This one-shot is dedicated to Kelly of the Midnight Dawn, who had a lovely , detailed request. It is set between Sweet Dreams, and the unnamed Sequel.

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"This is all your fault."

John grumbled as he stormed through countless corridors of the TARDIS. The Doctor followed behind, slightly slower because of the burden in his arms. Rose Tyler lay limp across them, eyes closed and breathing deeply. Above her eye, a lovely purple-red bruise was forming.

The Doctor frowned indignantly.

"Whoa. Wait just a second. My fault? I don't recall ME being the one to hit her."

He shook slightly, remembering. And it had started because of such an utterly stupid thing too...

Slightly Earlier-

" Right, the Ponds are sleeping, lets leave them to it , shall we?"

Rose watched happily as the Doctor almost danced around the TARDIS console, babbling happily. Just like old times.

"Let 'em sleep. They deserve it after that long tour they gave me yesterday. One tha' YOU was supposed to take me on."

He laughed guiltily.

" Rose, I was busy...repairing the TARDIS. Did you see, we've got a cool harness now? Its so much fun! You should have a go!"

John 'hmmphed' from his position by the railing and the Doctor sighed , exasperated.

"What now?"

"The TARDIS isn't a playground. She's a finely tuned machine. Treat her like such."

Rose glared, stepping closer to the Doctor automatically. John never took his dark eyes off her, watching her every move; wherever she was, somehow so was he.

" Why are you 'ere? I can think of a thousand other things you can do."

Her words were biting, sharp and cruel, and he almost visibly flinched.

" I'm keeping an eye on him. I don't want him getting too friendly."

" Hey now—"

Rose laughed, and deliberately turned away.

" Mate, he ent the one I'm worried about. I want him to get friendly."

She winked at the Doctor who flustered, feeling the tension in the room, and hating it. He wanted time with Rose. Happy time. Not stroppy , oh-look-I'm-the-metacrisis-who-ruins-everything time.

" Rose! Wanna learn to drive this properly?"


She leapt up excitedly and the Doctor grinned. There we go, that was a smile on her face, just how he liked it.

" I'll teach you."

John stepped forwards and Rose visibly shook as he reached out for her.

Something in the Doctor snapped. He wasn't a man that enjoyed violence, no sir. He despised it, but John had been pushing it for god knows how long now. And he had upset Rose.

So he punched him.

Johns head snapped back, Rose cried out sharply.

And then there was a brief silence... just the hum of the TARDIS.

John lunged at him and they both went flying into the railing, fighting like schoolboys, slapping, punching and kicking everything they could as Rose yelled at them to stop.

She managed to get between them, just as John swung a right hook.

There was a smack, an oomph, and then a shocked silence as Rose went limp.

The Doctor stared at John, and then they both dived to hold her up. The Doctor reached her first and scooped her up; John just flinched back and stormed off in silence.

" ...It wasn't me who hit her. I would never hit her."

John just growled and stormed away.

" You couldn't protect her though!"

The Doctor trailed after, smiling sadly at his Rose as he took her to the infirmary.

" I will, though, Rose. I will."

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