As punishment for not committing to my responsibilities, I have been enrolled in a High School. Me! Apollo, god of the sun, prophecies, medicine, bachelors...the list is pretty long. That's just how important I am. Zeus thinks I pay too much attention to girls. That doesn't mean much coming from him. He should be the god of unfaithfulness, not the sky. Ow! You nearly hit me with that bolt Dad! To make it worse, Eros (Cupid, for you Roman fans) has hit me with a love arrow. Can i keep my grades up and woo my girl?

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I sat in the car, hyperventilating. 'Calm down Apollo' I told myself. 'You can do this. You managed to wrestle a serpent. You had to do hard labour to pay off the debt, but you did it. 21st century schools can't be that bad.

"Apollo, would you get out" Athena's grey eyes looked annoyed. She had to pretend to be my mother. Just great. Still, at least it wasn't Hera (don't tell her i said that).

"Okay. I'm ready." Entering the school in my new full school uniform was strange. Being immortal, I had seen much of the world. I had gotten used to change and though the 21st century world wasn't quite home sweet Ancient Greece, it had its advantages; For example, nightclubs, miniskirts, sports cars, and much, MUCH more. But high school was not one of them. I knew that once upon a time, public school was a way to get kids out from chimneys. And everyone knows that the Greeks loved to seek knowledge. But even I, the all knowing, all seeing Apollo wasn't quite sure what to expect. I had heard horrible things...

We walked to the school office where art work that students had done were displayed. The school motto was stuck up on the wall nearby. 'In God through Grace and Guidance: to Grow and Give'. They had to send me to a Christian school. Don't get me wrong, Christians were nice people. I just didn't want to be subjected to have to sing hymns and stuff. Once my identity was confirmed, they gave me my timetable and we ran through a bit of paperwork. The office lady was twenty five. Her name was Catherine Andrews. She was busy worrying whether her weave was obvious. How do I know all these things if she wasn't wearing a name tag, you ask? I'm an all seeing, all knowing god, that's how!

"Stop it Paul." Athena muttered under her breath. That was my undercover name. Apollo wasn't a common mortal name.

"If you would sign here please, Ms Martin" Catherine asked. Athena did so and then I signed in the appropriate places. "Thank you. The deputy head wants to see you two. Just go through that door, second door to the left" She directed.

"Thank you"

We entered Miss Summer's office to find a lady in her forties sitting behind a desk. In a seat opposite to her, was a boy. He was pretty short but his face indicated he wasn't as young as he might first appear. His green eyes stared at me as I took a seat next to him.

"Hello Ms Martin, Paul Martin" Miss Summer greeted. "Good morning" I replied. "We are very delighted that you have decided to come to our school. We have heard you are quite the musical genius." She had no idea. "You might feel at first it is very different here. After all, you have come from America. Our British educational system is quite different." Yeah, she actually though I was American. I'm 100% Greek. "To help you settle in is Miles Campbell. It would have been ideal for you to have started here in September rather than the month later but these things happen." Her face was slightly wrinkled and there were the odd grey strands in her hair. Her nails were freshly polished, hiding her unhealthy nail beds, due to smoking. Mortals. That's what Prometheus gets for giving them fire.

"Hi" Miles said. "Nice to meet you." We shook hands and I saw a glimpse of his future. He was sure to be a promising businessman.

Since I was to live my life as a year 10 GCSEs, I had chosen Music, French and Art. Soon it was time for Athena to leave.

"Have fun at school" she said. I grimaced. I could tell I was going to need a lot of nectar and ambrosia- the food and drink of the gods- after this. Miles showed me the way to my first lesson, maths. As I had mentioned earlier, I was already wearing my school uniform- black blazer with some sort of emblem, a white shirt and tie, black trousers and smart shoes. I had styled my blonde hair short and my smooth skin was blemish free. I looked goooood. No, I'm not vein; take that back! When I walked in

"So how old are you?" Miles asked as we walked to first lesson. Athena had told me that British kids in year 10 were usually 14-15. But my D.O.B said I was 16. I thought Hermes was meant to be good at getting things like this right. At least he had made up for it by getting me a driving license. "Sixteen" I replied "I'm from America"

"That explains the accent." What accent? He was the one with the accent. When we came to the right door, he quickly opened it and entered. Teenager's heads turned and the teacher's explanation on Pythagoras' theorem trailed off. I knew him. The guy was an absolute snooze fest. Though I was normally used to having lots of attention, this felt different. I felt like I was being weighed out by ravenous predators in search of prey. If this is what Zeus did to punish his son, I'd rather be his enemy and get smote with a lightning bolt. Then again...

I did get a couple of love-sick sighs of adoration. 'That's more like it', I thought.

"This is Paul Martin, Miss. I was showing to lesson." Miles explained.

"Why don't the two of you sit down then?" She nodded. We sat down at the front of the class. Now I knew this kid was a nerd. Soon after, a girl came to sit on my right side. She had short blonde hair, amber eyes and a radiating smile. The teacher asked her for her diary to give her an alert because she was late.

"Hey Miles, Hi..." the girl shifted her eyes towards me.

"This is Paul" Miles introduced me "He's from America. He's sixteen" He put a lot of emphasis on my age. I wonder how he'd react if I told him I was really over two thousand years old.

"Wow, cool. I'm Andy, short for Andrea." She forced me to shake her hand. "I'm pleased to meet your acquaintance."

"Yeah, she's eccentric like that." Miles warned. I couldn't help feeling like I knew her. It couldn't be...Holy Hera. Andy was my DAUGHTER!

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