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Raven looked up. There he was. She felt something inside of her melt every time she saw this sight. Lately though something's been bothering her.

It started a month ago, She felt like there was something out there. She sensed it but it was too weak to trace. But right now she focused as hard as she could on the moment. She was still slightly skittish around him and she tried hard not to show to much of her emotions. She still didn't trust him completely with her heart and she was not about to have it broke again.

They had been laying on the couch for about five hours now. Beastboy had fallen asleep about two hours ago. She was lying beside him while he slightly leaned against her.

Little did she know that he wasn't asleep. He was simply listening to her breathing and breathing in her soft scent. He to loved seeing her relaxed but he could sense something out there somewhere to. Every day it became a little bit stronger but still not strong enough for him to get a grip of what it was.

He felt her heart beat slow down and her breathing became long and steady. She was asleep. Which meant he got to fall asleep knowing that she was there, asleep, and happy.

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