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"Now are you sure you have everything you need?"

"Jenna I'm pretty much taking the entire contents of my room, I'm sure I'll be fine!" Elena giggled, slamming down the trunk of her car. Excitement shot through her body. She had waited for this day for such a long time.

She rounded the car to pull her Aunt into a hug.

"The house is going to feel so empty" said Jenna. Elena knew she would be crying.

"You have Jer to keep you company."

"I suppose, now that he's finally out of his brooding phase."

Elena smiled and glanced back up at the house. So many memories. Her heart-strings tugged a little, but they were soon fluttering again with anticipation for the future ahead.

"Take care Aunt Jenna... love you"

"Love you too, Sweetie"

As Elena twisted on her heel, she saw her Uncle standing at the doorway of the house. He had become a regular visitor, keeping an eye on how she and Jeremy were doing. He was as good as his word. He was now the Uncle he always should have been.

She smiled and nodded in his direction. He returned the favour, with a smile she had never seen on his face before... maybe it was because it was genuine.

Elena couldn't get into that car of hers quick enough. She revved the engine, clicked on her seatbelt and turned the radio up. Waving to her family with a cheesy grin on her face, she beeped the horn and took off for the open road. Laughing with pure joy as she made her way to pick up Bonnie and Caroline.

This was going to be the most amazing summer ever.


"Oww! OW not so hard you idiot!"

"I'm being as gentle as I can."

"You need to go slower, Ric. And not so hard."

"But I thought you liked it rough, baby..."

Damon grabbed a cushion next to him and wacked it into Alaric's face who snickered to himself.

"You're so fucking hilarious you know that" said Damon, grimacing as Alaric continued to massage his shoulder and neck. The skin there had a terrible knack for contracting and he needed regular scar massage's. One massage a day to be exact. After months of feeling like his masculinity was being slowly but surely massaged away, Damon finally stopped being a tit about it and began to feel comfortable with Alaric being his honorary masseuse. Alaric also stopped mentioning "how gay this must look" and just worked through it. Didn't stop the awful jokes though.

"You nearly caught me in the eye with the zip on that cushion"

"Man up. Try having 3 degree burns almost melt away your right nipple"

"Don't say that word."

"What word... nipple?"

"Urrgghh yeah! It goes through me."

"But what if my chest was feeling pretty constricted one day and I asked you to massage my nipple?"

"Tough shit."

Damon laughed to himself as he checked the time on the Grandfather Clock in the corner.

"Need to wrap this up man.. literally"

Damon cricked his neck, feeling his skin tug a little on the right as he stood up to retrieve his pressure bandage from the coffee table. He slipped the tight garment sleeve up his right arm and strapped it into place. They were running a little late, but he didn't want to rush through any of his treatment. As tedious as the whole massage, oils, pressure garment acts were, the scarring and his movement were gradually improving over time. If their potential customers were pissed off for being delayed 5 minutes he'd just have to play the sympathy card, it's worked a couple of times before.

"You got the keys?" Damon called over his shoulder as he slipped on his shirt.

"Yup. Cabin number 3"

"Let's hope we can fill it, then we'll have got a full house"


Elena was sure her ear drums were about to explode with Caroline's high-pitched singing in the back of the car. In the mirror she could see her tossing her perfectly curled and bouncy blonde hair from left the right. She could even see Bonnie starting to join in too. Even in the car with just Elena and Caroline she was always a little shy to fully let loose. Giggling at the ridiculous dancing going on in her car, Elena glanced to the road signs ahead, she indicated for the next left, the last turn out of Mystic Falls.

"I'm sure i've mentioned this before, but just in case, can I just say how EXCITED I am for this summer?"

"Don't worry, it's only the millionth time you've told us. I needed reminding!" said Elena, turning the music down a little. It was loud enough for them to get pulled over, she was sure of it!

"I can't wait to relax, it sounds pretty special this place" mused Bonnie.

