Shooting Ruby: Hey, This is my first story so it might be bad and it might be good, but that is all up to you!

Paul: All up to you, ya right

Shooting Ruby: (Gasp) Paul you aren't supposed to be here until my 5th story!

Yellow: Hi!

Red: -_-

Shooting Ruby: Yellow you now what to do! (Gives Yellow a script)

Yellow: Shooting Ruby Dragon does not own pokemon, if she did me and Red would be part pokemon and have little poke-people running around (Blushes) and Paul would also be married to Dawn and have little kids Paul would be yelling " Get back here you f#####g kids.

Paul: (Gasps and runs to emo closet)

Chapter 1

" Hey Ruby, can you do something for me?" asked Yellow. "Sure what do you need?" answered Ruby as he spun in his swivel chair to face the young girl."Can you make a costume of this pitcher for me?" she asked as she held out a piece of looked at the paper and smiled "This for a party or are you trying to get someones attention?" he asked as he raised his eyebrow."A Party" Yellow chirped happily, Ruby nodded and turned to face his desk" I'll start tonight" he said as he began working on the thing Yellow gave him.

Yellow walked through the Viridion Forest with ChuChu perched on her shoulder "Two more days ChuChu, Two more days" Yellow said excitedly. " Yellow de Viridian Grove" Yellow spun around only to get punched in the face making her bleed from the corner of her mouth " Gahh!" she yellped as she fell to the ground with a heap. " Pika!"" cryed ChuChu as she ran over to Yellow, the thing that ambushed her lept through the trees, running away.

"Yellow! Yellow where are you!" shouted Red as he walked through the Viridian Forest lookeing for Yellow."Pika!," Red turned around to see his Pikachu, Pika comforting ChuChu. "ChuChu wheres Yellow?" asked Red as he took a step closer to the to Pikachus. At the name of Yellow Chucho burst into tears "Pika!" ChuChu cried as she layed her head on Pika's shoulder. "ChuChu can you lead me to where she is?" he asked and ChuChu nodded and started to run in Yellows direction.

Red, Pika, and ChuChu came to a small dark clearing in the took a few steps out and looked around to the sides."Where are we?" asked Red, " Chu-Chu?" Red turned to see a 16 year old girl laying on her side on the now deep red grass.