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Chapter 14

Ash entered the waiting lounge, Dawn right behind him, and saw Espeon right where he had been left. He noticed the sun pokemon was still stewing however.
"You know, you really should forgive him. All that hate is not good for you." Ash told the stewing pokemon.
'After what has been done to me, forgiveness is the last thing he'll get from me.' Espeon replied in a cold tone. Ash was silent for a moment, then decided on something.
"Something can be done about it. The science on it has greatly improved your chances. We could-"
'NO!' The mental shout nearly made Ash clap his hands to his ears, not that it would do any good. 'I refuse. It may have improved but one aspect still remains. I won't do it!' Espeon immediately winced though when he felt his master's hurt emphatically. 'Forgive me Ash, I didn't mean to snap. It's just that the life I would have to live if I agreed, it sickens me thinking about it. What good would I be? What could I possibly do? I'm damned if I do, yet I'm damned if I don't. I want to live the life I have the way I want, and I want to help you as much as I can. I can't do that if I go through with that.' Silence fell between the two, then Ash broke it.
"I just want what's best for you." He said as he softly stroked his friend.
'I know.' Espeon replied, leaning into Ash's hand. The moment ended when Dawn approached.
"Dang it Ash, how was I supposed to know you had a legendary as well." She whined.
"Did I not tell you repeatedly to not underestimate me Dawn? You have only yourself to blame." Ash replied in an amused tone. Dawn just let out a sigh of defeat, but perked up when she remembered something.
"Hey Pikachu, I have someone here who's really missed you." She said, and summoned one of her pokemon. Pikachu was completely blindsided. One second he had been standing attentively on Ash's shoulder, curious about which old friend he'd be meeting, and the next, he was snatched up by a blur of brown. Ash couldn't help but chuckle at the sight. Pikachu was currently trapped in a fierce hug by Dawn's Lopunny, which was formerly her Buneary, and due to Pikachu's size, he was hanging limp as the female clutched him right into her chest while she twirled around in happiness.
"Well Pikachu's sure found himself in a bit of a bind. Shall we help him, Espeon?"
'Why bother, the pervert's enjoying every second.' replied Espeon humorously. Sure enough, when Pikachu was pulled away from his old girlfriend's 'cleavage', his eyes were half lidded, a content grin was on his face, and a trail of blood leaking from his nose completed the look. Lopunny then whispered something into her old crush's ear, and Pikachu suddenly fainted, his grin even wider. Dawn just facepalmed in exasperation.
"Lopunny, stop molesting Pikachu. Sorry about that Ash." Ash waved her concerns off.
"No need to apologize for something that he obviously enjoyed." Suddenly, two soft mounds pressed into the back of Ash's head, and two arms wrapped themselves around him.
'Guess who?' Said a soft loving voice in his mind, causing Ash to smile.
"Hello Amy." Replied Ash. Soon The disguised Eon pokemon let go of him and sat down beside him. To the others in the room it looked like the two were just sitting together enjoying each others company, but in actuality the two were having a small telepathic conversation.
"Ah, to be young and in love." Said Drake fondly. Brock was smiling for the couple, and the girls were awing. Suddenly, something interesting happened on the stage.