"Did you just say RELAX!? As soon as we get there we're getting the beer, music and mini-barbecue on the go. We need to celebrate our graduation!" squealed Care, clapping her hands with excitement.

"Didn't we celebrate enough at Tyler's house party?" Elena said. The party was a week ago, but she was certain the remnants of a hangover were still lurking. It more than made up for the last house party of his that she attended. Horrid flashbacks of the whispering, the rumours and Stefan's suspicions made her skin crawl unpleasantly. This time however, she was no longer the butt of everyone's jokes or the hot gossip. Everything went back to how it was before. She was accepted and well liked among her friends once again. Even she and Stefan could hold a civil conversation. While she kept him at arms length, after everything that he did, he eventually came to his senses and perhaps things would have ended a lot differently had he continued to side with Isobel. In hindsight, she had to thank him.

"I was so ill after that party... never again" replied Bonnie.

"Pfft whatever. Everyone says that. We are going to have THE summer of a lifetime before we have the time of our LIVES at college."

"Okay," smirked Elena, turning the music up once more "I'll drink to that later!"

Finally they were on the open road. It wouldn't be too long until they would arrive for their summer long vacation. She could hardly wait.


Damon and Alaric shook hands with the young couple who happily signed the contract for the last cabin. They were beaming with happiness. Clearly head over heels in love and ready to take on the world together. It was soppy, but Damon was pretty happy for them as they exchanged loving smiles as they both signed away.

"Signed and sealed" said the young man, handing the contract over to Alaric who exchanged further conversation. Damon checked his watch. Half an hour - wow they sealed that one quick.

They exited the cabin and Damon breathed in a lung full of sweet forrest air. His breathing had rapidly improved since moving out here. The air was cool and inviting and the tranquility made it the perfect place to recover. On days when he was brave enough, he'd venture out to the local town without the Ace Bandage on his arm. He got a few stares, but that was expected. On a night out having a few beers some people would even ask about it. He welcomed that. It was better to have people ask and accept it than steal glances from across the room and remain completely ignorant. He'd even made a few friends out of it. Who knew burn scars could strike up a conversation that would turn into friendship?

Ten minutes later he and Alaric were wandering back down the small woodland road back to his place. The sunlight was blinking through the leaves above their head, the sound of water could be heard lapping at the shore line near by. As the sun got a little hotter, Damon could almost count down the numbers to Alaric saying...

"Did you put on sun block?"

"No mom, I forgot"

Damon furrowed his brow as he heard Ric rumaging around in his manbag. Oh for goodness...

"You actually brought some with you?"

"Well one of us has to remember!"

Damon shook his head as he pleased Alaric by at least slapping some on the part of his neck that had suffered.

"And the face."

"Oh come on.."

"We don't wanna have that pretty little face of yours burnt in time for your date later today."

"Hmm," Damon thought, then squeezing a small amount of cream into his palm, "good point."

Damon tossed the bottle back to Ric and carefully rubbed the sweet smelling sunblock well into his neck and face. He had to be extra careful in the sun now. It was a bitch, but it had to be done. Didn't make it anymore welcoming that he smelt like a coconut on legs thanks to the scented sunblock, but he could live with that.

"Are you nervous?" Alaric asked as they came out into an open space with no shade. Wow, it was a good idea that Ric had that sunblock. It was boiling.

"A little," Damon replied, trying not to think of the worse case scenario but he couldn't help it. "I just hope I don't scare the poor girl off."

"I'm sure that's not gonna happen... she's"

"Do you mind if we don't talk about it, Ric?"

The two friends stopped in their tracks as Damon squinted through the blazing sunlight to look at his friend. A sudden rush of horrible thoughts and feelings bombarded Damon and he needed to get away.

"I'll head back down on my own. You go ahead." Damon said, his voice quite stern. Alaric knew better than to question back so just smiled his response and headed back down by himself.

