A/N: I've been gone for a while...consider this my comeback fic(: This one is, however, going in the same direction as all my previous ones: nonstop drama. The first chapter of The Elite is, as the title states, an introduction/prologue to some of the events.

* * *
Chapter One—The Introduction: Sins & Secrets

Adam undid his tie and ripped off his suit jacket. The usually calm and collected Canadian anxiously ran his fingers through his long blonde hair. "I'm beyond glad that today is over."

John sighed. He gazed over the immense expanse of grass that was his backyard. "Today definitely hasn't been the worst day of all this," he replied, lighting a cigarette, "I'm glad the whole ordeal is over."

Adam smirked. "I didn't know you smoked."

John took a long drag and slightly smiled. "I don't."

"So it's done?" Dave asked, "They're just gonna let us all go? I don't believe it."

"Well, believe it," said Paul, "it's not like there's anything not to believe. I mean, they let us go! Why are you so suspicious?"

"I don't trust lawyers," Dave said.

Paul laughed. "Asshole."

"Stop being such a buzzkill, Dave," said Randy, cracking open a can of MGD, "we're free; we should be celebrating!"

"I wouldn't go that far," said Paul, his voice solemn, "we might have our freedom, but that doesn't change anything that happened. Jay and Trish are still dead. We're still without two of our best friends."

"According to the lawyers, all of us—and the girls—had a reason to want them dead," said Adam, sitting in a lawn chair.

John shook his head. "And the sad thing is that they're right."