incentive."The Gryffindor all but snarled as he grabbed the man's head and yanked it towards him as he plastered himself up against the Slytherin, snogging the man with all the skill he possessed. And he had skills, oh did he have skills, Louis thought dimly, but he had never encountered a mouth quite like the one pressed against his own. The taste of the damn man's mouth seduced him, challenged him, made him want to mark Rorake Goyle's lips as his exclusive territory.

Slanting his head as he moved his hands to dig his fingers into the Slytherin's muscled shoulders Louis groaned low in his throat as he deepened the kiss, taking the Slytherin over with rhythmic thrusts of his tongue.

Moaning in response Rorake instinctively stumbled backwards so that they were in his hallway, the Slytherin reaching out with one hand to close the door so that he could back the Gryffindor up against it, sandwiching the blonde between him and the hard surface.

On a sound of approval Louis rubbed himself up against the Slytherin, reaching out to yank and pull at the shirt the Slytherin was only half wearing, wanting it off. He wanted to touch the man's bare skin, he wanted to see that tattoo and trace the design with his tongue, the Gryffindor thought frantically, making a sound of anger when Rorake pulled away, though the next sound was approval as he watched the man take off his shirt and throw it to the ground before coming back to continue ravishing him against the door.

Lips moving, hands grasping, their bodies dilating against the other's as they forgot about their verbal sparing and concentrated on another battle. And when they couldn't stand the heat any more Rorake apparated them from his hallway and into his bedroom, the two landing on their sides on his waiting bed with desperate needs coursing through their veins.

Shedding their clothing as quickly as possible the two had eyes only for each other, Louis moaning out his pleasure as the Slytherin straddled him, the larger man's lips on his throat while he ran his hands through the brunette's short curls. "I want to see that tattoo of yours."


"Later." Louis huskily agreed as he lifted one leg up to wrap it around the Slytherin's waist.

Growling his approval Rorake ran a hand up that leg and grasped the other, bringing that around his waist as well, panting hard when the blonde tightened his legs around him, rubbing against him as the Gryffindor arched beneath him. Damn but he was so beautifully erotic, Rorake thought as he licked his lips, sliding a hand between those legs so that he could intimately stroke the other man.

Throwing back his head Louis moved into the finger, crying out his approval when the Slytherin inserted another finger to pleasure him further. And when he couldn't take any more he demanded the man come inside him and give him what he wanted, making it clear that he was expecting one hell of a memorable orgasm ASAP.

And wonders of wonder, the Slytherin finally listened to him.

Did he ever listen to him.


Coming back to the parlor after a visit to the loo Scorpius paused when he noted the time on a nearby clock. It was almost two in the morning, probably time for them both to turn in. Albus had already made up the guest room for him earlier after a break from their Scrabble tournament. He was winning, which pleased him, and he had no problem ending the game that way.

Stifling a small yawn the Slytherin raised an eyebrow when he saw that in his absence the Gryffindor had closed his eyes and kept them that way. Was the man asleep?

Walking over Scorpius leaned in to remove the man's glasses, taking the fact that his partner didn't stir to mean that Albus really had fallen asleep on him. "Such a bad host you are, Al." And since he was out the Slytherin let himself reach out with his fingers to gently stroke the other man's cheek, caressing the skin with a loving touch, smiling a little when the Gryffindor sleepily moved into the touch like a cat seeking to be stroked.

Finally forcing himself to stop the Slytherin reached out to gently shake the man's shoulder, chuckling when Albus's eyes opened slightly, the Gryffindor making a sound of disgust over being woken up even a little.

Moving the coffee table so that it wouldn't be in the way the blonde turned back and grasping the man's upper arms hauled the grumbling Gryffindor to his feet, not minding at all when his partner leaned into him, cuddling close as he wrapped his arms around the Slytherin's waist. Shifting his grip so that he was holding the other man back Scorpius moved them in a sort of dance out of the parlor, alternately leading and propping the tired man up in his arms.

And it worked well enough, Albus remaining half asleep the entire time as he was herded towards his bedroom, vaguely aware of the fact that he was moving but trusting his partner too much to worry about the need to be on his guard. He was in Scorpius's arms and therefore safe.

Arriving in the other man's bedroom Scorpius reached out with one hand to pull back the covers and then with a great deal of shifting and contorting managed to get the Gryffindor onto the bed without dropping him. That done Scorpius gave himself the tormenting pleasure of undressing the man, both thankful and not that the man was wearing boxers today. It would be fair for him to see the other man naked though, the Slytherin thought, itching to remove those as well. The Gryffindor had seen him naked in the shower after all. One little peek…it couldn't hurt.

Man but he had it bad.

Embarrassed by his perverted thoughts Scorpius shook his head and resolutely brought the covers up and over the Gryffindor, reaching out to smooth down the other man's already ruffled hair. Leaning down the Slytherin held the man's bangs back with one hand, and with the other braced himself so that he could place a chaste kiss on the man's forehead.

"Good night, Partner."

Making a small sound of agreement Albus said Scorpius's name so softly that the Slytherin almost missed it.

Turning Scorpius stooped down a little so that he could hear the Gryffindor. "What is it then?"

"I love you."

Dumbstruck, Scorpius stared at the Gryffindor, brain struggling to process what the other man had just said and admitted to. Because that had not been an 'I love you' in a friends sort of way. Most definitely not, the tone had said it all. Albus loved him? Really loved him? Was romantically interested in him? Could he have really missed that fact? The Gryffindor had called him by name first so the sentiment had been for him, right? His partner wasn't dating anyone at the moment after all, so who could he be mistaken for if the words had not been for him.

Did his partner love him, Scorpius wondered as he stared hard at the Gryffindor who might have possibly just confessed to him in his sleep.

The man in question who was obviously fast asleep, and with a very pleased smile on his lips.

Which just figured, Scorpius thought as he watched the man sleep, having no idea what he was supposed to do now.

But he knew for sure that it was going to be a long, long night for him.