A/N: Alright, so I'm having my hand at a multichaptered Klaine fanfic. I understand that this is a little out of Blaine's character considering who he is, and what we know about him on the show but let's say... uhh, alot changed since high school? This is five years after High School graduation.

I have no idea how many chapters this will be, but I shant say more than 3 or 4 unless I want to continue it at that point. But yes, bare with me through all of the quite out of character Blaine things... you'll get the big obvious one I am referring to I'm sure.

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Blaine was initially exited to finally return to New York after all these years. The last time he had been here was to watch Kurt and the New Directions perform at Nationals. He tried to push the thoughts of Kurt out of his mind, he couldn't be thinking of him now. He hadn't seen him since they both graduated five years ago. A lot had changed since then.

He found himself unconsciously fiddling with the promise ring that rested on his finger. He wished it had been from Kurt but no, this was from someone else. He felt guilty for wishing it was Kurt, he wished they had never agreed to go separate ways but it was all in the past now. He was in a relationship, although not one nearly as satisfying as Kurt and his year in high school.

Sam grabbed his hand, smiling at him and pulled him into the theatre, "Come on silly, we're going to miss the start of the show"

He forced a smile back. Maybe coming to New York was a bad idea, it brought back to many memories; the good outweighing the bad in numbers but not in pain. He couldn't help thinking about the tears that fell when they broke up, the hurt it caused both of them and the time it took him to get over Kurt. Kurt, who Blaine knew he still loved. It didn't matter whose ring he wore, he would always love Kurt. At least, a part of him always would.

He let the blonde drag him into the theatre by his hand before leading them to their seats. The opening number was great, Sam singing along eagerly. Blaine hadn't seen it before so he sat there, attempting to push the longing feeling for Kurt out of his mind. He snorted as he realised he was 24 and in love with a 17 year old. Well, the last time he had seen him he had been 17.

It wasn't until the male lead entered on the stage that Blaine's eyes widened and stared. Kurt Hummel. Fucking Kurt Hummel was singing, acting and dancing on that stage. Blaine couldn't help but stare at him because holy hell he was flexible. Blaine knew that of course, they had been teenage boys in love of course, there was a lot of sex, fucking, making love whatever you wanted to call it in that year.

His voice was so pure; it was so soothing to listen to. He was thankful that they didn't have front row seats because he wasn't sure he could handle Kurt seeing him like this: with Sam by his side.

Blaine didn't even know what the musical was about; he was so amazed by Kurt's talent. He always knew the boy could sing and dance but he had never seen him act before and he was amazing. Blaine was torn between regretting choosing this show, or kissing the chair he sat in for allowing him to see.

He ignored the twinge of jealously that stirred through him as Kurt (he couldn't even remember the character's name) kissed the leading lady rather heatedly. Blaine smirked, remembering how Kurt had once said, 'that's why I like Broadway musical. The touch of a fingertips is as sexy as it gets'

Clearly, all that fucking with Blaine in high school had helped Kurt get over his fear of being sexy. Blaine regretted never telling how sexy Kurt had been, no was. He had told him he was beautiful but never sexy.

The show was over as quickly as it had begun, with the cast receiving a standing ovation although everybody cheered for Kurt the loudest, including Sam beside him. They made their way out of the theatre hand in hand with Sam's head resting on Blaine's shoulder, Sam actually being shorter than Blaine.

Sam turned to Blaine, "I'm just going to go have a smoke. I know you hate me smoking so just wait in here. I'll be back"

Blaine shrugged and nodded. Truthfully, he probably wouldn't have even noticed if Sam had lit up a cigarette, his thoughts were elsewhere. Taking a seat he rested his head in his hands, taking a deep breath trying to control his thoughts.

"Yeah, I'll be back down in a moment just got to get something from up here!" an all too familiar voice was yelling and entering through the door.

Blaine froze. He didn't expect Kurt to recognise him unless he looked at him so he kept his head in his hands, praying that he would just ignore the man sitting there but he didn't.