In the judges corner, the four judges were talking animatedly over the battle between the two legendaries. Wallace had felt both inspired and threatened. Unbeknownst to everyone, Wallace had trained Ash when he had asked for help concerning his water types. He also trained Ash as a coordinator. Wallace felt that he needed to show off against his pupil to show the boy he still had much to learn. Calling over Vivian, he discussed his plan with her and the other three judges, which they agreed to.
"Attention everyone," Vivian called out, getting the audience's attention, "Due to this being one of the most exciting contests ever hosted, Wallace has decided to give an appeal of his own during this five minute break period. So please put your hands together for Hoenn's champion and contest extrordinaire, Wallace!" The sound was nearly deafening, thousands of cheers and screams of adoration blending into a cacophony of sound, all directed at the man who was now standing on the stage. Soon the cheers ended and the audience waited. One moment passed, then two, and on the third moment Wallace sprung into action.
"Milotic, Kingdra, flow with absolute grace my friends." Said Wallace as he threw a pokeball, Milotic gliding into the pool without so much as a ripple. The thrown pokeball burst open, letting out a storm of bubbles, which coalesced and burst to reveal Kingdra.
"Alright Kingdra, use Twister." With a call of confirmation, Kingdra immediately summoned a large typhoon, which then became a waterspout as it began sucking up water.
"Milotic, Ice beam at the top." Immediately after the command, Milotic fired a beam of ice cold energy straight at the top of the water twister, which began to freeze. Milotic then began to sculpt the freezing structure, until a large six petalled flower head sat on top of the twister, which now acted like a stem. Milotic then leaped into the twister, riding it all the way up to the flower on top. Once Milotic was in position, Wallace called his next move.
"Kingdra, Flash cannon. Milotic, Safeguard." Kingdra fired a shining ball of energy into the twister, which was quickly swept up and taken into the inner center of the flower. Soon the ice structure began to glow in a myriad of rainbow hues, and Milotic began to dance on the light show while enshrouded in the soft glow of Safeguard, showing off her beauty. Then came the finale.
"Kingdra, Draco meteor!" Kingdra pointed it's snout skywards, and charged raw draconic power, which gathered into a large orb. Kingdra then fired the large ball of pure energy into the sky above the flower. The ball immediately exploded upon reaching the apex of it's climb, and six smaller orbs rained down, striking the petals of the flower. Instead of smashing them however, the meteors acted more like water. Each one behaved like a drop of dew as they flowed down to the tips of the petals, seeming to hang upon them for an eternity, before finally dropping to the water below. As soon they impacted the water, they detonated, and the twister immediately sucked in the released energy. The entire structure glowed a fiery orange, and exploded in a massive column of water droplets and ice crystals. Milotic, with the glow of her Safeguard still active, began to twirl and dance as she gracefully descended through the column, the light she radiated catching on
the water and ice, giving her a beautiful illusory look as she fell to the water below. Soon, Milotic hit the water, barely making any sort of splash, and resurfaced beside her master and appeal partner. The trio then bowed, and the stands erupted into a mighty roar of cheers.
"Folks, that was incredible! Such grace, such beauty, such power! Wallace shows once again why he is known as a master coordinator!" Vivian shouted through the noise, bringing louder cheers from the fans.


Back in the lounge, the small crowd watching was in awe, save one person.

'It appears Ash, your performance against Dawn must have made him feel threatened.' Remarked Espeon.

'So he needs to show off that he's still the top huh. Don't know why he's bothering, I only coordinate when I'm in the mood to, and I only signed up for this one because I was bored and needed something to do while figuring out how to work a relationship between Latias and I.' Ash replied in thought. Soon the usher came into the lounge and told both May and Light to be on standby for the next match. Ash watched with interest as May fought the Unovan coordinator dead even with her Venusaur and Glaceon, thile Light used a Leafeon and Charizard. Just before time ran out, May combined Petal dance and Blizzard to reduce Light's points enough to take the win. Next was Nando and his opponent, Mrs. Mystery. Despite his pokemon's excellent tandem attacks, the mystery coordinator soundly defeated the bard. After that came Zoey and her opponent, who was defeated by knockout. Finally, the semi finals had come, and the first match was Mrs. Mystery against May. Mystery used her Gardevoir and Milotic, while May used Blaziken and Blastoise. The Hoenn coordinator used every trick she had, but ultimately the mystery coordinator seized the victory. That left Ash and Zoey's match for the semi finals. Ash used his Froslass and Meganium while Zoey used her Leafeon and Gallade. The battle was won when Ash had his two pokemon swallow their shadow and energy ball attacks to receive a large power up, and knocked out Zoey's two pokemon with a fusion of Ominous wind, and Petal dance. It was then time for the final battle, Ash versus Mrs. Mystery.