Damon watched until he was lost through the thick greenery ahead. It suddenly felt easier to breathe now Ric was gone.

He wandered along to the shore, gazing out over the water, still in awe of how beautiful this place was. By his feet were a few pebbles, perfect for skimming. He became lost in the act, each pebble skipping along the sparkling water, numbing his mind from any thoughts other than trying to beat his best of four. When his last attempt glocked into the water with a heavy dolloping sound, it broke the shield around his worst thoughts. Settling them free once more.

What if she rejected him?

Just what if?


A flood of memories came rushing back to Elena as she eased her car through the thick green foliage of the trees above. Moments later when the cabin came into view, she felt a lump form in her throat.

"Elena?" came Bonnie's nurturing voice.

Feeling herself start to shake, Elena quickly parked up the car next to that of... she didn't even know if the truck belonged to him. She gave it enough space as she put the car into park. They were here.

"This place is so cuuuuuute!" chimed Caroline from the back as she threw open the car door to immedietly start exploring. Elena let out a heavy sigh, slumping back into her seat and staring up at the cabin that held so many amazing memories for her.

A hand gripped her shoulder.

"Are you ok?"

Elena looked over with a smile, her eyes glassy with unshed tears.

"I'm fine... just... overwhelmed really."

Bonnie smiled with relief and made her way out of the car. Caroline was gushing over how gorgeous the lake was as she stood on the end of the jetty, pointing at various things and making occassional comments to no one in particular.

"This place is beautiful Elena" commented Bonnie as she gawped up at the trees that reach endlessly up to the sky. "It was definitely a good choice to come here."

Elena nodded, still staring at the quaint little cabin. They moved closer and instinctively it felt like there wasn't anyone at home.


The girls twirled around to find Alaric wandering down towards them from a steep pathway that lead into the woodland. Elena was so happy to see him and threw her arms around him in a big bear hug.

"You finally made it" he said, moving back to clasp her shoulders and smile down at her. His attention caught Bonnie's timid form shuffling from side to side and he pulled her in for brief hug. "It's good to see you both."

"And you Ric... it's been too long"

Alaric had left Mystic Falls High at the end of that school year and Elena hadn't seen him since. After everything that had happened, all of them were happy to say goodbye to that place. She was envious that he had the option to do it sooner. He was now teaching at a small school not far from Dunham Lake. Elena couldn't help but think how lucky those kids were to have a teacher as good as he was. She just hoped he would never have to put up with a dilema such as her's and Damon's ever again!

Speaking of Damon... he was no where to be seen.

"Is he inside?" Elena asked timidly. She was so nervous.

"No he's still back there" Alaric said, lazily pointing behind him "if you carry on straight on you'll find him."

"I'm gonna go join Care. I'll see you soon Elena"

Elena nodded her goodbye and Bonnie made her way across to Caroline who was still jumping around with excitement.

"I see she hasn't changed," Alaric noted about Caroline. Elena smiled,

"Never a dull moment with her around."

Elena hesitated to make her way into the woods. She didn't quite know what to feel: nervous, excitement, apprehensive... everything was bundling into one.

"He's as worried as you are Elena," said Alaric, his voice barely above a whisper. "You just need to head straight. You'll find him."

Before she could respond Alaric moved aside and made his way over to her friends who were starting to unload the car of their belongings. Elena stared at the leafy pathway ahead and made her way towards where Damon would be.

She kept her eyes sharp. Every snap of a twig and rustle of leaves made her turn to look around for Damon coming up behind her. A squirrel caught her eye as it clambered up the trunk of a large tree and out of sight. Noisy little thing. Elena continued forward, feeling the sun become a little warmer as the leaves above her head grew less and less. A figure came into view and her breath caught in her throat. It was a runner, making a steadily jog through the woods. He bidded her a good afternoon as he huffed and puffed on by down the way she came.