"Hey, did you see the show, what did you think?"

Blaine didn't look up immediately but he knew he had to respond, "It was fantastic. It was amazing," he took a breath, "you're amazing Kurt. As always"

Their eyes found each other and Kurt froze, "B-Blaine?"

"Surprise" he whispered back, not daring to look back at Kurt, "if it's any help I didn't know you were in the show. I was in New York with Sam and we uhh, came here" he finished lamely.

"Sam? Sam Evans?"

"Oh God, no! Not Sam Evans. Just my partner"

"That's nice I guess. How, uhh long have you been together?"

"A little over a year," he paused, "I missed you Kurt"

"Kurt Hummel! Get your arse back down here now!" a voice from down the stairs yelled.

"I guess you have to go?" Blaine asked.

"Yeah, I guess so. Listen, how long are you in New York for? I know you're with that Sam guy but we should catch up. We used to be best friends Blaine. Before we were together, remember?"

"That Sam guy, right. Yeah Kurt, I remember. How does tomorrow lunch sound? Sam's got some shopping to do"

Kurt raised his eyebrows at Blaine handing over a business card with his phone number on it, not noticing the blonde entering through the doors, "Shopping? Sounds like he and I would get along"

Sam spotted Kurt and gasped, "Oh my god, you're the guy from the play. Hi, I'm Sam, this guy's girlfriend" she giggled.

Kurt only stared at Blaine, a look of hurt in his eyes before carefully avoiding his eyes, "I've got to go. Nice seeing you again Blaine although I'm not sure that coffee would be a good idea"

Blaine watched Kurt hurry off down the stairs and pressed his face against his face in embarrassment. Kurt saw him with Sam, his girlfriend. Kurt, of all people, knew Blaine wasn't into girls after that whole debacle with Rachel in junior year when Kurt was still at Dalton.

"Did you know him Blainey?" Sam asked him quizzically.

"Yeah, we're old friends. We were really close in high school. I didn't know he'd be in the show, we haven't seen each other since graduation"

"That's nice. You should grab coffee with him tomorrow while I'm out shopping, I don't know why he said that wouldn't be a good idea. You have his number right?"

Blaine nodded, glancing down at the business card in his hand.

"Then call him tomorrow, and go have coffee. But for now, we have to get back to the hotel ok?" she kissed him and took his hand, dragging him out of the theatre into the cool breeze of the New York night.

Sam had left early in the morning for her shopping trip, leaving Blaine alone in the hotel room. Shaking, he picked up his phone and dialled the number on the card,

"C'mon Kurt, pick up pick up" he muttered praying Kurt would answer but the call went to voicemail,

"Hey you've reached Kurt Diva Hummel. I'm probably off wowing people with my talent so leave a message and if you're worthy I'll get back to you!"

Blaine couldn't help but smile, same old Kurt, "Listen, Kurt. Obviously I have some explaining to do. And I want to explain it to you. Seeing you last night, well, I just need to see you again ok? I'll be at the Starbucks near the theatre at twelve if you care to join me. I'm buying, Grande nonfat mocha , right? Uhh, anyway I hope to see you there and I'm, I'm sorry"

Blaine hung up feeling guilty, how the hell he was going to explain to his ex boyfriend that he was dating a girl, he didn't know. He figured he could always try the truth, if Kurt walked out on him then he would just go back to his same old boring life, jobless and living at home like every other fling he had.

He snorted, he wasn't even sure if Kurt would turn up. And there would be no way Blaine would allow himself to get close to Kurt in that way, he knew he would just end up hurting him and Blaine did not want Kurt hurt. He didn't deserve that.

He fidgeted for the better part of an hour, rehearsing what he could say to Kurt. When the clock hit 11:30 he knew he had to go. He wanted to be early in case Kurt was.

Making his way to the coffee shop he smiled, remembering all of the coffee 'non-dates' and coffee dates they had been on in high school: the good times, the secret kissing and the footsies under the table. He wished he and Kurt never broke up, he wished they had gone to the same college and worked together in the city. He wished he could kiss him, raise kids, get married but no-, he pushed those thoughts out of his head. He was here to explain things to Kurt and nothing else.

