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"What?" Wyatt asked as everyone gaped at him. "Not liking the idea? Too bad."

"Of course not," said Piper, coming out of her shock and glaring at Leo, daring him to deny it. "It's just kind of... shocking. First we learned that you grew up to became the Source of all Evil and then, that person, who came to save you is your boyfriend."

"Well," the Twice Blessed shrugged, "get used to it."

"You're not going to attack us, do you?" asked Paige. Yes, he helped them, but now things could change. Especially since Chris's condition clearly upset him.

Wyatt rolled his eyes, "No. If I want you dead I could just stand and watch. And certainly left you in the Underworld."

"You wouldn't," stated Piper disbelievingly.

"I would," Wyatt answered, looking at Chris. "If it weren't for him."

"You put him over your family?" hissed Piper.

"Yes," the Source smirked at furious expression of his mother. "He is and will be always my first priority since I met him and you won't change it, no matter what." What the hell was he doing? Why suddenly he felt such need to protect his little brother after all these years? It seemed that this time was messing with his head.

"Wow, you are really in love with him," commented Paige happily. Phoebe nodded, agreeing with her. Piper glared at them. "What? It's cute." Wyatt shuddered at the 'cute' word.

"Did you try to find someone else?" asked the Elder.

"Leo!" the oldest Charmed One hissed.

"I'm not having a problem with you being a gay," the Elder explained quickly. "I'm having a problem with Chris."

"You have always had problem with Chris," Wyatt rolled his eyes.

"What do you mean?" asked Phoebe, sensing his annoyance towards his father.

"He never liked Chris," the Source replied accusingly. "Since the very beginning. And I have never figured out why."

"You could just ask," Leo said confidently. "I would gladly answer why."

Wyatt smirked, "I grew bored of asking and killed you, but since you offered," he waved his hand, indicating, that Leo should continue, "go ahead."

"You killed your father?" shrieked Piper.

"He started it," Wyatt pointed out. "It was self defense. More or less." The Elder sat hard on the floor in shock. Not only his son killed him, but apparently he himself attacked him in the first place. "Well then, Leo," Wyatt called to him. "Tell me why do you hate Chris so much."

Leo looked at him in despair, "You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

The Source laughed, "You bet I am. Now, are you going to tell me or not?"

"He sent me to Valhalla," the Elder sighed, resigned to the fact, that his son was really evil.

"Never did that in our time," informed Wyatt, cheering at the image of his father stranded on the island. "So, what's your other reasons?"

"He split me and Piper up!" hissed Leo angrily.

"He what?" the Source raised an eyebrow. Now that was disturbing. Was his brother suicidal? "Never did that in our time. In fact, it was your own fault."

"Are you saying that in your time we're divorced?" asked Piper dreadfully.

Wyatt shrugged, "Not divorced per say, but definitely not together. But not anymore, remember? He's dead already." She was too, but Wyatt wasn't going to share this information. In fact, he realized, he said too much already. He turned to his aunts, since they were more talkative about current problems than his parents, "So, tell me, what's the reason for him to be like that?" he gestured at his sleeping brother. The two women looked slightly ashamed.

"Well," Paige drawled carefully. "He came out of nowhere. He constantly lied to us. He never told us who he is. So we didn't trust him."

"And it's a reason for you to let him work himself ragged?" the Source snapped.

"We didn't know, okay?" cried Phoebe indignantly, feeling his growing rage at them.

"Wy?" asked Chris sleepily, woken up by the loud voices.

"Just arguing, not killing," Wyatt assured him.

"Good," the Whitelighter mumbled.

"Now, be a good boyfriend and give me a thank-you kiss?" Wyatt teased.

"Mm," Chris mumbled again, then his brain registered what was said and he jumped away from his brother to stare at him.

"What's the matter, sweetie?" the Source smirked, getting up, ready to flee. "Not having fun? Or you just can't wait to get rid of them to jump into my pants?" with that he flamed out, leaving a shell shocked Charmed Ones and Elder behind.

"I'll kill you, Wyatt!" Chris howled.