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"EVERYONE! EVERYONE! I'VE FOUND THE TREASURE!" Navi screeched loudly enough to wake the dead.

Marvelous, Don, Luca, Joe, and Ahim rushed into the room. "Did you say what I think you said, Navi?" Luca asked.

"Yes! The treasure is located in this section!" Navi brought up a map, showing the mark and the location.

"Let's go!" The Gokai Galleon was soon headed towards the location...

A few minutes later, the Gokaigers ran into the buliding, looking around for their prize. "...Where's the treasure?" Luca demanded.

"What is this 'Square Enix'?" Ahim blinked, looking at the sign above her.

"What's this 'Final Fantasy' and 'Dragon Quest' ?" Don blinked.

Joe turned to Marvelous, who had a peeved look on his face.

"...We've been had." He stated emotionlessly as he stormed out of the building.

The other Gokaigers just stood there in disbelief as they too, stormed out with their leader.

Meanwhile, on Gokai Galleon...

"Did they fall for it?" A chocobo on the screen asked Navi.

"They sure did!" Navi giggled.

"Those spoony guys!" A slime snickered.

The trio laughed their butts off, satisified at their prank on the pirate Rangers.

The end.