She was nervous. The last time she saw Damon was when he was still in hospital. A year and a half ago. When she promised she would wait for him for as long as it takes. And here she was, nervous not because of what he may look like, but what if he didn't feel the same way any more? What if looking at her was a painful reminder of the past? Lets face it, she was the ultimate reason as to why his life had changed so much. Those burns would be a constant reminder of her and the lengths he went to protect her. She suffered with guilt greatly. Every time they talked on the phone she would end the call wondering if it would be the last time, that actually he couldn't face knowing her after everything that had happened. Yet he never did. Then on the morning of her graduation she received a letter in the mail. It was from Damon, inviting her to come and stay with him and to bring friends if she wished as a gift to congratulate her. It was the best present she had ever received.

Elena came to a clearing. She squinted as the sun beamed down on her face. Before her was the lake in all its beauty. People were out on the water in their sailing and speed boats... Elena couldn't help but smirk at the delicious memory of the time she and Damon took to the waters. A few people wandered by, young families, children running around chasing one another, a man sat quietly while his fishing rod bobbed along in the gentle water. Then among the few people who were on the small jetty was Damon. His back facing her as he tosses pebbles into the water, watching them dance along the surface.

She wasted no more time in making her way across. She waited for an elderly couple to make their way down until it was just Damon standing at the edge. He was wearing a three-quarter sleeved cotton grey t-shirt. She noticed how it hugged his toned body, but her attention was drawn in particular to the dark blue bandage-thing that looked quite snug on his right arm. She wondered if it was painful for him, yet the way he tossed another pebble quite freely with that arm, told her he must feel more comfortable than what she thought. It was a warm day, very warm and she wore mini denim shorts with a delicate summer top printed with daisies. Damon was pretty much covered and she knew he would be so warm.

She moved closer to him, until she saw his body tense. Knowing that someone was behind him. She held her breath, feeling her blood beat hard around her body as he turned around to face her.

She felt the same feelings come flooding back from the moment she first laid her eyes on him back in classroom E6. His icy blue eyes softened as they met hers and everything else around them seemed to disappear.

"Hey," he said softly, a tiny smirk creeping on to those gorgeous lips of his.

"Hi" she whispered, feeling herself shiver pleasantly as she stepped closer to him until she was standing right in front of him. He stood perfectly still as she hesitantly brought her hands to his face. She almost fell apart as her fingertips danced across his cheeks, causing his eyes to flutter and close at the touch. A small exhale of relief escaped his lips as they touched foreheads. His hands came up and rested on hers that cupped his face. The feel of his hands on hers made her feel so... at home. And in that moment as she opened her eyes to see him staring back, she realized that they were finally free.

And he kissed her like his life depended on it.

She welcomed each and every movement as he devoured her lips. She tangled her fingers through his hair and pressed her body hard against his as he tilted her body back to deepen their kiss, one of his hands resting at the back of her head while the other cradled the curve of her spine. His fingers gripped her body with need. Heavy breathing, the teasing of tongues, Elena felt her body being to hum with sexual tension until they simultaneously pulled apart as they heard sound of two elderly women gasping at their ahem... display of affection.

"Sorry ladies," Damon quipped breathlessly with a devilish grin on his face.

The podgy old women gasped once again with disgust and quickly made their exit from the jetty. Elena blushed and pulled herself closer to Damon's body as they giggled softly. It was the first time they had ever kissed in public. And it felt great.

She sighed softly to herself as he stroked her hair out of her face. She blinked down at his arm, seeing how tightly strapped up it was. Why was it so tight? She wanted to ask but felt too scared. Then her eyes travelled up to the side of his neck.. she quickly looked back to his eyes and knew she was sussed out. He was staring at her intently as she looked over what scarring she could see. He didn't look hurt by it. But she felt incredibly guilty.

"Wanna head back and talk?" he suggested.

"Sure," she whispered, kissing him softly once more as they made their way back to the cabin hand in hand.