"Here it is folks, the finals of this year's Wallace cup. We've seen some of the finest coordinators participate this year, but only two have made it to the top for one last battle. Let's hear it for Ash Ketchum, and Mrs. Mystery!" At this, the audience went wild, all pent up excitement being released for this final match. Ash walked onto the stage, pokeballs in hand, and stood opposite his opponent, the two separated by the water stage. Ash was taking no chances with this foe, the mystery coordinator had incredible skill and was going to make this a fierce fight for the ribbon. Just then, an usher walked up beside Vivian and whispered something into her ear, the announcer's eyes widening at the news. "Attention everyone, I have an announcement to make. Due to reaching the finals, Mrs. Mystery has allowed us to reveal her identity." Murmurs flew through the audience, and Ash was paying rapt attention. Mrs. Mystery began to reach for her veil. " Ladies and gentlemen, let's here it for the one, the only, Hoenn's dancing dragoness," The veil was snatched off and cast aside. Brock's and Max's jaws hit the floor, May and Dawn flinched back in shock and surprise, Drake did a spit take, and Ash could only stare as his opponent was revealed to be...

"Delia Ketchum!" His own mother.

"M-mom?!" Ash sputtered out, his mind not quite over the shock.

"Hello sweetie." Said Delia cheerfully. "Pretty shocking that your mom's a contest star hmm? After you and everybody else left for Altomare it got very lonely at the house, so I decided to join in on the fun."

"Why didn't you tell me?" Asked Ash, having never known his mother was once a coordinator. A pretty successful one too if she had a stage moniker.

"Why, you never asked." Was her reply, causing Ash to facefault. "But that's neither here nor there, don't we have a battle to fight." That snapped Ash out of his daze, and he once more readied his pokeballs.

"Right, questions later, battle now. You've got some explaining to do when this is all over." He said.

"Coordinators ready, let the battle begin!" Hollered Vivian, and the clock started it's countdown.

(Insert Pokemon X and Y Champion Battle Theme)

"Altaria, Gardevoir, dance with elegance!" Shouted Delia as she threw her pokeballs into the air, which burst open in in a shower of ribbons to reveal her two pokemon.

"Zapdos, Espeon, let's go!" Hollered Ash and in a storm of lightning bolts, his two pokemon were released from their balls. "Espeon, Calm mind. Zapdos, Agility." Zapdos began moving at speeds fast enough to create after images, while Espeon shut his eyes and focused on raising his moves strength and his own fortitude.

"Gardevoir, Shadow ball. Altaria, Dragon pulse." Delia commanded, and her two pokemon leaped into action. Fusing the attacks together as they charged, they fired the combination at Espeon, who still had his eyes closed. A slight twitch of his ear was the only indication that Espeon registered the attack coming, and mere moments before it struck, his eyes snapped open and he flipped clean over the attack, which detonated harmlessly behind him. As soon as Espeon touched ground he shot forwards at speeds that made him look like a lavender blur. Gardevoir blinked in surprise, and flinched back when Espeon was right in front of her, a fully charged Shadow ball in his maw. Letting it loose point blank, the area was obscured in purplish black smoke. Espeon however, wasn't affected.

'Impressive," He telepathed to Gardevoir. "you managed to teleport away at the last instant.'

'I must as well commend your speed.' replied the Gardevoir, 'I haven't battled anything as fast as you before.' She then used Psychic to block a barrage of Shadow ball attacks.

'Let's focus on the battle shall we?" Said Espeon, and with a Psychic attack, enhanced the power of Zapdos' Thunderbolt that was screaming straight for Altaria. The dragon dodged the attack, but was shocked both literally and figuratively when said attack bent ninety degrees and smashed right into her, eliciting a screech of pain. Gardevoir then teleported onto Altaria's back and the two combined Charge beam and Air slash and fired it at Zapdos, who blocked the attack with his Counter shield. Gardevoir was suddenly yanked off of Altaria and thrown back to the ground, but a quick Teleport attack allowed her to reach the floor in a much more graceful manner. Shadow ball charged in hand, she aimed at Espeon, who had appeared in front of her with his own Shadow ball, and suddenly teleported behind the sun pokemon.

