Running away

"Return," Red walked outside to see Yellow holding a pokeball in her hand."Yellow" panted Red as he cought up to the blonde, "I'm glade no one saw you Yi-Oh, Hi Red" Yeloow waved sheeishly. Red put his hands on Yellows shoulders "Yellow what was that monster?" Red breathed, Yeloow looked at the pokeball in her hand and the little black dragon inside looked up at her. She titened her grasp on the ball and shot her head up.

"Yin is not a MONSTER! he is a living breathing pokemon!" she yelled and started to run for the river.

"Yellow, come back!" Red yelled and followed her.

Red stoped to catch his breath when he heard loud cries "Stupid Red, calling you a Monster... How could I ever of liked him?" Yelled the voise ,Red then noticed that the voise was realy Yellow! "Bazz" cooed a deep voise "Thanks Yin that helps" Yellow said and calmed took a step forword and steped on a stick.

'CRACK!' Yellow turned her head to see Red but she got to her feet fast " Yin fly" she said and a big black blob caried her away.