Well their attempts at talking monumentally failed. As soon as they arrived back to the cabin Alaric was already apron bound and tending to the barbecue while Caroline and Bonnie bopped around to music as they set up the outdoor table.

As the two girls came running over to see him, Damon knew any in-depth chat with Elena would have to wait. For now, as he carefully hugged the two girls, they would just enjoy having some much needed fun.

They devoured the excellent food that Alaric had prepared for them. Minted lamb kebab, burgers with hints of chilli... damn the guy knew how to cook. The conversation and laughter flowed well and the girls 'awed' as Damon later brought out a ridiculously large chocolate cake that congratulated the girls on their graduation. It was there from across the table, that he and Elena shared their first kiss in front of their friends. There was no awkward silence, no overjoyed squeal from Caroline, just continuing conversation and laughter around them and Caroline saying she wanted the part of the cake with the juiciest looking strawberries on top. Who knew acceptance could feel so good?

Damon cracked open the beers and handed one to each of the girls while Alaric set up the camp fire. It was silently acknowledged that Damon would very much prefer to not be involved in lighting it. Shortly after came the dancing as Caroline brought out the music. To his surprise, Damon saw Bonnie was quite the dancer once she'd got a few beers down her. So much so, it turned to a dance off between her and Alaric while Caroline controlled the shuffle on her music as best as she could through her laughter. Damon briefly stopped laughing to smile down at Elena as she moved to wrap her arm around his waist and snuggle her head on his chest. He wrapped his arm around her bare shoulder. Enjoying the feel of her cool skin as he pressed a soft kiss on her forehead. So this is what happiness felt like.

Eventually everyone settled around the fire, Elena disappeared inside for a moment and Damon thought she was going to get a blanket to keep warm. Instead she had found his leather jacket and they shared a knowing look at the memory of how he stopped that man attacking her outside the club, and how he wrapped his jacket around her body to keep her warm on the way home... wow that was such a long time ago. In that moment, as she slipped her hands through the crisp sleeves, he saw how much she had grown since then. She looked more stunning than ever as the soft glow of the fire highlighted her supple, olive-toned skin and the shapely curve of her bare legs. He was one lucky, lucky man.

"Everyone," slurred Caroline, grabbing everyone's slightly drunken attention as she stood up. "I would like to raise a toast" she slugged her fresh beer bottle in the air and the frothy liquid sloshed onto her hand a little, "well c'mooon, raise your freakin' beer bottles!" she pushed.

Damon rolled his eyes with amusement as he half heartedly raised his glass with the rest of the group.

"I just wanna say how happy I am that you... Damon and Elena... oh my god, it feels so weird calling an old teacher by their first name!" she blurbed, causing the laughter and slight embarrassment of everyone around her. "Anyways I digress... I just wanna say how happy I am that you have both made it through the other side after a really shitty time of it. And that I am ridiculously excited to spend this time with you before college. And that I want to be chief bridesmaid at your wedding... cheers!"

Elena buried her head against Damon's shoulder at Caroline's little speech as they all giggled and toasted to their celebrations. Damon quickly said something before Caroline mentioned anything more embarrassing.. like perhaps gushing about how cute he and Elena's children would be or something...

"And I would like to thank Alaric for being the best nurse I could ever ask for. Though he really ought to have left the cute nurses outfit at home. Didn't really do his legs any favours" Damon smirked.

"Har, har. Didn't see that one coming" said Ric over the head of his beer bottle.

A soft yawned came from Bonnie's direction.

"I think it's time for me to hit the hay" she mumbled, finishing the rest of her drink.

Everyone mumbled in agreement.

Alaric agreed to put out the fire and give the place a quick clean up outside. Damon squeezed Elena's hand as she whispered she was going to get ready for bed. He watched longingly as she made her way up to the cabin, glancing over her shoulder to smile at him before disappearing inside with Caroline and Bonnie.

