The Doctor shot up from his position, laying on the floor as the bright light faded. He looked around, taking in his surroundings. He was back in the TARDIS, the engines roaring as the central column rose and fell. He looked down, quickly checking himself over. He was still in the tweed jacket, the red checked shirt, the bowtie, the works.

He moved over to the central console, beginning to play with the controls. He had to set down for a moment, just a moment, so he had time to re-adjust. He quickly flicked a few switches, twisted a few dials and pulled the handbrake, the engine cutting out.

He stood and took a quick breath. He had about twenty minutes to take care of everything he had to take care of. First, though, he had to get changed.


Five minutes later, the Doctor stepped out of the TARDIS. He'd landed her out back in the church, having changed his outfit so he was wearing the blue bowtie, braces and the blue checked shirt. He had to make sure he gave Amy the note telling him what to do before she was erased. If he didn't, all kinds of paradoxes could ensue.

He wasn't too sure how he felt about giving her the note, basically sending her to her death. He knew he had to, but he didn't want to.

After pausing by the door into the main room of the church, he walked through, seeing the shocked expression on her face at seeing him. Probably more shocked by his change of clothes in under a second than anything else, or that she hadn't heard the TARDIS. He'd never had a need for silent running before.

"Right, I need to be quick, I don't have long." He said "Amy, what's happening here is not being caused by who I think it is at this point. I need you to tell me that when I get back. That's point one."

"Point one?" She asked, apparently confused "Not who you think it is?"

He sighed and looked at her, a grim expression on his face. He crouched down next to her, taking her hand. This was going to be the hardest bit.

"Amy, please, it has never been more important than right now that you listen to me and do exactly as I say." He said, his voice low "Can you do that? Please?"

"Yes." She said in response, apparently not sure where he was going with the current trail of thought.

"Good. Amy, I need you to take this and give it to me when I get back." He said, pulling the folded up piece of paper from his inside pocket and handing it to her "Don't read it, just trust me. It's never been more important than right now."

"Doctor, what aren't you telling me?" She asked "Why are you talking like you're going to die?"

"Amy, we both know I don't die." He said, still not comfortable with doing this "I just need you to promise me one more thing."

"Anything." She said simply in response.

"I need you to promise me that you're not going to tell me about this. Just give me the piece of paper, it explains everything." He said.

"Okay..." She replied, her confused expression not letting up.

He got up, lightly kissing her on the forehead as he did. He began to walk out of the room. Then it hit him. He needed to make sure events would proceed as they had before. He needed to make sure she'd ask why it was such a problem, him being erased, when he'd come back before.

"Oh, and one more thing." He said "Remember."

Before she had time to question him on it, he turned and walked out of the room, welling up as he opened up the TARDIS door, stepping inside and closing it. He had twelve minutes left. Twelve minutes to go and do one last thing.


Two minutes later, he stepped out of the TARDIS again. He looked around the room. It was blue, like the TARDIS, with a number of photos and paintings dotted around it. After a second, he spotted the bed in the middle of it, Amy lying asleep in it.

He walked over to the bed, crouching down beside it.

"Hello Pond. Well, this is it then? Funny, I always expected it would be you'd choose to leave to start a family, or something along those lines." He said, beginning to well up again "Never thought it'd be something like this. Not after all those times we had. All those brilliant times. Transylvania, Nevada, London, Cardiff, Proclaris four, all of that stuff. And all those things we did. The Daleks, the Cybermen, the Sontarans, the Master, all of those weird and marvellous things. And the TARDIS, that mad old police box. I never told you how I got it, did I? I stole, well, borrowed, it. I was going to bring it back, before the Time Lords went and died. Still, no sense dwelling. Don't worry, you're always going to be in my memories just as much as them, more, than some of them."

He got up, kissing her on the forehead before walking over to the TARDIS door, putting the key in and opening the door. He turned back to face the sleeping girl.

"Well, like I said, this is it. Everything has it's time and everything ends." He said, tears beginning to roll down his face "Bye bye Pond. I'll miss you."

He stepped into the TARDIS, closing the door behind him. He pulled off his jacket as he walked over to the central console, tossing the jacket on the back of the chair beside it before beginning to play with the controls. After setting the co-ordinates, he pulled the handbrake. It was time for a fresh start.


Okay, so that's it. No more Amy. I wanted to give her a good send off and what better send off than saving all of time and space at the cost of herself? And don't worry, the Doctor will go on, as he always has to. R&R, please, no flames. B