'Oh cra-' Was all he got out before Gardevoir's Shadow ball impacted him at point blank, sending him into the water. Likewise, Altaria broke through Zapdos' counter shield, and rammed the electric pokemon with a powerful Dragon rush attack, knocking him out of the air. Zapdos immediately recovered and halted his fall mere feet from the water's surface, and Espeon burst out of the water and onto the electric pokemon's back, soaking wet. Yanking the water off of his body with Psychic, he shaped the spheres of water into needles filled with energy, and fired them at the opposing duo.

'Ash, enough with this mediocre performance. Get serious already.' Espeon telepathed to his master. Ash was still reeling over the fact that his own mother was his opponent, and it was showing in his performance. Glancing at the scoreboard, Ash winced at the fact he was marginally lower in points than his mom, and what was worse, they were at half time.

'Okay, you're right Espeon, no more of this. We need to trounce her team and look good doing it, and I know just how to do it." Charging his gloves with electricity, Ash shot a bolt from his palm, which impacted Zapdos. "Zapdos, re-engage counter shield, then get in with Drill peck. Espeon, style up the countershield with Psychic." With a screeching caw, Zapdos let loose a flurry of lightning bolts which bent and twisted until they were rings of electricity that orbited around the two pokemon. Espeon's eyes then took on an intense blue glow, and the counter shield began to radiate and undulate in multiple colours. Zapdos then rocketed forward while spinning like a tornado, the multicoloured lightning reforming into a more conical shape, heading directly for Altaria. Said pokemon immediately threw up a Protect moments before impact, thwarting the attack. The impact was also enough to knock Espeon off Zapdos' back, but instead of falling into the pool, he used psychic energy to stay above the water like he was standing upon solid floor. The sun pokemon immediately engaged the opposing Gardevoir, the both of them skating and dancing on the water's surface as they fired their attacks, as the avian pokemon battled above. Ash and Delia focused on nothing but the battle, ignoring the cheering fans, Vivian's declarations, and the judges comments, nothing else mattered. Espeon's eyes ignited into bright teal, and a massive spout of water erupted from the pool like a geyser, then shaped itself into a highly detailed image of a Gyarados, which lunged at the Gardevoir, who countered the attack with Protect. Zapdos combined Drill peck with Agility, and was smashing into Altaria repeatedly too quickly to be properly seen as nothing more then a yellow blur. Gardevoir used Psychic to hold Zapdos in place, but took a barrage of Shadow balls while she was concentrating. Finally, the clock was ticking down the final thirty seconds of the battle, and Ash pulled all the stops. Zapdos became cloaked in harsh light, while Espeon began charging up an incredible amount of psychic power. On the other side of the stage, Altaria cloaked herself in draconic energy, while Gardevoir added spectral energy to the mix with Shadow ball. The end results was Zapdos' divine thunderbird combo facing down a red eyed black serpentine dragon construct, maw agape to reveal Altaria and Gardevoir within. Both teams charged forward, colliding into each other and each trying to overpowwer the other. Waves of energy from the attacks blasted behind the two teams as Altaria and Zapdos each struggled to overpower the other. Finally, with a mightuy explosion, the two attacks cancelled out, and both teams backed out of the smoke cloud, prepared for more.

"Time!" Hollered Vivian, and just like that, everything snapped back into sensory focus for the two coordinators. Both teams returned to their sides of the stage, and all looked to the scoreboard.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this year's Wallace cup winner is none other than... Ash Ketchum!" At this the crowd went wild with cheers for the elite trainer and his pokemon. Wallace and his Milotic then presented Ash with the contest ribbon, and after dodging yet again another horde of fans and reporters, Ash set off to hunt down his mother, he had some rather large questions for her.



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