Amy Pond pulled herself out of her bed slowly, rubbing her head. She had a major hangover from the night before. She slowly moved over to the dressing table she had in the corner of her bedroom, looking at herself in the mirror. Her hair was as much of a mess as it always was when she got out of bed.

She went to pick up a makeup brush, something to at least make her look okay before she went down for breakfast. She'd stayed at her parents' the night before. Some tradition thing, something about the groom not being able to see the bride before the wedding.

As she moved her hand over, trying to find the makeup brush, her hand brushed against something else. It was a long metallic cylinder, cast in copper, silver and white, with a green light on the end with what looked like four claws around the light.

She picked up the cylindrical device, flicking it so the claws sprung out and the light extended. She pointed it at the mirror and grinned at her reflection.

"Well, look at me." She said to herself with a wry grin "Being all Doctor on my wedding day."

She flicked the device again and set it back down on her makeup table before deciding to go get a bath before putting the makeup on. Her mum had offered to do her makeup so many times in the last six months since she and Rory had announced the engagement that it was unreal. So had her brother's ex-wife, Lucy, for that matter. Amy had refused every time, insisting that she wanted to do her own makeup.

Fifteen minutes later, after getting showered and dressed to an acceptable standard, she moved over to the dressing table, making herself up in two minutes flat. She sighed before going down the stairs, ready to have her mother and former sister-in-law primp her up for her wedding.


Rory Williams stood at the altar of the local church. He was waiting for his fiancé to arrive, or rather, for the music for their wedding signifying she'd arrived to begin. He raised a hand to his head, checking his brown hair was still slicked back into place, which it was.

A moment later, the music began. He turned to see his bride to be; Amy Pond, in a long, flowing white dress, being escorted down the aisle by her father. As she reached Rory's position, her father split off from them, Amy taking Rory's hand.

As she did, the doors of the church burst open, revealing a young man with short dirty blonde hair in a long red eighteenth century coat with gold trim, a shiny blue shirt, a red waistcoat, a gold cravat, black trousers and black boots. Behind him was a girl with shoulder length blonde hair who looked to be around 18 in black jeans, black boots, a white tank top and a black leather jacket, as well as another girl around the same age with short brown hair, in a denim skirt, denim jacket and blue t-shirt with denim style converse.

"Nobody move! This wedding needs to stop right now!" The man yelled, running down the aisle before apparently recognising Amy "Amelia?"

"Doctor?" She said "What are you doing here?"

"Picked something up on the TARDIS sensors, a kind of temporal blip." The Doctor replied "What are you doing here? And why are you dressed like that?"

"Hmm, let me think, why am I wearing a wedding dress?" Amy said slightly sarcastically, getting a smirk from the blonde girl and a scowl from the brunette "Who are they?"

"Oh, that's Christy and Romana, never mind them, why are you wearing a wedding dress?" The Doctor said, before apparently cottoning on "Hold on, how long was I this time?"

"Eighteen months!" She yelled "A year and a half!"

The Doctor turned to Christy and Romana, apparently looking for some kind of help. The blonde stepped back while the brunette finally cracked a smile.

"Dropped yourself in it now Doctor." She said.

"Oh, be quiet Romana!" He said, not bothering to look at her "Anyway, how could I have been a year and a half? I didn't leave more than three days ago."

"Relative time, Doctor." Romana said, still smiling, apparently enjoying the Doctor's predicament.

"Yes, okay, I get it, thank you Romana." He said, apparently getting annoyed "Now, moving on, past that, there's a blip, a blip in time, right here right now. A blip in time usually comes from a complicated space time event, something big."

"Sorry, who are you?" The groom said, turning to the Doctor.

"Oh, right, yes, we haven't met have we? I'm the Doctor and you must be Rory, I've heard, well, very little about you actually. Amelia and I were a bit busy at the time. You know how it is, so much to do, so little time." The Doctor said, getting several gasps from people around the room "Ah, I just realised how that sounds. Isn't it funny how you can say something in your head and it sounds fine, then you say it out loud and it doesn't? I find that funny, don't you Christy?"

Christy stood there, apparently deciding it was best to stay out of it. The Doctor looked around awkwardly before apparently deciding to continue, beginning to walk around Amy, Rory and the priest.

"Well, if there's a complicated space time event in here, it must be someone like me, which narrows it down. There's me, there's Romana, who else is there? Oh, by the way Amelia, she's a Time Lord too, but I'll talk you through it all later. After I have dealt with you." He said, stopping so he was facing the priest "So, the question is, who are you? The Master? Rassilon? Omega? Could be any of them, all of them would want me dead, only the Master knows about Amelia Pond, but then, Rassilon and Omega always were so good at knowing things. Except when it was about themselves, like when Omega had disintegrated and didn't even know it. So, who are you?"

"I'm Father Jacob." The priest replied before Rory began to laugh slightly to himself.

"Sorry, do you mind not laughing while I'm saving the universe thanks Rory?" The Doctor said, turning to look at Rory before widening his eyes "Unless, no, yes, no. Yes! Oh, you are clever, I'd call you brilliant but, well, I'm me. It's not Omega, the Master or Rassilon. You, you're the only person to hate me that much."

Rory said nothing, instead continuing to laugh as he pulled a device from his pocket, aimed it at the Doctor and fired, causing the Doctor to fall, before disappearing a moment later. Amy looked around, apparently unsure of what to make of the situation as Christy ran over to the Doctor and helped him up.

"Are you okay?" She asked, finally breaking her silence.

"Yeah, I'm fine." He said "Okay, so not me. Amelia, sorry, your fiancé doesn't exist. He was a clever trick devised by someone more dangerous than you can ever imagine."

"Who?" Amy asked "Who the hell did this to me, on my wedding day?"

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." The Doctor said, before turning and beginning to run out "Come along Pond."

Amy looked up in defeat before following him out, followed closely by Christy and Romana.


Okay, so this is it. The Doctor has been hit by something, Rory is an illusion created by someone who hates the Doctor and just how will Amy Pond respond to all of this? R&R, please, no flames. B.