A Look In – Part Two


The first time they had been together as Kori and Richard had been a long time coming. They had been together for more time than was probably acceptable for them to wait this long, but it didn't matter. Richard had dipped into the "little" bank account Bruce Wayne had set up for him for luxuries and he had taken Kori far away from Jump City for a couple of days, ignoring the knowing winks and smirks from the rest of the team.

She wasn't entirely sure where he had taken her – the vast private jet had thrown her when they had arrived at the airfield, carefully disguised under holographic rings and civilian clothing. The flight had left her with an uneasy feeling in her stomach; it felt unnatural for her to be hurtling through the air with no control.

But it had been worth it when they had stepped down the small stairway and had been on an airfield on the edge of a small tropical island. She had gasped and oohed and ahhed as Richard had led her down a small path towards a sturdy looking wooden villa and when he had told her that they were there on their own until the jet came back three days later, the smile on her face had been brilliant.

The villa had been beautiful – only the best for the Wayne dynasty after all. Huge panes of glass covered most of the walls, letting the warm sunshine in and offering a wonderful view of the luscious jungle and beach. Kori had squealed in delight at the clear blue waters off the white sandy edge of the island and had thrown her suitcase down before changing into the tiniest white bikini Richard had ever seen.

He had followed in a daze after quickly shedding his own clothes for a pair of swimming shorts. Her already tanned skin seemed to deepen in colour in front of his very eyes as she twirled around the shore line, her arms outstretched and head thrown back. She had tied her long scarlet hair back from her face and he was mesmerized as he watched the long tail of hair sway lightly around her body.

She had smiled all afternoon as he had placated her and allowed himself to let loose, running over the sand and splashing in the water for hours. He had made a scrumptious dinner over a small barbeque for them, sharing bites and kisses as they enjoyed their leisurely time together

Moving into the bedroom as the night sky dimmed had been a brilliant idea on Richard's part. They had yet to draw the blinds over the windows in there and the clear star filled sky had reminded Kori so much of her home world and the universe around them.

They had taken their time with each other, playful movements and laughter filling the villa late into the evening. With no one or anything else to worry about they were able to just be, if only for those few short hours. Whispered giggles and jokes passed afterwards and in between – it was fun, flirty and fiery.

Richard and Kori were happy.


The first time they had been together when he had become Nightwing was positively violent. He was enraged. Furious. Seeing red. He was uncertain if he would ever return to Gotham, to Batman, to Bruce Wayne. Or if he would ever forgive him.

She had waited in the garage of the tower to meet him, his visit to Gotham long overdue. Sighing with delight, she heard the squeal of rubber against asphalt as his cycle came tearing through the underground tunnel to the island. It had been difficult to keep in the gasp of shock and pleasure when it was not Robin who slammed the brakes on and stepped off the bike quickly, but Nightwing. It was a strange moment for Starfire as she watched her past, present and future collide within that one man.

And he was shaking - visibly shaking - with rage. He had thrown his helmet to the bench with such a force, the wooden perch had groaned and creaked. A few heavy breaths later and he was shouting, screaming about Batman taking away his own childhood. Stealing who he was – had been – and giving it away to another young boy.

She had tried to quieten and calm his trembling body, floating into the air and wrapping her legs around his waist, her hands softly clutching the sides of his jaw. Soft soothing words brushing against his cheek, his ear, his hair.

He had stopped shouting, but the gasping breaths continued as well as the violent shaking of his hands. Starfire had continued to coo into his ear and softly stroke his face, his hair, his neck, his shoulders, wherever she could reach. They had stood together in the garage for who knows how long before a frown had crossed Nightwing's face and he had wrapped one hand tightly against her rear and the other had threaded into her hair.

He had strode from the room without another word, holding the alien princess close to his shaking body as he headed up through the maze of the tower and into their room. As he walked, she felt his fingers unlatch the clasps keeping her uniform on her body and felt cloth and metal sag against her skin. The thrill of their team mates catching them like this had run through Starfire's body for a moment before fading sharply. Most of her uniform fell on the floor of the corridor before they had reached the bedroom.

Nightwing had practically tossed her body onto the bed before stopping still and staring. Small triangles of cloth covered the most intimate parts of her body and her boots were still covering the entire length of her legs. Starfire could only stare back as she raised her upper body using her elbows for support, her eyes trying to penetrate his mask. His panting breaths filled the room for a moment before he pulled the shirt of his uniform out of the tight fitting trousers and over his head.

The rest of the black and blue outfit quickly followed, except for the mask. Starfire was perplexed as he descended on her body; no words spoken as his hands roughly traversed her warm skin. The small scraps of underwear were torn from her body and her boots were roughly pulled from her legs. There was a moment of fumbling as he engorged member bumped against her inner thighs and his fingers probed for scant seconds before he had pushed his length into her.

He had been rough, hard thrusts and hard bites against her shoulders. It had not been unwanted by her, and she would have stopped him if she had not enjoyed it fully. Starfire knew that he needed this. To feel. To touch. To know that he was still really here.

As they had lain in the dark, he had reached up and finally peeled the mask from his face. Glancing up and meeting his gaze, the corners of her mouth quirked up. The smile did not reach her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Kory," Dick sighed lightly. She only nodded.


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