Damon gulped the last of his lukewarm beer and tossed the glass into the trash. He began to tinker around with the barbecue, putting things away...

"Dude don't worry, I've got this" said Ric.

"Nah don't be ridiculous, I'll..."

Alaric yanked the spatula from Damon's hand and swatted his knuckles with it.

"Go" he said, swishing the implement in the direction of the door. Wow, he really was turning into a mother-type figure...a mother-figure that was ushering him to bed with a girl... okay, that was a weird thought.

Damon yawned his goodnight and headed into the cabin. He spotted Caroline and Bonnie turning down the bed in the guest room downstairs. It used to be a small study area that Damon had converted into a room for extra guests. He'd bought it from Alaric and had quickly turned it into a home. They invested in 3 other cabins too which as of today, were all taken. It had definitely been a wise move to leave teaching for good. Damon could never go back there.

"Goodnight ladies," he announced from across the room.

"G'night," called Bonnie. Then Caroline jumped into view with a cheeky little twinkle in her eyes

"Goodnight Mr Salvatore!"

Although amused he pointed his finger at her warningly before she laughed her head off and closed the door.

Alaric came in soon after and made himself comfortable on the couch for the night. Damon poured himself a large glass of water and one for Elena.

"Ric, you want anything from..."

Aaaaand there was the snoring. Ric was snuffed out like a light as usual after a few beers.

Nudging off the lights with his elbow, Damon carefully made his way with the two glasses of water upstairs to his room, mindful not to spill. He slipped into the room where he found the most welcoming sight he had ever seen.

Elena sat waiting for him in bed. The lamplight softening the content look in her eyes as he entered the room. At a glance he could see she was wearing a simple, black cotton vest top though the sheets covered the lower half of her body. He quickly handed the glass to her of which she took three heavy gulps. He sat down on his side of the bed as she did so, staring at the wall, elbows on his knees as he hunched over. Crap he could feel his chest tightening a bit.

"Damon are you okay?"

He didn't know how to answer that. He was about to reach over and turn out the light but he felt her petite body curl up behind him. Her breasts pushed against his back as she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders, nuzzling her head in the crook of his neck, on the left side away from the scarring on the right.

He took one of her hands and stroked his thumb back and forth over her soft skin and kissed the curve between her thumb and finger.

"Come on," she whispered in his ear, sending delicious chills down his spine, "come into bed with me."

He turned to face her and she kissed him softly, beckoning him to face her. He turned fully so he was on his knees on the bed and she had scooted back against the headboard. He remembered the times he would do this and proudly show his body to her, loving the look on her face as she took in his lean physique. He was still quite toned, he'd managed to do various exercises that kept him in good shape. Still, it did nothing to help the fact that his body will never be what it was. He'd had a number of skin graft operations to ease his ability to move and smooth the appearance of his skin and with pressure garments and massage they would gradually improve over time. However his confidence wasn't exactly what it used to be. He still struggled to look at himself in the mirror and accept that this was the way he was now and it wasn't going to change. No amount of counselling could help that. He stared down at Elena with hard eyes that masked his fear. He knew he didn't fool her. She watched and waited...

Here goes nothing...

Damon reached back behind his neck and pulled the material back over his head. He didn't look at her as he bunched the shirt up and tossed it into the corner of the room. The window in the room was open slightly and a gentle breeze blanketed his damaged skin. He felt pretty ugly right about now and if he could use magical powers to switch the lamp off beside his bed he would have done so.

"Pretty horrible right?" he mumbled, finally looking up at her to see her staring at his chest. It wasn't with horror, or disgust, it was pretty unreadable actually. He waited a few more seconds and was going to grabbed his shirt again from wherever he threw it but she began to shuffle closer to him.

He didn't move as he stared down at her, watching her eyes travel across his torso. Her hands timidly went to touch him but she moved them back. He didn't blame her. But rather than move back into her lap she moved them over to the bandage on his arm.

