As of tomorrow, this fic will be deleted for a major overhaul, and I know this is going to upset a lot of people. To be honest, I should have done this a lot sooner. Much of this story is contrived and cliche, things like Ash disappearing from civilization for X number of years, only to return as an OP sue character. Latias' personality is also too contrived; while the death of a sibling has a long lasting effect, her mental state in the story is to dark to be believable. She would have had plenty of time to get over her loss, especially with the help of the friends she had. Therefore I am reworking this story from the ground up into a new fanfiction titled Shattered and Reforged, which I hope will be just as good if not better than what it was previously to you fans and admirers. So, as a means of apology, I will show you the first portion of the story that Final Piece shall become. I apologize and hope you enjoy.

In all honesty, Latias had been expecting this to happen. If one group of thieves had found the garden and the soul dew, it was no stretch to say another could. That was exactly what had happened, and like before, there had been nothing she could do to stop it. She had done all she could, but she had no way of knowing how to battle or even use any kind of move. Bianca and Lorenzo had no idea how to teach her, and there weren't any wild Pokemon who could either. Trained Pokemon were out of the question entirely as she could not afford to be captured by a trainer. All in all, Latias had no way of learning how to fight. Thus, when another group of thieves showed up, she couldn't stop them at all. Oh she had tried her best, but ramming foes at high speed only got one so far, and it was usually she who was coming off the most damaged when she did it. In short order she had been defeated and caged up, with Lorenzo and Bianca tied up to the side and at the mercy of the thieves' Pokemon. However, the thieves began to fight amongst themselves for possession of the soul dew. Upon coming to blows, one of the thieves' knives had come loose off their belt and and was kicked towards Latias' cage by an errant foot. Coming up with an idea, Latias managed to reach through the bars of her cage and grab the knife. Jamming the blade into the lock, she tried to pick her way out, and although she broke the knife in the attempt, she succeeded in breaking the lock as well. Before she could be stopped, she rammed through the cage door and slammed herself against the thieves. This had turned out to be a very bad idea however, as the sudden attack caused the one holding the orb to lose their grip on it and pitch it forward. Before Latias had a chance to catch it, the soul dew smashed against the stone floor and shattered with an almighty bang.

This had led to the current situation; Latias racing towards a massive tidal wave hoping to stop it from destroying Altomare. Last time, she and her brother had barely managed to do it. This time, Latias was alone. As soon as she struck the massive surge of water, Latias was completely overwhelmed and was swept into the wave. The last thing she remembered of the event was tumbling about in the surging water, then an instant of intense pain as she collided into something solid, knocking her unconscious.


Six months. Six months since Latias had lost everything. When she had awoken the morning after the incident, the first thing she had done was deny it had happened. Lorenzo was fine, Bianca was fine, everything was fine. That denial had been crushed very quickly in the face of reality. The sight that had greeted her had been that of a destroyed city, with bodies dead and dying floating in the water. Although she looked, she didn't find Lorenzo's or Bianca's bodies, though rescue teams were already pulling out bodies from the water so it was likely they had already been retrieved. She quickly left the scene after that, not wanting to be seen or see the raw proof of her failure. Thus did denial make way for anger. For the rest of the day Latias was beside herself in rage, and vented her anger in every way she could, until finally she sunk to the ground, her rage turning itself inward. She hated everything about herself. Her weakness, her uselessness, her failure, everything. All through the night did she bombard herself with her own self loathing.

The next morning soon came, and with it, came an idea. Latias had heard of a legendary capable of crossing time. If she could find this legendary, she could convince it to send her back in time and give her a second shot at protecting everything. Thus began her search as anger gave way to bargaining. But the world was a large place, and Latias was very ignorant of it's harshness. For three months, every day was a struggle for survival. Finding food and water was difficult, even more so when other Pokemon muscled in on it. Latias had no idea how to battle, thus she couldn't defend herself from such scavengers. Shelter was another issue, and often did Latias find herself forced to sleep in exposed areas due to other Pokemon forcing her out of what shelter she could find. After three months of rough survival and fruitless searching, Latias gave up, and bargaining became depression.

She ate less, her sleep became fitful and plagued with nightmares, and her overall health began to decline. For three months she meandered without a purpose, until one day, she chanced upon a bush of berries she knew were poisonous. Upon seeing them, her first instinct was to move on, yet she quelled the urge and instead truly considered consuming the deadly fruit. While thinking, she glanced down at puddle upon the ground, the face of a dirty, dull eyed, desperate Latias reflected upon the liquid surface. Had she truly gone so far as to seriously consider death. Did it matter? What had she left in this world? It was then that an image flashed within her mind, the image of the third, and still living human that she knew well. Her eyes widened at the sudden idea in her mind. Would she really become a trainer's Pokemon? A glance back at the berry bush was all the answer she needed; what left had she to lose at this point? With that final thought, she flew away and began to search anew, this time for the one trainer she felt deserving of her servitude; for Ash Ketchum.