Chapter Four—Meet the Neighbors, Part II
* * *

The first guy who entered the family room tucked his keys into his back pocket. He had longish blonde hair and tattoos. Ted could tell he was one of those Rockstar types who wore sunglasses indoors and a leather jacket despite the typical gorgeous L.A. weather. Ted could practically feel his eyes staring him up and down through his shades.

Eve smiled at the sight of the man and he smiled back. "Adam, baby," she said before sharing a kiss with the man.

The man smiled. "Your mouth tastes like margaritas."

Eve laughed. "Probably because Mel and Candi have been trying to get the rest of us drunk all afternoon." She took Adam's hand in hers. "Oh, I can't see how I almost forgot! Babe, this is Ted DiBiase and Maryse Ouellet; they just moved in. Guys, this is my fiancee, Adam Copeland."

Before Adam could even acknowledge Ted and Maryse even being there, another man into the living room. The man, a huge guy wearing a tight wife beater, jeans and Timberlands, removed his sunglasses and looked at Ted.

"Who's this?" the muscle man asked.

Adam shrugged. "New neighbor."

The big guy raised an eyebrow. "Some guy's in your house and you don't know who it is?"

Melina reached up—way up—and placed a hand on the man's shoulder. "You just missed the introductions," she said, "Dave, this is Ted and Maryse. They live down the street now. Ted, Maryse, this is my husband, Dave."

Ted was in awe of how huge Dave was. He didn't want to greet him or anything, because he wasn't exactly sure what to say. What if he accidentally said the wrong thing? Dave could probably snap him in half.

Ted swallowed nervously and stood up. Dave still had a good three or four inches on him. He held his hand out. "Nice to meet you."

Dave appraised Ted before laughing to himself and slipping his sunglasses back on. Unsure of what kind of first impression he'd made on by far the biggest man he'd ever seen, Ted sat back down on the couch as another man rounded the corner. He had brown hair, blue eyes, and muscular arms that were on full display thanks to the Lakers jersey he wore. He leaned over the back of the couch to kiss Mickie hello. He made small talk with the ladies, Adam, and Dave before turning to Ted.

"New guy?" he asked.

Adam nodded. "Very new."

"Well, don't be pricks guys," said the man, smiling, "introduce yourselves! Watch, and I'll show you antisocial motherfuckers how to do it."

"No worries there, John," snorted Dave, "we've already met the guy."

The guy made his way over to where Ted and Maryse were sitting and extended his hand. "I'm John," he said, "I'm married to that lovely little Southern belle over there. My wife tells me you guys bought the house a few doors down."

On the inside, Ted breathed a huge sigh of relief. John was definitely the nicest of the guys so far. He shook John's hand. "Yeah, we—" he began. Ted was cut off by the arrival of yet another man, a tall guy with brown hair, aqua blue eyes and his arms completely covered in tattoos. He wore a black Affliction shirt and jeans. The man placed a hand on John's shoulder.

"Where's the beer?" he asked, gesturing to John's empty hands.

"Outside," John replied.

The man rolled his eyes. "Man, I'm ready to get wasted now," he said, "why would you leave it outside?"

"'Cause Paul decided to pay for it," said John, "so Paul can haul it in here."

The man smirked. "Unbelievable."

Smiling, John turned to Ted and Maryse. "Guys, this is the idiot I call my best friend, Randy Orton," he said, "he's Candice's fiancee. Randy, meet Ted and Maryse. They're new around here."

"Oh," said Randy, "so you're the ones who bought the house with the columns? Let me just say, you've got good taste in houses."

Ted smiled at the compliment. "Thanks, but it's more like "Maryse's got good taste in houses"."

"Smart man," said Randy, "let her pick the house and you can't go wrong." Randy smiled and looked over his shoulder at the last man, a tall guy with a long dirty blonde ponytail wearing a black Motorhead concert t-shirt, jeans, and motorcycle boots. He carried a twenty-four pack of MGD under each arm.

"Thanks a lot for the help guys," he shot.

"That'll teach you to whip out your black card and "cover everything" when we're all trying to split the cost," said Adam, complete with finger quotes.

The man with the ponytail walked into the kitchen and dropped the cases on the island.

"Come on, dude!" said Adam, "You're gonna fuck up the granite!"

"That'll teach you to try to teach me anything," the man said with a grin.

Stephanie stood up and made her way into the kitchen. She playfully punched the man in his arm. "Be nice," she said, "we've got company." She gestured to Ted and Maryse.

The man quickly extended his hand. "Paul Levesque."

While he shook the man's hand, Ted was somewhat shocked. This was Stephanie's husband? This guy was a lawyer. Now he'd seen it all. "I'm Ted DiBiase," said Ted, "this is my fiancee, Maryse."

"Nice to meet you guys," replied Paul.

"Now that the introductions are over with," Melina called from the living room, "who's ready to get drunk?" She held a shot glass in the air triumphantly.

Ted couldn't help but laugh. He exchanged a pleased look with Maryse.

"You know what?" he asked.

"What?" asked Maryse.

"I think we're gonna like it around here."

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