"May I?"

"Sure," he replied, feeling his breathing begin to shake as the sharp sound of velcro scratching through the air broke the silence in the room. One strap. Two straps. The material slacked around his arm and with trembling hands, she tugged the bandage down his arm until it was completely off.

He heard her breath hitch in her throat, clearly shocked and he knew to expect that reaction. It really wasn't easy to look at. He flinched slightly as her fingertips ghosted across the mangled skin. It was smooth in texture, quite rubbery almost, pink, mottled and uneven. Yet she continued to become acquainted with his new body. Her right hand moved across to the left side of his body that was perfect with soft, beautifully pale skin with toned muscle moving underneath. Her left explored the uneven texture and painful looking skin on his right. Thankfully the flames hadn't reach his stomach, nor his face... say for a little redness on the underside of his jaw from the scarring on his neck. She stroked both hands down to his right hand that he flexed for her. He watched the skin become a little tight, but it didn't cause pain anymore.

Damon took the time then to stare at her body. She was on her knees like he was, in nothing but matching black cotton underwear and tank top. The black material complimented her skin tone beautifully. He felt a stir below as he took in the curve of her waist, the sight of her cleavage. He wanted her so bad. To relive the times spent together before. Yet would she want him looking like this? It wasn't nice to see or to touch. He didn't feel attractive anymore. Just a victim of a terrible, terrible event.

"Let me cover up 'Lena, I'm sure you've seen more than you-"

"Don't" she said, placing her hands on both sides of his chest as he moved to stand up.

She stopped him from saying anything further by placing her lips over his in a soft kiss. He returned it, gasping as her tongue slipped over his bottom lip. Then he deepened it. Needing to taste her. She moaned breathlessly as he took control, the sound driving him insane with lust.

She pushed away for a minute and he thought she had changed her mind. Until she wordlessly pulled her top over her head. Her full, bare breasts bouncing before his eyes. With a look of pure desire she inched closer to his body until her breasts pushed against his chest and her arms wrapped around his neck, wrapping him in her embrace as she kissed him with so much fire and passion. Hands tumbling through his hair, her bottom lip biting his and causing him to growl with appreciation.

He found his stride again and gently laid her back on the bed, breaking their kiss to move back and watch as he peeled her underwear from her body. Fuck... she was a Goddess. She happily parted her legs, welcoming him home. He worked his way between her thighs, nipping and kissing her inner thigh as he made himself comfortable. He wasted no time. He flicked the tip of his tongue back and forth over her clit, keeping the rhythm soft and steady, remembering exactly how she loved it.

She gasped so loud he feared they would already have gained the attention of everyone downstairs. But he didn't really care as he set a deliberately slowly pace on her swollen nub. Circling his tongue around and around, feeling her become wetter and hotter under his touch. He glanced upwards to see her magnificent breast heaving, gasping himself as he watched her fingers tweak her nipples. Shit that was hot.

"Damon... Oh please, I'm gonna come any second..."

He never changed his pace. Circling around again and again, feeling her body begin to shudder. Until the very last second before she tipped into paradise, Damon slipped his tongue deep inside her slick, quivering walls. She drove her hands into his hair, pushing him down harder. He gripped the underside of her toned thighs as he felt her contract around him as he continued to make love to her with his tongue until she was slowly riding back down to earth.

A gorgeous sheen of sweat coated her petite body as he glided upwards, leaving a trail of kisses along her toned stomach. Swirling his tongue over her left nipple, causing her to gasp in spent pleasure as she flickered open her hazy brown eyes.

He was willing to give her a few more minutes to recover, but she was a little firecracker tonight. He found himself being rolled over and pushed back on to the bed, her hands getting to work on his jeans. He was rock hard. He hissed with pleasure as she practically ripped his boxers down his legs and curled her tiny fist around his cock.