He ordered the drinks just before twelve, choosing a seat where they could take privately but where he was still in the line of sight of the door, in case Kurt came in. Blaine waited and waited but Kurt's drink went cold. He knew Sam wouldn't be back until late tonight so he wasn't leaving until he absolutely had to. Ordering another drink for himself and Kurt he sat down in defeat. It was nearly 2pm now and Blaine had to face facts that Kurt wasn't coming.

Sighing he took a sip from his scalding drink, glancing at the unattended drink.

"Blaine?" the word cause Blaine's head to snap up and he found himself staring into the beautiful blue eyes of one Kurt Hummel. Although his eyes were cold and hurt Blaine couldn't help flashing Kurt a grin,

"You came" Blaine croaked.

"Thought I'd leave you waiting for a bit to see if you were still here"

"I wasn't leaving for another couple of hours Kurt. I really wanted to see you. I got you coffee, I hope you still get the same order?"

"I don't actually, but I still like them" Kurt managed a small smile but Blaine could tell it was forced.

"So?" Blaine asked.

"So what? You're the one who wanted me here Blaine. You can start by telling my who the hell Sam is and why the fuck you seem to be dating her, despite you being so obviously gay. I thought we cleared this up years ago with Rachel?"

"I am gay Kurt, trust me. Y-you don't understand"

"Try me. Tell me what would possess the boy I once knew and love to change who he was so proud of being?"

Blaine caught Kurt's use of the present tense of love but decided it was a slip of the tongue. There was no way Kurt would or could love him after what he had become.

"I failed out of college Kurt. I-I got depressed over our break up and I stopped caring, sitting exams or doing assignments. I was kicked out simple as that. So, I had to move back home. My dad, you know what he was like, was delighted I was home where he could watch me" Blaine's voice was bitter and Kurt could tell he didn't want to talk about this.

"Go on Blaine" Kurt prompted.

"He was so delighted when we broke up; he thought I was finally over the gay phase of my life. When I told him I still loved you he hit me. He fucking beat me to the ground Kurt and told me that there was no way I was living under his roof unless I got over being a f-fa- gay. I had nowhere to go Kurt, he froze all my money. I got a job but there was no way anyone would hire such a washed up loser so I got paid peanuts Kurt."

"That doesn't explain Sam"

"My dad set us up. He took me into his drawing room and he pulled a knife on me telling me that I would take this Sam girl for a date or two and eventually we would get married and have kids would be raised straight or he'd kill me," Blaine paused, "I still have the scars from when I initially said no."

"I figured there was no one out there for me. I was still in love with you and no man would ever date such a washed up loser like me. You- you don't know how many times I thought of you, no think about you. Seeing you up on that stage was amazing. Kurt, you have so much courage and I'm fucking weak Kurt an-"

"Yeah, you are. Think I'm going just kiss it and make it all better? For fucks sake Blaine, you're 24 years old you need to take control of your own life. Do you think I had money when I moved to New York? Well, I didn't. I made my way up in the ranks by using what I had at my disposal: my talent. You had talent too you know Blaine; you could have been so amazing you know that? Get out of there and stop looking for sympathy votes ok? Stop acting like a coward and start acting like the boy I love, loved. Now goodbye Blaine," with that Kurt stood up and strode out of the Starbucks leaving a teary and confused Blaine behind.

"Fuck" he murmured, knowing it would probably be the last time he saw Kurt. His words still rang through his mind, stop acting like a coward. Kurt was right, Blaine was a fucking coward. It was at that moment that he decided to make his next day back home his last. Even if he never saw Kurt again he would change. He shouldn't have to hide who he was just for his fucking father.

He left the coffee shop that day feeling a mixture of determination, regret and loneliness. He could just thank his lucky stars that Sam was from such a religious household that there was no sex before marriage for her. Kissing her and acting like he enjoyed it was hard enough.

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