A teen titan story

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He was just getting to sleep when he was woken by a very familiar smell. It was the sweet smell of raven. But it smelt as if she was in the room with him. The smell was fading quickly. He opened his eyes and looked around. his door was cracked open. Raven? Beast boy asked hoping to get a response.

He knew he didn't imagine it, in fact he could still smell her. she was running down the hall. He slipped on his pants and ran down the hall. even though he was running as fast as he could he still couldn't catch up. so beast boy morphed into a cheetah and ran as fast as he could. When he got to the living room he morphed back into a human and silently stood there. she was there somewhere but he couldn't see her. He listened for began to think that this was all just in his head until he heard the door to the stairs shut with a loud bang.

He Ran for the stairs and opened the door in time to see the small part of a cape go down the stairs. he transformed into a hawk and glided down the spiraling stair case. He wasn't moving quick enough so he changed back into a cheetah and ran as fast as he could going down stairs.

He reached the front door of the tower and stopped. He became human and slowly opened the door. It was raining but he could still see a hooded figure standing in front of him. He stepped out into the rain trying to see who it was. He was positive that it was ravens sent but she would never act like this. Raven? Beast boy asked taking a step closer.

There wasn't an answer in returned to his question. He stepped a little closer. Raven is that you? The person that was supposedly raven began to giggle. Beast boy reached his hand out and gabbed the hood that covered her face and slowly lifted it. As soon as he got it up Raven yelled "Boo!". Beast boy fell back and landed on the ground.

Raven began laughing uncontrollably. Beast boy stood up and stared at raven. How are you laughing? Raven stopped laughing and smiled at him. Well seeings how im happy its kinda hard not to laugh. How are you happy and laughing and nothings blowing up? Beast boy asked getting annoyed by his confusion. Well because Ravens the one that cant laugh. Beast boy was even more confused than ever.

Okay wait hold on so your not raven? Yes. she said giggling. Then who are you? Beast boy asked. I told you, im happy. see she said pointing to the gem in her forehead. It wasn't the normal color it was a bright pink and it was shining pretty bright.

oh! My head hurts. Beast boy said grabbing his head. Happy giggled. Beast boy your really funny! So, how did you get out of ravens body? Happy giggled and pointed to her cape. Im not out of her body or my cape would be pink. I guess im like controlling it. Beast boy stood there in the rain trying to grab hold of what was going on.

Happy floated toward him and poked him. Your it! She said flying away. huh? wait! beast boy turning into a hawk to chase after her. They ran after one another. at a point happy tried to get beast boy to play hide and seek but thought it was unfair that he could turn into a fly and hide in her hood.

Beast boy was flying as an eagle to try and tag her when she all of a sudden fell from the sky. He dived and landed on the ground. He no more than landed, morphed back ino a human when raven landed in his arms. Happy? Her pink gem Shone So bright beast boy had to close his eyes. When the light was gone He looked at her to see her gem was back to being the red like color it normally was.

Raven? Beast boy asked. Beast boy decided to take her back into the tower out of the rain. He walked down to her room and laid her on her bed. She started to wake up so beast boy turned into a fly and flew out of the room.

When raven woke up she relised that she was soaked. But the strange thing was that she was the only thing wet. Other than wear she was lying her bed was perfectly dry. when she got up to change into dry cloths she saw wet foot prints that lead to her bed. They were to big to be her foot prints so that ment that someone was in her room. She was already upset and started to plan who did it and how bad they were gonna be yelled at.

That morning she was getting her tea as usual. Everyone was at the breakfast table already. Beast boy watched in horror as cyborg did his normal and swallowed A mountain of greasy bacon in seconds followed by twenty waffles and half a carton of milk. And then decided to make like ten eggs.

Why is it i have to watch like a hundred murders every morning? beast boy said trying to look away from cyborg busting open eggs. Ravens gem shined pink and she started laughing, then it turned back to the red color. Everyone stared at her as she turned around with her tea.

um, Raven are you feeling okay? Robin asked. Raven gave him a confused look and answered yes, why? Dear friend raven you have laughed at one of beast boys non-funny jokes. Starfire said flying over to raven. Starfire began poking raven. What are you doing star? Raven asked. Trying to figure out if you are a faker.

Star im not a fake and i would never laugh at one of Beast boys jokes. Raven walked out of the room before anything else could be said. When Raven got to her room she decided to take a trip to nevermore just in case something was wrong. it wasn't normal to have all of her friends swear that raven laughed when raven knew she didn't. Especially at one of Beast boys jokes.

When she arrived at happies domain she called for her. Happy ran up to Raven and hugged her. Hello raven. Happy said giggling. Happy there's something going on i have a bad feeling I know whats going on. She glared at happy. Oh Raven what on earth could be wrong? Happy said dancing around raven. Raven grabbed Happy by the arm. Happy tell me whats going on now. She said sternly. Happy giggled and said Why don't you ask Beast boy? She started to giggle even harder when she saw Ravens face go from shocked to confused and finally enraged.

When she was no longer in nevermore she stormed to the living room were Beast boy and Cyborg usually had a video game war. She walked in and screamed for beast boy. Star was mixing one of her concoctions when she jumped from the sudden noise and it fell to the floor. Beast boy and cyborg turned around without even bothering to pause like they usually did.

Raven stormed to the couch and grabbed beast boy by the ear and dragged him out of the room. What was that all about? Cyborg asked looking towards Starefire. I do not know, but my morthantanian pudding is now ruined. Star said sitting next to her goop. She stared at it for a while then stuck her finger in it and stuck it in her mouth. Star! Thats not sanitary! Cyborg yelled. But friend cyborg it taste much better with the ingredients from the floor. Would you like some? Star asked grabbing two spoons. Uh, no star, but you know robin may want some. why don't you go ask him. Stars eyes light up. She loved it when Robin tried her food because he always complimented it. She scooped it all up and flew to the gym to find Robin.

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