Damon gripped the pillows at either side of his head as she took him into her mouth. Humming with satisfaction as she took him fully. The vibrations of her mouth were so delicious and had him reeling. She bobbed up and down several times at a steady pace, massaging his balls until he was close. She then became slower in her actions and he could feel her smiling around his cock.

"You know you're being terribly mean to me, Miss Gilbert" he groaned.

"Mhm" she hummed, causing his cock to twitch in her warm, wet mouth. She swirled her silky tongue around the head, tasting him, making him shudder.

"But I was so nice to you," he protested, gripping the sheets harder as her thumb flicked over the tip, then she began to pump her fist up and down with a hard grip. Exactly the way he like it. "Ah! Fffffuck...!"

She slipped her tight mouth over his dick once more until he was coming down her throat in hot, thick, jets. He rode out the last pulse, feeling Elena swallow his load as she continued to slide her head up and down his length.

No sooner had she removed her lips from his cock he was hard once again. As he watched her bite her bottom lip, then sneakily lick away the last remnants of his release, Damon grabbed her and threw her down on to the bed.

He entered her within seconds.

Both gasped at how good it felt. Their hot breath mingling. Damon picked up a hard yet steadily rhythm as she kissed him hungrily from beneath his body. He rolled his hips a little harder, watching her face contort with pleasure as he stared at her through heavy-lidded eyes as he hit that euphoric spot inside her once, twice, three times until she was repeating his name over and over between hard kisses.

"Damon... mmh! Harder!"

The clear sound of flesh slapping flesh filled the room. He looked down to see where they were joined intimately, to her breast swaying up and down, her hands gripping his buttocks, guiding him in harder and deeper.


Now that for sure woke everyone up. But Damon couldn't help but want to hear her scream like that again. Her cries of pleasure over the banging of the headboard. Damon silenced it a little by leaning upwards to grab it with both hands and if it were possible, it helped him to fuck her even harder.

She grazed her hands over his body that hovered over hers, he watched her with wild eyes as she gazed at where he pounded into her. The only part of his body touching hers as she continued to use the headboard for leverage as he doubled his efforts.

Then he almost lost it as he watched her hand reach down between them to touch herself. One hand tweaking her nipple, the other drawing rapid circles over her clit.

"Damn it you're so beautiful" he growled, feeling the sweat build between their grinding hips.

"Damon I'm close again... make me come..."

Her hands reached up to join his on the headboard and he quickly placed his over hers. Keeping them pinned. Then he rapidly picked up the pace. Watching her body move with the force of his thrusts and her eyes fix on his. Her breathing became irregular, her hands tensed under his. She bit her lip, her body began to shake. She was coming so hard.

She contracted and squeezed around him. Sending him into euphoria with her.

With a final moan and growl of complete pleasure, Damon lessened his grip on her hands as he emptied himself inside her. Heavy breathing soon filled the space between them. Weak, in slight pain with his right arm, yet ultimately exhausted in post-orgasm bliss, Damon relaxed down on to Elena's body. She wrapped her arms tightly around him as he breathed heavily into the crook of her neck.

"I love you" she whispered.

Damon smiled against her warm skin, kissing the curve of her neck, then chin, meeting her lips in a warm, lazy kiss.

"I love you too Elena"

She replied with another kiss and Damon could see how tired she had become. The sweat between began to cool, making her shiver. He dragged the blankets over their bodies and reached across to flick off the lamp, leaving them in darkness with their breathing slowly returning to normal.

A tremendous sense of déjà vu came over him. Of Elena curled up to his body in this bed almost two years ago. Although back then, her head rested on his perfect skin, not the scar tissue as it was now. They were so happy. So excited for their future. Yet terrified at the same time.

How much had they overcome...

Now all they had were her college years to get through. And compared to the dramas of high school, this time it was going to be a walk in the park. The only thing in their way being an hours drive on the freeway.

As he looked down at Elena, sleeping soundly, Damon felt he could most certainly manage that.

The End.